Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Jennifers – Mrs. Gray

Pop! Pure pop! Great, fun story – a cross between Harper Valley and Mrs Robinson, with guitars jangling happily along. Mrs Gray, “you want to look 16, I saw your son in law checking out your curves!” We don’t know exactly how old Mrs Gray is, but her husband is apparently a plastic surgeon & is keeping his trophy wife. But thanks to the son in law, and then she “started having complications and your complications started having complications which had complications.” Fun presentation! Shoutout: Oh Caroline, “Is this all there is - fist shaped heart and a heart shaped fist? Is this how it ends? We learn how to smile and divide up our friends. And we can pack all our records up again.” Double Shoutout: Fell In A Hole, “Sing your heart out throw it in a hole. Call the hit makers. Cross your favorite fingers, because the hits they make are such a shame.” The Jennifers