Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Liza & The Wonderwheels – We Are The Media

“I think it’s funny; this guy looks so serious. Yet sincerity like that cannot be faked. He just thanked Jesus Christ and private enterprise for winning a business prize.” This is fantastic. Lyrics from an editorial viewpoint. You’d never guess by reading these interesting thoughts that music could be perfectly applied. But, I assure you, my ears are licking their lips over the music – these extremely interesting lyrics are simply gravy (or whipped cream if you prefer it) on a scrumptious meal. “I’ve got the story that none of this is innocent, and all the money is kept at the bank. Can you lie when talking to a client? I mean, not too much, but isn’t it inherent?” It gets deeper yet – picture yourself as a songwriter, lyricist, musician, artist, or heck, any job I can picture right now – and read this: “I make it up and you call me enterprising. You need ideas to sell your advertising.” Even working behind the counter at a fast food joint is a commercial nowadays. Thanks, Liza, for the philosophical essay disguised as a fun pop song! Liza & The Wonderwheels