Monday, February 05, 2007

Liza & The Wonderwheels – Eddie Come Down

“Wash the buggie wugs down the drain.” In my reviews I mention the fun of a margarita or beer with dancing, and of course, lots of carbs – I know because some of you write me about them. This very cool song is perfect to remind all of us that moderation is important. From what I can understand, Eddie overindulges in either alcohol, or drugs, or both. So, I feel the need to mention moderation in all things is best for a long and healthy life. That said, this wonderful confection of a song is great fun to listen to with tempo changes and vocal gymnastics to thrill the best ears. The guitar player, who shines on all the cuts, continues his great work here. “Watch a ball of string unwind.”

A shout-out for the great cover of a song I’ve loved forever, Machine Gun Smith. The key is a few pitches higher here, and I love the way country has it’s final syllable mysteriously missing when Liza sings it, but Machine Gun Smith is just as pertinent today as it was when it first appeared. Smith is the terrorist, and as much as Americans hate to admit it, old Smith (notice the name is NOT Arabic) is terrorizing little countries, much as white people are still in the process of terrorizing citizens in smaller countries throughout the world. And the beat goes on – the truth never changes, even after 20 plus years. Liza & The Wonderwheels