Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Byboth – Swimming For The Surface

“It’s just another paradise you’ll never get into.” Playing this album is like having a coupla friends over with a few beers and guitars. Nothing electric going here, no studio tricks. Just a few folks together for a good time singing songs about Texas, lost loves, good neighbors and old friends. This particular song had a few lines of thoughtful poetry included, and I love sharing good poetry. Here’s a small taste of this one:

“The voices keep on yelling from that place inside my head.
I’m trying not to listen, but they never go to bed.
I’m holding in my last breath as long as I can,
Swimming for the surface and drowning on dry land.

By Saturday my Sunday best lay crumpled on the floor.
And the rain keeps blowing sideways through the hole kicked in the door.
Tomorrow really scares me like it did just yesterday,
‘Cause those dragons keep on coming, no matter how many I slay.”

This album isn’t available quite yet, but it should be soon, so get over to the website & reserve yourself a copy. As soon as a proper link opens up, I’ll post it here.

Shoutouts for My Mind’s Eye and Habit I Can’t Seem To Break. David Byboth