Saturday, December 16, 2006

Histrioniks - Fingers In The Rain

“lamppost leaning solitude/nighttime falls like sin” – poetry. Aural adventure. With rock tale flavor. “short dress black with ruffled edge/tight against her waist/every stitch of inner strength/is nowhere upon her face.” And you’re wondering – can one move, dance, sway with poetry? Yes. Doubly so. Five Seven Five Haiku Rhythm swaying in the rain. “The dreamer and the dreamt upon/play an unreal game/the sender and the sent upon/never are the same.” Still not convinced? “In the kitchen hell broke loose/lovers they became/showered down with hope and tears/like fingers in the rain.” Have a second helping of fine tiramisu with maple topping while listening to Woman Of The Tunes.The Histrioniks