Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things we missed out on

Spending a whole day listening to Elvis is great fun. It set my mind to wondering what albums we would have experienced if he had remained with us. There would have been a Costello-Presley collaboration at some point. And a 5 CD series called "The Great American Songbook" a la Rod Stewart & Willie Nelson. Of course the Willie Nelson & Tony Bennett collaborations. In the early 80's Bob Dylan would have tried to join his band as a guitar player - would Elvis had let it happen? There would have been a great year in the late 80's when he made a great rock'n'soul duet album with Tina Turner. The 90's would have given us a James Taylor duet album, with Carole King on harmonies. The King of Rock & Roll sings Carole King. My favorite album from 2002 would have been Elvis sings 12 Mazzy Star hits. 2006's favorite is when Darius Rucker joins Elvis for a hot 50th anniversary recreation of all of Elvis' 1956 sides. 36 missing years. They sure went by fast.