Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pama International - Come As You Are

Dance to current events. I love this song. “All that’s important is the love you bring, all that’s important is the love you sing.” The reggae ska circa 2007 beat makes the dancing easy, the message of peace makes listening exciting. I’m sure there’s many reasons this isn’t released in the US, but none of the reasons are because of the music. The music is beautiful, powerful and meaningful. Which could explain the lack of audience in US (tongue-in-cheek). But there should be enough of us to warrant someone promoting Pama International in the US. The good news is the power of the internet will allow you to purchase this as a digital download from their myspace site. Shoutout for Second Chance. Pama International

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Among Wolves - Hard To Die

“I’m fast asleep in the colour of your eyes.” Don’t fret the words, this lovely lively hump day tune have my feet smiling happily even as I gulp down a plate of chips and a nice iced cold long necked Lone Star. It’s easy to hear the tambourine man swinging that tiny instrument back and forth around my legs as I head up one side of the floor and down the other. The musicians could be from next door, or from 2000 miles away in California, or 2000 miles in the other direction in Massachussetts. Universal American dance music. The shout-out tune, When We’re Dead” slows down the dance and features more flavors as we hear “the tree are on fire” and visit small town America and hear the “church bells ringing from the steeple in your town.” Among Wolves

Abigail Hopkins - I'll Be Waiting For You By The Bus Stand

This fascinating album is going to sit by my CD player for some time to come. I chose this lively acapella tune to share tonight because of my humpday party delight, but I know I’ll enjoy hearing it most any day of the week. “Let’s get up and sing, let’s get up and clap. Life is for living, no time to cat-nap.” Happy and catchy, and easy to dance to. Sort of a flower dance song, for sure, but a dance nonetheless. Shoutouts for the beautiful folk tune In From The Sea and the intriguing instrumental curried flavors of Crow Wire. Abigail Hopkins

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Payola Reserve - Around That Long

“When they say we're all in this together, together sounds like such a lonely word. Everybody wants a turn to tell us what they think is wrong, but I don’t really wanna be around that long.” A perfect song for a perfect Tuesday evening. The instrumentation is sparse, but meaningful, and the vocalist is sincere. “And when they say they’re getting ready for the rapture, I picture local weathermen enraged after forecasting for days without a shred of what’s to come.” Now, there’s something worth grappling with for a few hours. I’m a believer in the rapture, and haven’t really thought of what thoughts I cause for those who listen to me ramble on in that discussion but choose not to believe. “I dreamed we’d been living underwater investigating paradises drowned. Littered in the lost and found, waiting for someone to call.” Very cool song, infested with thought-provoking meaning and a pleasure to listen to at the same time. I’ll be sharing more from The Payola Reserve soon. Shoutouts for Money For Old Rope, Horse Opera, and Ode On Bobbie. Payola Reserve

Monday, August 27, 2007

Standing Souls – Intro

This short, but potent instrumental Texas blast into my soul rouses me with total pleasure and promises to deliver a new week full of joy and happiness, especially when played next to the shoutout number, Funk Jam. A full, delicious bowl of oatmeal guaranteed to both awaken and fill me up. Extreme rock covered with whipped cream. Standing Souls

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dee Brown – Confessions

Delicious, smooth Sunday afternoon jazz confessions. I admit to feeling a real sense of deja-vu – the spirited popular guitar jazz that was quickly becoming party favorites in the mid 70s. I enjoy the way that Dee shares the melody line in unison with his sax player, Dezie McCullers Jr. This is laid-back music perfect for Sunday afternoon sitting on the porch making plans for the week to come with the family. Tasteful playing, all of the group members given space to share talents. A glass of iced tea with a slice of lime rounds out the flavors and sensations of the music. Shoutouts for Together As one and El Spanyo. Dee Brown

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dermot O’Leary Show – The Saturday Sessions

I seldom eartaste a whole album, but this one is worth the exception because it contains appetizers, extra appetizers, a 5 course dinner and several desserts. Being from the US, I have no idea who Dermot O’Leary is, but there’s enough here to understand that he’s a TV host who has current artists perform live on his show. These recordings are fascinating, informative, and exhibit the strengths of artists that are going to be with us for many years to come. Few have become mainstream in the US, but they will. For the most part these recordings are acoustic, so the performances are similar to the unplugged series on mtv. Perhaps the most revolutionary performance is hearing Grace Kelly by Mika stripped down to its essence and still maintaining the entertaining power it had as a radio single. For me the most interesting are the cover tunes selected by some of the artists. Breathe by the Shins, Super Trouper by Camera Obscura, Careless Whisper by Willy Mason, and Walk Like and Egyptian by The Feeling all shine as interesting and instructive listening. Two cover performances that draw blood are To Know Him Is To Love Him by Amy Winehouse and I Want You Back by KT Turnstall. Most of these artists have been a part of eartaste this year; Mumm-Ra, Jamie T, Beack, and others – and it is great fun to hear them in a completely different setting. My favorite of this group is Josh Pyke singing Middle Of The Hill. This is a collection you’ll be glad to receive and give as gifts – it will spend quite a bit of time on your – whataya call these things? – I guess players is a good a word as any. Maybe they’re still called turntables? Anyway, I shoutout the whole album. Hmm, is album a proper term anymore? Anyway, let’s hope it becomes available in the US. If not, it’s worth the import cost, and is 2 CDs of entertainment par excellence. The Saturday Sessions

Friday, August 24, 2007

Toure Kunda - E'mma

Whenever a Putumayo recording walks through the door, you know it’s going to be a great Friday party. This new record is called World Hits, and it’s almost as if the compiler went through our collection and eartasted his way to the top world music recordings of all time, which this collection is. You’ll hear Gipsy Kings, Jimmy Cliff, Mongo Santamaria, Kaoma with their great tune Lambada, etc etc. But what’s most fun is the songs that were mainly hits in Europe or just barely scratched the top 100 here in the US.

In that light, I chose Toure Kunda as the taste of the day, an african reggae flavored piece of pound cake flavored with a touch of cinnamon. They know how to get the dance party started with rhythms that start my flying feet soaring smoothly around the floor.

The first shoutout goes to Miriam Makeba, with a version of Pata Pata recorded twenty years after the huge world-wide hit. Her voice is much more mature, and the music has much better fidelity than the familiar hit version. The other shoutouts go to Johnny Clegg with Scatterlings of Africa and Manu Dibango with Soul Makossa.

“A portion of Putumayo's proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to World Learning .” An investment you’ll enjoy listening to for many years!

Putumayo Presents: World Hits

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Juan Oskar - Superhero

A soundtrack in search of a movie. This is an instrumental album, complete with a love scene near a fire place, a stroll along the beach, a chase scene, and a superhero performing acts of bravery. The music evokes pictures in my mind, and I am ready to write a script myself if no one else has done it, a sort of Austin Powers meets Fletch movie. In fact, the existing Fletch movies aren’t near as good as the books, perhaps we can use the movie for a good Fletch movie. Or Austin Powers VI. I could even make the music work with dumb and dumber Part 7 – two superheroes in one movie. Needless to say, this is a fun CD. I picked the title cut to write about, mostly because it describes the theme I dreamt of as I listened to the entire album, but I could have picked any cut. I’ll shoutout Last Son, which is a thoughtful meditation on the loss of something near and dear, depending on the script it could be a pet cat, or one’s virginity. Another shoutout for Give It Una Mas, which is the chase scene I already mentioned. If soundtracks don’t appeal to you, think of this as a bachelor pad album, one of those 60’s relics of fun background romantic music.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the commercial tagged on to the end of the CD. What a brilliant idea. Fantastic for indie folks - what better place to advertise some of your older CDs than right there on your new one? I really like this idea. Even after putting on a 12 minute "hidden cut", most CDs have room for a hefty pod-cast type production that features highlights from past albums. An idea worth thinking about stealing.

Juan Oskar

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Full-Bore Disco Dance Hump Day

There are three songs listed below, and I’m going to briefly talk about each one, but so I do not repeat myself with each one, I’ll mention some similarities here.

First, these are definite dance tunes. I don’t expect much out of the lyrics, but I do very much appreciate the way the artists can get my body to move despite itself.

Second, these all distinguish themselves by not being the common dance-floor songs we’ve become familiar with the past ten years. These each have their own distinct personality and fly way over the clouds of the generic dance-beat songs. This is enough to get them played, and I’m hoping they have been played around the world this summer. If not, let’s get them heard because there’s nothing wrong with the whole world dancing to the same beats.

Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai

This hump day party starts off with just plain, old fashioned fun with a modern dance beat. “Me English nicht verstehen.” After I finally pulled myself off the floor rolling around laughing, I stood up to dance to an almost abbaesque “emergency”. Excellent “dancing” music. And Verka knows enough English to whisper “I love you” to his audience. “Ukraine dance!” Thanks for the joy! Verka Serduchka

Pachanga - Close To You

This dance is yummy. I predicted way too long ago that we’d be hearing bi-lingual songs as a matter of course. “Yo me fui.” So, my prediction was 20 years off, and still may not come generally true, this is a Spanish/English song that truly inspires some danger filled dreamy dance moves. Great beat, and fun listening. “Cerca de ti.” In addition to being bi-lingual, this is also a fun bi-musical song, a combination for hip-hop and dance floor action. Pachanga

Bob Sinclair & Cutee B - Sound Of Freedom (Everybody's Free)

Anyone who finds a way to help me alleviate any guilt I feel for having fun while our leaders destroy the world deserves my praise. “Now hear this – there comes a time in everyone’s life that you need a little relaxation, you know?” He says this as the rasta dance starts. I especially love the message that “Everybody’s free” while they are dancing. That’s a truth no one can deny – does not matter what our leaders say, freedom is not capitalism. Freedom is being able to dance and “be yourself”. This is the type of song you can repeat 3 or 4 times at a party and still see smiles on everyone’s faces. Bob Sinclair

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Marie Lindberg - Leona (Under Her Skin)

“She runs from the past to forget you.” The phrasing of the lyrics is exquisite, and the music fits wonderfully. While definitely a dance beat, it isn’t a wild dance to keep me from contemplating the story. “You knew that you would win, but I don’t know if you wanted to.” A crystal-clear garlic stuffed olive appetizer. Marie Lindberg

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tony B - Where The Razor Meets The Road

“Watch the pages fall to pieces. All the pieces forming letters, and they’re all the same.” A dream sequence is what I’m guessing, but it’s a cool image. The music is keeping the dream afloat with acoustic guitars and a descending bass line. “Come now, it’s not so bad, ringside seats in the promised land where the razor meets the road.” Tasty guitar solo accents the wake-me up in the morning vocals. Shoutout for Gone. Thanks! Tony B

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Laura - Release Me

“I am the wilderness locked in a cage. I am a growing force you kept in place. I am a tree reaching for the sun, please don’t hold me down.” Beautifully performed in a singer-songwriter style, spare guitar and voice. There are times when a composer can match the words and music so perfectly that deeper meanings resonate because of the marriage, and she has succeeded here. The words are transcendent, meaning they can fit many different circumstances. A country wanting freedom from its oppressor, a child from her parents, a wife from her husband, or anyplace where someone of power is keeping the other from growing. I love this effective image. “I am an asphalt flower breaking free, but you keep stopping me. Release me.” The band comes in, but doesn’t overwhelm the singer. The gentleness of the synthesizer enhances the song. “I am the fire burning desperately, but you’re controlling me. Release me.” Because of my job, I hear it as a child pleading with a teacher – ‘let me out of this classroom so I can learn’. Any situation of abused power (and trust me, it happens even at the elementary level) needs this song. I plan on sharing it with my students this year. Powerful, powerful song. Thank you! Oh Laura

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Josh Rouse - Domesticated Lovers

“Early in the morning till the late late night there’s no doubt they lead a life apart.” Whew, some pretty deep observation. Definitely worth thinking about. Even the foods we used to share seem to keep us apart as we gracefully age. I made polenta today, and she’ll eat some, but not with the wonderful fresh tomato salsa I made to put on top with just a hint of basil. Why? Too acidic, apparently. Well, as a good friend, I definitely do not want to bother my lover’s stomach, but it is interesting that even food can separate us as we listen to this song. “She don’t understand him, he can’t do nothing right.” The truth is enough to have me rotfl, despite the grammar. “He’s all day sleeping, he sleeps until the night.” One of those artist fellas, I suppose. LOL.
Josh Rouse

Friday, August 17, 2007

Prince – Revelation

A friendly guitar opening to our Friday night love-in. Then Prince sucks us into his sermon with thoughtful beauty. “The main problem with war is that nobody ever wins. The next generation grows up, learns how to do it all over again. No matter who started the argument, just matters how each one hates. How many people really want resolution?” At any given point in history as long as I’ve been alive our country seems to love going to different places to start a war, but I notice that Prince is keeping this lyric wide open, in case there is ever a point of peace – because wars happen in families, in neighborhoods, in congregations, it’s a constant in our lives, and I applaud the gentle manner in which Prince is able to bring this revelation out in his poetry. “The main problem with people is they never do what they say. One minute they want peace, then do everything to make it go away.” Flower power feel without being overly psychedelic. Shoutout for Guitar. Prince

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fried - You're With The Wrong One

I put this CD on and decided to work on some other things because I immediately understood it as a long lost soul album from the 60’s. It wasn’t just the great singing and instrumentation, but the overall sound - the ambiance is definitely a studio long since destroyed by termites and storms. I knew I had to listen to the entire CD because I’m in heaven when I hear long lost albums, especially great ones. The second song sounded like early 70’s soul, but could have been a forward thinking 60's producer. After doing a few chores I went back to see if I could find out who was the producer and why this album had escaped my hearing for 40 years. I figured it was recorded down south by an obscure soul band that simply stayed under the wires. Lo and behold, this was released in 2007 by a young, new singer, Jonte Short! The songwriter is David Steele from Fine Young Cannibals, and he did a great job not only writing the songs, but arranging and producing them. If you love the 60’s music, you’ll hear a singer that reminds me of a cross between Dionne Warwick, Dianna Ross and Aretha Franklin. Think I’m kidding? Jonte’s fantastic and you owe it to your ears to drink her all in. Shoutouts to Walk Don’t Run and Sorry I Ruined Your Life. That’s the dessert. For a fuller meal, you can take forkfuls of Things Change, I’ll Be There, and Sugar Water Days. Fried

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reel Big Fish - Please Don't Tell Her

“Everybody’s drunk tonight!” Well, it is hump day, so shout this party to the heavens. “People pouring in the front door, most of them I’ve never seen in my life! I hear the sound of windows breaking. Who just lit the couch on fire?” The party to end all parties. The vocalese harmonies are just marvelous, this is definitely potato chips and ice cream with beer party song! “A good friend holds your hair back when you puke.” The hilarity continues with the shoutouts Hate You and Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat? Reel Big Fish

Ruarri Joseph - More Rock 'n' Roll

Slow the party down just a bit for a different kind of fun. “I know there’s a party out there somewhere for crashers and rollers to let down their hair. The red-eye reduction is failing production and smoke shadows everywhere. I could go along for awhile and talk with my friends and their friends and their friends and I’d smile. It’s not that I’m better or cooler or clever, in fact I’m a geek without style.” So, he won’t stay long at the party, but I’m certainly glad Ruarri stopped by to play this fun tune for us to keep our hump day bright. “I may look the part, but I know in my heart that I’d rather be home with my wife.” Excellent joy bringer! The band is smiling all the way through, with the bassist doing his best to pretend to be a tuba. Shoutout for Relying On Lying. Ruarri Joseph

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jubeus - Let's Pick Up Ourselves

Margarita Tuesday! Put on my dancing shoes and pick myself up to the extra delicious calypso beat, complete with rock guitars to turn this party into an all-night blast. Cuban piano leads us to “dance in circles – flowers everywhere.” And love is making this tasty treat even better with “the light of heaven on your pretty face.” The band is hot, the dancers beautiful, the bowls of fruit floating from hand to hand as we join in the excitement of the singer and the lead guitars pouring emotions around each other’s lines. Shoutouts for the 70s retro funk of Until I Get There and the reggae flavors of Love Is In The Air (“take your worries – throw them out the door”). Lots of fun! Jubeus

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeff Coffey - Long Way Home

80s retro music with good old fashioned lyrics makes this a fun wake up to the week and get ready to drive to work song. “There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road.” As long as I can make the fantasy last, anyway, because after reaching the next town I’ll have to park and do my think for 8 or 9 hours then hit the road back home again. “Don’t need no rhyme or reason, just a place to go.” But as I’m driving, yes, there’s freedom, and Jeff can sing joyfully about it for me. The chorus reminds me of what I feel like every day, dragging myself out of my office. “It’s a long way home, got a thousand miles to go.” At least it feels that way - LOL!!! “Just staring out my window watching the world go by.” But Jeff reminds me “it’s not how far you go, but it’s the journey there.” Fun 80’s guitar solo. Thanks! Jeff Coffey

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Simone White - I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance

“They’re always writing songs about a summer love that never seems to last beyond the fall.” I know right away there’s a story here I want to listen to, and Simone makes it easy to listen. The title gives away the plot, but doesn’t prepare me for the cool horn orchestration. “Nobody bothered to break my heart in two.” Very nice song, easy to listen to as the summer vacation leaves my bones and I get ready to get back to the daily joy of working with the future generations. Shoutouts for a series of thematic songs whose titles will give away their purpose – American War, Imperialist State, and We Used To Stand So Tall. Simone White

Bon Jovi – Summertime

I don’t know why, but this song cracks me up, and I listen to it once in awhile. I haven’t mentioned it on eartaste all summer ‘cause I figger this one is hitting the airwaves all over, and everyone's sick of it. But as summer leaves and I’m listening again, I’m just enjoying the thought of hearing this one pop up every year as an oldie but goodie. There’s no surprises here – the stadium rock drums are here, but it is silly listening to a Jersey Cowboy talking about drinking wine in the summertime, and nothing makes me happier than silly on a night like this. Shoutout for Whole Lotta Leavin’ (“summer sun is packing up and long gone.”) and We Got It Going On. Bon Jovi

Gretchen Wilson – One Of The Boys

“I can do most anything a man can do.” You go girl. She sure sings as great as any cowboy, and her themes are fun to hear. She couches everything in an old country flavor, complete with a good old fashioned Buck Owens twang. Sure, she didn’t have to do that, but it makes the songs more fun, especially when the banjo and mandolin join in. “I’d kick your butt, if I wanted to.” After all the braggadocio she’s not too shy to admit that “I’ve still got a little girl inside of me that likes to be treated like a queen.” Shoutouts for You Don’t Have To Go home, and Pain Killer. Gretchen Wilson

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ruarri Joseph - Cuddles Are The Best Thing

“She’s a good girl, right across the border. Makes me want to hold her, feel her heart a tick-tick tock.” Ruarri has sucked me into this story, both lyrically and musically. Voice and guitar start off this blueberry covered cheesecake with strength and glee. “In the moonlight racing for some comfort, pins are in my left foot, needles in the right – don’t stop. Hold your hands up if you’ve got a thing for girls who like to dance to music that is soft and slow.” You know my hands are up as I move slowly in circles kicking my legs in the air. The story is a lot of fun, “took her out to the pictures just to watch her” - I won’t spoil the entire movie for you, just let you know that this is one fun album with many different scenarios and musics. When the dance band enters this song we enter another movie screen altogether – two movies in one song - “I dreamt of this moment forever and a day.” Shoutout for the title tune - Tales Of Grime And Grit. Ruarri Joseph

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Satellite State – Clockworks

The drums start off this Friday night dance, but quickly a beautifully discordant guitar flavors the proceedings with an out of the body experience floating high above the floor observing the other dancers on both planes smiling. “Clocks go round in time forever, you’ll never fall apart again. Just leave me here and I’ll be waiting to make these choices on my own.” The melody is great fun, but I have to admit it’s the guitar in the background transporting me. “You will never understand just what is said. You can’t stop this.” Nor do I want to. This is too much fun, dancing in two places at once. Shoutout for One Small Step. Satellite State

Pocket Gods - 9th Configuration

The fuzz guitar and the tambourine keep this dance motivating up over the floor. All the aural delicacies taste psychedelically marvelous. For example, on first listen I think one of the singers is singing a flat note. As I listen over and over I realize – yes, but it’s on purpose. Every note is correct except that one. The harmony singer doesn’t even try to follow him there. “Me and you my love, we’re just awesome fire.” Or maybe he’s saying “we’re just hearts on fire.” Or maybe something else altogether, but it doesn’t matter to me ‘cause I’m dancing with the others up here in the etherical regions of this particular configuration. Very nice. Shoutout for the different rescue us flavors of velvet in Night Lights (“It will take more than a black hole, it’ll take more than the speed of light to fix us now.”) Pocket Gods

Roll your video tapes tonight!

It's no secret around here how much I love the music of Seth Swirsky & The Red Button, so it's great to see that he'll be making an appearance on TV. Most of you know I can't get TV up here in the hills, so if anyone happens to videotape this, I'd love to see it. Here's the particulars:


* * *
Seth talks about his new album with The Red Button, his latest political article on The Huffington Post and his documentary "Beatle Stories"

Coming off Sirius Satellite Radio's Little Steven calling "Cruel Girl" by The Red Button ( "the coolest song in the world this week" in his chart in Billboard Magazine, and being featured in The Los Angeles Times BUZZ BANDS column, Seth Swirsky (, member of The Red Button pop group, will appear as the featured guest tonight (Friday, August 10th) on the hot new Fox News late night program, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Seth will be talking about his latest political article in the Huffington Post ( ), his new album She's About To Cross My Mind and his documentary, Beatle Stories.

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld airs on The Fox News Channel at 11:00 PM PT and 2:00 AM ET.

For more information on SETH SWIRSKY or The Red Button contact: Steve Levesque or James Levesque Luck Media & Marketing (714) 313-6303

And the winner is. . .

Todd from Minnesota knew that Roy Orbison sang for the lonely as the radio played.

Nice work, enjoy the disks - they'll be in the mail today.

Everyone else - there's huge stacks of disks here, so keep on your toes to win next time I find a box big enough to mail 'em.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wensday - The Rise And Fall Of Love

The voice is what hit me on the first taste of this song. This is a voice I can listen to if she’s simply singing the numbers out of a phone book. Subsequent listenings allowed me to hear some of the band. A harmonic is played on an electric guitar to introduce the slow dance on this humid evening, but the band really is utilized to emphasize Wensday's voice. “Strike a match, baby, light that fire. Turn up the heat of your desire.” The word that comes to mind is sultry. Since I don’t use that word in conversation, I’m not sure why it comes to mind, but in this context the voice is inviting me to think beyond the physical discomfort of severe humidity and daydream of a cool evening when life can be experienced in a sensual way. “I just want to be consumed, jump into the fire of love.” The fire here is a smouldering fire, not a raging heat. “I can take you to paradise or I can be as cold as ice. Make you feel like superman, or make you feel like a child again.” Wensday

Another Contest

For 50 assorted CDs, be the first to answer this question:

Who was singing on the radio as Mary danced across the porch?

Send your answer to eartaste (at) - have fun!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Seldon Plan - Dance, Despite The Obvious

Start off this warm, beautiful hump day with the guitars ringing, drums pounding, and organ swirling. I’m psychohistorically traveling through my personal galaxy of “noise in the silences” with my feet pounding the pavement almost as smoothly as the drummer. It’s easy to break a sweat in this heat, but these guys make the perspiration all worthwhile. Shoutout goes to the subtle flavorings of Brandywine Situation. The scheduled release date for the CD is September 4, so keep watch at their website. The Seldon Plan

Mike Mangione - You Don't Wanna Leave

The dance continues as the poet intones over a train rhythm “big wheels lay you down in the chords of another town.” The story seems to be about the life an artist is forced to live, and the flight of a lover looking for the next song as the narrator pleads “you don’t wanna leave”. Lots of great lines here. “When I heard that he left her I asked, Robbie did you hear her sing?” Like Robbie could have stopped her. But a poet is like that – dreaming of the unattainable. “There’s a kiss on my cheek and it burns, so I leave it there.” The chorus has the answer to all life’s questions, “if that mocking bird don’t care for a single word, you’ll just change your melody.” Mike Mangione

Wildphyr - Naked Free

We’ll finish this danced filled hump day with the beautiful Irish flavorings of Wildphyr. I especially love the way the band is allowed to explore the region instrumentally for long sections of time. The poet here is loving Dublin with “a pint of beer in one hand, a Guinness in the other. Head out to the countryside where the hills and lakes meet the sky.” Fun rhythms make this great to dance to. My goal is to dance the entire movement with “a pint of beer in one hand, a Guinness in the other”. Very sweet lead guitar work adds depth to this symphony. Excellent arrangement & fine musicianship. Shoutout for the delicious softer flavors of Leavin. Wildphyr

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tim Ratcliff & Ken Bailey - A Rough Couple Of Days

Imagine a blues bar on the corner where you can go in for a pint now and again, and there is always a band welcome. This time the band is wearing sunglasses, acting cool, despite the pain in the words pouring thickly into the cold glass waiting for a nice dark amber liquid Newcastle dream. They dare to add a few jazz chords to their blues. “Well, the clock ran down, made me late for work again.” The lead guitarist knows how to add a bit of soul to the blue jazz so the flavors keep filling the air while the gentle melody meanders around the vibes, looking for answers as the bass player keeps everything together. “Well the TV is down ‘cause the cable is out, but the water keeps dripping straight from the spout.” Nice job. This is a preview cut from an album in progress that should be appearing in Spring, 2008. In the meantime, keep an eye on Myspace and check out the previous album from Tim & Ken. Tim Ratcliff & Ken Bailey

Monday, August 06, 2007

Coley Park - Always In Love

A harmonica lovingly welcomes in a Monday morning summer breeze. “It was summer when the princess of words flew away with the King of the surf.” I love adventures, and this is a special one. “They stole across the midnight sky and got married in the desert night.” You may ask what a surfer is doing out in the desert. Well, wherever there’s romance involved, there’s a journey, so you don’t ask silly questions. The big question to ask – is this song you want to hear 1000 times? Of course! Another silly question. I wouldn’t be talking about it otherwise. “Swinging from the monkey bars trying to hang from the stars.” And lest you think this is a song for kids only, listen closer. “Were they ever not in love, did they ever sober up?” Many flavors in this one song, making it an instant eartaste classic. A huge shoutout for Of All Faces &. Coley Park

And the winner is . . .

Ed from Albequerque, NM was the first to write and say The Mars Volta - Vicarious Atonement. That was easy, you just had to go to the first post in the blog. Keep watch, I may be getting rid of some more this summer. -Rich

Cleaning my desk contest!

The first person to send me an e-mail (eartaste at telling me the name of the first song featured on Eartaste will receive a package of 50 CDs to help me clear off this desk. Should be an easy contest. Muchas gracias!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mooney Suzuki - You Never Really Wanted To Rock 'N' Roll

LOL!!! They say this as they lovingly fill our ears with some great rock and roll! What a perfect way to start my Sunday – up and moving my entire body. “In the beginning it was love for sure!” To make this especially ideal for Sunday worship, Mooney Suzuki stole the first three lines of this soulful psychobilly directly from the first book of the Bible. “You wanted to look good from your head to toe, but you never really wanted to rock and roll!” Shoutouts for Adam & Eve, which has the added flavor of a flute to rock my world; and Ashes, which has a completely different flavor from the other songs. Wildly successful CD for eartasting. Mooney Suzuki

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ash - You Can't Have It All

“When I get high you always bring me down.” Heck of a way to start a party, but there are folks who have the ability to bring their downers with them everywhere they go. “Voices in your head always doubting me, paranoid distortions of reality. You tell me all the time that there’s something wrong, but you never know what you really want.” Add some great music and what we have here is a song that reminds us that although everything isn’t perfect, we can still find time to dance. The bananas are a bit too ripe to peel and eat, but they make great tasting bread. Yumm. With a crunchy top. “Give you all my time, but it’s not enough.” Some really great drumming in here for a pop song. “Got me so confused, now you’re feeling good.” Shoutout for Dark and Stormy. Ash

Friday, August 03, 2007

Enemy - Had Enough

“Give me a good enough reason why I should not cut you down”. We’re all in this struggle together, why not give me a chance to show you another side of me? “Won’t you give me some time to understand your mind?” Sure, I’ll give you all night. In the meantime, you and your band keep singing, this is great party music, and I appreciate the sweat pouring down your face. Have no idea why you’re so upset, but, hey, at least you’re using your energy in a fantastic way! “Now I’m giving up, giving up.” Now, now, don’t do that, just get back on stage and keep us all bouncing and swinging our arms around. “Oh, it’s alright!” Thanks. A huge shoutout for “You're Not Alone”. Thanks! Enemy

Crimea - Raining Planets

This poem seems to be about a person who was once on their way up in the music world. Well, maybe it seems that way to me because that’s the people I’ve mostly known. It could apply to artists or writers I’ve known. And, if you’re in another line of work, I’m sure it would apply to people you know. I’m just going to quote the story line about the person. For their response, buy the record – it’s worth it. The music is really well-developed and fits perfect with the story.

“Currently residing in the 'where are they now' file,
Burnt out and in denial
Throwing shapes in the mirror with your hairbrush,
singing along to 'Have You Fallen In Love' by the Buzzcocks.

End up working in the Domino's Pizza,
shades on, incognito.
Turned down for the managers position for carrying on
where the Fonz left off - in the 60's.

Last seen out holding up a 7-11,
strung out, disheveled.
They could tell it was a water pistol.
The cops turned up before you drew any blood, but that's just your luck.”

Shoutout for Bombay Sapphire Coma. Crimea

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crowded House - She Called Up

“She called up and gave me the news. It made me so sad, there was nothing I could do. She’s too far away and she had to leave. I could never repay you now for what you gave to me.” Okay, so the confusion of who he’s talking to is understandable, after all, he’s so sad. The good news is his sadness is good for those of us with ears that like to chew on fun music. And, the music here is definitely fun. Tastes like a summer song when the chorus starts going “la la la la”. Perfect side dish to go along with our lasagna tonight. Crowded House

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Interpol - Heinrich Maneuver

“Today my heart swings!” Seems impossible for it to be hump day again, but these guys are getting the party started with lots of good, old-fashioned, in your face rock and roll. “I've got a dance - it moves into the night.” Loudly, and with many ear pleasures. The song starts off with a question – “How are things on the west coast?” Sounds like the narrator is thinking of maybe thinking about this actress, but tries to forget her by dancing. Does it work? Who knows? He spends an awful lot of energy talking about her, but that’s okay because as he pulls us along for the ride, my feet move along just fine. “Strut those shoes! We’ll go roaming in the night.” Interpol

Air Traffic - Never Even Told Me Her Name

I’m not even going to try to decipher the lyrics about Suzie because the music has me flying around the room so hard I can’t hear anything except the bass and drums thumping me roughly in circles. I recall something about “wonder why I bother to chase? I’m tired of making time.” Well, at least Air Traffic isn’t tired of making music. “Clinging to a credit card, waiting for the phone to start. Take me back to heaven again!” Lots of fun – super way of keeping the party moving. Air Traffic

Silverstein - Worlds Apart

“Writing all my thoughts has broken all my bones.” Gotta have a hump day song for the friend at the party who is celebrating the heartbreak this week. “There’s no intervention in sight. There’s no point in calling you. We’re just going to stand there and fight.” Lots of energy, great dancing thanks to the drummer, and the good news is the narrator works hard to convince himself and his listeners that “I’ll be just fine.” And to keep bring the party back to a fast dance good-time, the shout-out tune is Still Dreaming, “my heart starts to pound to the rhythm of yours.” This song serves out a full helping of joy. “You take me to a place I never want to leave.” Silverstein