Friday, August 17, 2007

Prince – Revelation

A friendly guitar opening to our Friday night love-in. Then Prince sucks us into his sermon with thoughtful beauty. “The main problem with war is that nobody ever wins. The next generation grows up, learns how to do it all over again. No matter who started the argument, just matters how each one hates. How many people really want resolution?” At any given point in history as long as I’ve been alive our country seems to love going to different places to start a war, but I notice that Prince is keeping this lyric wide open, in case there is ever a point of peace – because wars happen in families, in neighborhoods, in congregations, it’s a constant in our lives, and I applaud the gentle manner in which Prince is able to bring this revelation out in his poetry. “The main problem with people is they never do what they say. One minute they want peace, then do everything to make it go away.” Flower power feel without being overly psychedelic. Shoutout for Guitar. Prince