Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wensday - The Rise And Fall Of Love

The voice is what hit me on the first taste of this song. This is a voice I can listen to if she’s simply singing the numbers out of a phone book. Subsequent listenings allowed me to hear some of the band. A harmonic is played on an electric guitar to introduce the slow dance on this humid evening, but the band really is utilized to emphasize Wensday's voice. “Strike a match, baby, light that fire. Turn up the heat of your desire.” The word that comes to mind is sultry. Since I don’t use that word in conversation, I’m not sure why it comes to mind, but in this context the voice is inviting me to think beyond the physical discomfort of severe humidity and daydream of a cool evening when life can be experienced in a sensual way. “I just want to be consumed, jump into the fire of love.” The fire here is a smouldering fire, not a raging heat. “I can take you to paradise or I can be as cold as ice. Make you feel like superman, or make you feel like a child again.” Wensday