Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Laura - Release Me

“I am the wilderness locked in a cage. I am a growing force you kept in place. I am a tree reaching for the sun, please don’t hold me down.” Beautifully performed in a singer-songwriter style, spare guitar and voice. There are times when a composer can match the words and music so perfectly that deeper meanings resonate because of the marriage, and she has succeeded here. The words are transcendent, meaning they can fit many different circumstances. A country wanting freedom from its oppressor, a child from her parents, a wife from her husband, or anyplace where someone of power is keeping the other from growing. I love this effective image. “I am an asphalt flower breaking free, but you keep stopping me. Release me.” The band comes in, but doesn’t overwhelm the singer. The gentleness of the synthesizer enhances the song. “I am the fire burning desperately, but you’re controlling me. Release me.” Because of my job, I hear it as a child pleading with a teacher – ‘let me out of this classroom so I can learn’. Any situation of abused power (and trust me, it happens even at the elementary level) needs this song. I plan on sharing it with my students this year. Powerful, powerful song. Thank you! Oh Laura