Saturday, August 18, 2007

Josh Rouse - Domesticated Lovers

“Early in the morning till the late late night there’s no doubt they lead a life apart.” Whew, some pretty deep observation. Definitely worth thinking about. Even the foods we used to share seem to keep us apart as we gracefully age. I made polenta today, and she’ll eat some, but not with the wonderful fresh tomato salsa I made to put on top with just a hint of basil. Why? Too acidic, apparently. Well, as a good friend, I definitely do not want to bother my lover’s stomach, but it is interesting that even food can separate us as we listen to this song. “She don’t understand him, he can’t do nothing right.” The truth is enough to have me rotfl, despite the grammar. “He’s all day sleeping, he sleeps until the night.” One of those artist fellas, I suppose. LOL.
Josh Rouse