Thursday, August 23, 2007

Juan Oskar - Superhero

A soundtrack in search of a movie. This is an instrumental album, complete with a love scene near a fire place, a stroll along the beach, a chase scene, and a superhero performing acts of bravery. The music evokes pictures in my mind, and I am ready to write a script myself if no one else has done it, a sort of Austin Powers meets Fletch movie. In fact, the existing Fletch movies aren’t near as good as the books, perhaps we can use the movie for a good Fletch movie. Or Austin Powers VI. I could even make the music work with dumb and dumber Part 7 – two superheroes in one movie. Needless to say, this is a fun CD. I picked the title cut to write about, mostly because it describes the theme I dreamt of as I listened to the entire album, but I could have picked any cut. I’ll shoutout Last Son, which is a thoughtful meditation on the loss of something near and dear, depending on the script it could be a pet cat, or one’s virginity. Another shoutout for Give It Una Mas, which is the chase scene I already mentioned. If soundtracks don’t appeal to you, think of this as a bachelor pad album, one of those 60’s relics of fun background romantic music.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the commercial tagged on to the end of the CD. What a brilliant idea. Fantastic for indie folks - what better place to advertise some of your older CDs than right there on your new one? I really like this idea. Even after putting on a 12 minute "hidden cut", most CDs have room for a hefty pod-cast type production that features highlights from past albums. An idea worth thinking about stealing.

Juan Oskar