Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fried - You're With The Wrong One

I put this CD on and decided to work on some other things because I immediately understood it as a long lost soul album from the 60’s. It wasn’t just the great singing and instrumentation, but the overall sound - the ambiance is definitely a studio long since destroyed by termites and storms. I knew I had to listen to the entire CD because I’m in heaven when I hear long lost albums, especially great ones. The second song sounded like early 70’s soul, but could have been a forward thinking 60's producer. After doing a few chores I went back to see if I could find out who was the producer and why this album had escaped my hearing for 40 years. I figured it was recorded down south by an obscure soul band that simply stayed under the wires. Lo and behold, this was released in 2007 by a young, new singer, Jonte Short! The songwriter is David Steele from Fine Young Cannibals, and he did a great job not only writing the songs, but arranging and producing them. If you love the 60’s music, you’ll hear a singer that reminds me of a cross between Dionne Warwick, Dianna Ross and Aretha Franklin. Think I’m kidding? Jonte’s fantastic and you owe it to your ears to drink her all in. Shoutouts to Walk Don’t Run and Sorry I Ruined Your Life. That’s the dessert. For a fuller meal, you can take forkfuls of Things Change, I’ll Be There, and Sugar Water Days. Fried