Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Payola Reserve - Around That Long

“When they say we're all in this together, together sounds like such a lonely word. Everybody wants a turn to tell us what they think is wrong, but I don’t really wanna be around that long.” A perfect song for a perfect Tuesday evening. The instrumentation is sparse, but meaningful, and the vocalist is sincere. “And when they say they’re getting ready for the rapture, I picture local weathermen enraged after forecasting for days without a shred of what’s to come.” Now, there’s something worth grappling with for a few hours. I’m a believer in the rapture, and haven’t really thought of what thoughts I cause for those who listen to me ramble on in that discussion but choose not to believe. “I dreamed we’d been living underwater investigating paradises drowned. Littered in the lost and found, waiting for someone to call.” Very cool song, infested with thought-provoking meaning and a pleasure to listen to at the same time. I’ll be sharing more from The Payola Reserve soon. Shoutouts for Money For Old Rope, Horse Opera, and Ode On Bobbie. Payola Reserve