Monday, April 30, 2007

Bowling For Soup - 99 Biker Friends

The noise is great – really wakes me up on a Monday! Lyrically, this is a fascinating concept. Take a serious theme (wife beating) and fill it with irony and a few giggles. The point gets made, trust me. Most of this has to be heard to appreciate it. But I’m not giving it away when I quote this “Tell all your friends how you put her in her place. Seven pounds of make-up just to hide her beat-up face.” I’ve learned that vigilante justice is really not a great idea, but this guy is not claiming to be innocent. In fact, he’s bragging about his deeds. I’m all for 99 biker friends waiting to beat his assets. “It takes a tough man to slap her around. Such a bad guy to keep such a good girl down.” Well-written and precise. “You tell her that you’re sorry, blame it on the beer, your dad was mean to you…” All the excuses of a drunk. Like everyone else, I know guys like this. Probably the saddest part is the women that keep going back to them, but that’s another song. In the meantime, this song is well thought out, and extremely dancible! I left out all the really cool lines, because they are fun to hear with the music. “Start running now.” Shoutout for No Opinion – I really love this because you just know Weird Al would take this tune and tear into it with some hilarious lyrics. Not this time! There’s no way even weird Al can be funnier than this! Bowling For Soup

Sunday, April 29, 2007

noise626 - Madness And The Sublime Rapture

The music sneaks up, almost like a clock ticking or a heart beating. “I can look inside your heart and see the things you don’t want seen.” The music feels this way. Like it’s crawling in and enveloping my entire being. Both creepy and enthralling. Explain that. Guess it’s much like the title – is it madness or rapture? Or can it be both at the same time? One can only wonder as I twirl to the hypnotic rhythm. “I can dance around the reasons you can’t tell the truth. I survive on your lies and taste words like bitter fruit.” The poetry is beautiful, but is used as an accent to the mood created by the music. That’s not often true in music. I especially love the steady musical build-up – rock at it’s finest – though different than most rock because two voices, male and female – are building upon each other. “I will keep storming the gates. I will keep screaming your name. I will keep building my walls. And laughter will follow your fall. Nothing you feel is the truth.” Shoutout for Tsisdu: “laughing and crying often in the same space of time.” noise626

John Barrows – How Not To Make It In The Pop World

Subtitled “Diary of an almost has-been”. This book was easy to put down, but I don’t mean this in a harsh way. As I read the book it was very easy to picture John in my living room talking. As I finished a chapter, I’d put it down and ramble through my memories of similar scenes. Much like a discussion was taking place. Small things, like the descriptions of ‘dressing rooms’ and ‘rehearsal spaces’.

John was active in the live music arena during the same years I was – the only difference is most of his experiences were in England, with some in Europe, whereas mine were stateside – mostly in California. I knew the music of and/or reputations of 85% of the bands he mentioned in the book. The band he was/is most remembered for is The Swinging Laurels – a group that had some press over here, but I cannot recall if I ever heard them. No matter, he could say the same about the bands I was with.

But the stories of the clubs, the club owners, the reality of the pay for performing in venues, the truth of being the “opening band” for a ‘major’ artist, the escapades of a band, the thefts that took place of band equipment, other people’s perceptions of your wealth once you’ve been on TV, etc, etc, etc. John brings the truths of a band on the road to life for all of the thousands upon thousands of bands that perform, record, perform, record, perform.

Every one of those guys were like John and I – gave up the chance for a secure future for a dream. But we would have never become who we are if we had not pursued the dream. I have friends who stuck with corporate life – one guy in particular makes me realize how good it was that I didn’t do that – 1 1/2 years away from retirement they “laid” him off. He was in one of my first bands, and although he doesn’t talk about it, I’d bet he wishes now that he had taken the road less traveled.

This book is definitely a way to stir up memories if you were in a band. If you are in a band, you’ll also get some giggles – because really, nothing has changed. If you’re not in a band, this book may make you glad you didn’t take that route. If you simply love music and are interested in how bands survive on a daily basis, you’ll learn a lot here. Thanks John! Paperback or Hardback

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ray Charles - Feel So Bad

This is the second Saturday in a row Ray opens up my Saturday night dance party. “My woman has me talking in an unknown tongue. She got me saying words I’ve never said before.” I love this performance and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to analyze why, so I can be succinct and erudite. The lyrics are a mish-mash of every other ‘she left me, it hurts’ song on the books. Ray doesn’t go out of his way to convince us the pain is deep in his heart, although the pain is obvious. Lived. But what sells me is the pleasure and the boogie. I am entertained, and I love being entertained by a master. The piano is superb and the band is in tip-top shape, with a stunning sax solo. “Sock it to me.” Shoutout goes to Look What They've Done To My Song. Ray Charles

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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Red Button - Floating By

“Daydreaming. Slipstreaming. Just floating by”. The song starts off with the vocalist and pianist taking us to a Friday evening party mood that can only be described as ethereal. As I chomp down some chips and salsa tlaquepaque I find my feet and brain dancing with the knowledge of the workweek ending and the truth that “it doesn’t matter what we do. Tomorrow’s always something new.” A song that is both modernly adventuresome and manages to elicit memories of Bacharach and the Beach Boys at the same time is exciting to my ears. “You never thought you’d ever live this long.” Ain’t that the truth? Yet, I’m glad because I’m enjoying the music being produced by folks like the Red Button. Shoutout for Hopes Up.
The Red Button

The Histrioniks - Underneath It All

“Sixteen, hung on a string of self-doubt. That string comes with a light left out.” Poetry and dance. Yes! A bouncing, flavorful tune that wakes up every part of my body as I bounce around the room. “Child out of time. Some say.” Study the words and I feel like I’ve entered the private journals of a woman who has abilities to express universal feelings, giving words to things we feel but can’t say for ourselves. The guitars add punch to the vocals, but I really love the interaction between the drums and bass. Very nice work! Shoutout for Perpendicular. The Histrioniks

Ry Cooder - Sundown Town

“My eyes have seen the beauty of a land bright and fair!” Ry Cooder never sits still, which is great for music listeners, wreaks havoc on those people that have a controlling desire to classify songwriters into one genre. This time out we are treated to a sound that has some flavors of the dustbowl era Americana and some flavors of the oppressions still current. “Well I mean to work for justice until I’m dead.” The dance beat is powerful, as are the words that can stir many emotions of the small towns being destroyed b what some call ‘globilization’ and the rest of us call corporate greed. Shoutout for Strike! Ry Cooder

Joe Wrabek - Eating Cornflakes From A Hubcap Blues

“I’ve got dust bunnies playing on the kitchen floor reminding me you ain’t around no more. And the rain keeps falling through the hole I shot in the roof.” Another blues song about a woman that left. The difference between this song and all the rest is we have true insight as to why she left! How long can you put up with someone who refuses to help around the house and gets so drunk he shoots holes in the roof? “Every dirty dish reminds me of you.” The fact that he eats cornflakes, of course, makes him doubly eartastible. “I’d catch up on my reading if the lights were on, but the bills ain’t been paid since you’ve been gone – so there’s other people ‘sides me that’s been missing you.” There’s more where that came from. It’s funny when you read it, doubly funny when you hear it. Great fun! Shoutout for Bungee Jumpin' Jesus! Joe Wrabek

Steve West – Rivertown

Steady-holding rhythm that tells the tale of a town about to be flooded. The tune stands out because the vocals are serious, but not complaining or depressed. There is a strength that says ‘we will get through this’. “Cause the river grows wide and the sun won’t shine and the rain just keeps coming down. I know that soon we’ll have to leave and seek for higher ground.” A true testament to human spirit. Nice work, Steve. Steve West

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Putumayo World Music Radio ! !

Listen to Putumayo World Music Radio online: live365 * putumayo

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Iggy Taylor – Schtuff

Hump day starts this week with a “welcome”. After a brief, but appetizing welcome, Iggy sets in with a guitar solo that is highlighted by drums and some sorta space and street noises – all in all, great flavors to get me up onto my feet and moving all around the room with my arms spread like an eagle shouting along with Iggy for 3 minutes. “Yeah!” Iggy Taylor

Sir Lawrence - Party Don't Stop

“I don’t know what you came to do, but I came to party all night long. You can sit way back in your seat, I’m gonna dance to the DJ beat!” Arrgghhhyeahdoowop!!! “Move your body from side to side. Wonderful vocals with full-bodied backup band. “You may think I’m crazy or even drunk, but I’m gonna dance.” Shoutout to Right Kind Of Lovin' – a song that the DJ should save for near the end of the evening, but a slow dance is essential for a successful party. Sir Lawrence

Sheila Swift - Feel Like I Do

The guitars and drums labor together in a manner that won’t allow my feet to rest. Then the voice comes. “Did you hear the sound as my heart fell out under the table?” Ouch! Been there before, and never want to go there again, but it’s great to dance to with the taste of piña coladas and chips and homemade salsa on my lips. “You haunted me with memories of what I was before.” Okay, so just hearing that brings back memories. I can deal with it. Bittersweet. Faces wander in and out, and I am glad for all of it. Sheila ask “Doesn’t everybody feel like I do?” I think the answer is an obvious yes, but we thank you for giving voice to our feelings. Thanks for giving us words, Sheila! And thanks for the dance! Sheila Swift

10th Annual Wilmington Exchange Festival

The 10th annual WE Fest, the Wilmington Exchange Festival, is taking place this year from May 24- May 28 in Wilmington, NC.

WE fest is a multi-day, completely DIY, volunteer-run extravaganza that showcases indie bands, and has always taken place the week of Memorial Day weekend. The WE Fest was co-founded by Wilmington resident and indie underground guru, Kenyata Sullivan, in 1996 in a response to all of the over-priced, over-commercialized music festivals. He wanted to put together a festival that was fair and strictly indie with an emphasis on exposing underground talent and building community within the underground scene. Such is his fairness and dedication to the underground scene that WE Fest only allows indie-label or unsigned bands to play at the festival. In the past 10 years, WE Fest has garnered a reputation for discovering new talent, such as the Dismemberment Plan, the Mooney Suzuki, Lamb of God, Mae, and the Milwaukees. Since its inception, indie bands of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sounds have played this Fest, made friends, and gone home to network, share gigs, keep in touch, and make WE Fest part of their lives.

For further info, visit

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Putumayo World Party

If Putumayo insists on putting out a World Party CD on my birthday, well you just know it’s going to be played at my birthday party! That’s just the way it is around here at eartaste headquarters. And YES! It lives up to it’s claims of being a party CD. This particular collection is mostly new ska-reggae-samba flavors from around the world, but includes two classic cuts to keep the really old folks dancing. Two of the newer cuts that need to be shouted out are by Laid Back (who are anything but) from Denmark, and Sarazino from Canada. Laid Back keeps us Groovin’ On A Feeling - I’m just barely thinking about the strawberry covered cheesecake my daughter is whipping up as the rest of us dance around the room. Nice guitar work. Sarazino includes members from Algeria and Ecuador and have the many seasonings of the world at their fingertips, including a wah-wah guitar of all things. Good, steady rah beat. For the older folks here who like to dance along with the youngsters Osibisa shows in with a cut from 1975 (Sunshine Day), and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers really keep the party hopping with Just One Kiss (1996)! Thanks to Putumayo for knowing how to keep a fiesta jumping! Putumayo World Party

Marina V – In My Head

“Tormented, over-worried, Neurotic, always hurried.” I try to swim with a coat of lead.” Okay, I’ll admit this doesn’t sound like party music. “Sarcastic, sentimental. Self-willing detrimental.” But after a party I have no problem getting reflective, and Marina does get reflective here. “Rescue me from my mind.” Her reflections become my reflections, and with some really beautiful music to back up her harmonies. “I take myself to scary places in my head.” And, yes, you can dance to it. Not the high-stepping zydeco I was doing earlier, but dance nonetheless. Shoutout for Make This Minute Last, “One last dance, that’s all I ask.” Marina V

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kristin Asbjørnsen - If You're Going To Try

Voices visit from the nether world. “If you’re gonna try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You’ll be alone with the gods and the night will flame with fire. Do it all the way.” Words from bukowski’s great poem, roll the dice. Kristin’s music is a compliment to this dish. Tiramasu with a touch of raspberry sauce on the side and one lone raspberry on top. And, if you do have the power within yourself to go all the way “you will ride life straight to perfect laughter, it’s the only good fight there is.” Shoutout for I Wish To Weep – “We have narrowed it down to the butcherknife and the mockingbird. Wish us luck.Kristin Asbjørnsen

Rickie Lee Jones - Circle In The Sand

Guitars introduce the images. “The sun’s going down, I’m going back to my cave. I’ve got no one to lead, no one to save. And I like funk music in my head. I think I’ll work for earth instead. Well I can draw a circle in the sand.” With a jagger-like attitude, rickie sings with a beauty that can only be reached by digging deep into untapped resources. The singers augment and do not distract. Shoutout for "It Hurts" & “Lamp Of The Body” – extraordinary performances. Rickie Lee Jones

Halie Loren - Maybe I'll Fly

“I’m getting buried underneath a crumbling castle while the pretty kingdom you built all falls down. Though once you treated me like royalty, that doesn’t mean anything now that you’ve stripped away the crown. Who was that little girl who gave in so quickly to the notion that a prince could make her life sound?” Journal entry? Short story? Doesn’t matter – I’m sure the words will hit home to many people. Beautiful melody and piano accompaniment. The voice is clear and alert. I really love the tag line, which shows the true human spirit that lives in all of us: “Now that you’ve let me fall, I’ll fly someday. I’ll learn to fly.” Thanks Halie! Halie Loren

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kristin Asbjørnsen - Slow Day

“The cats sleep it off, the dogs don’t bark”. After a heavy night of dancing and partying I often have this type of day where it’s a “slow day moving into a slow night.” Kristin’s music and vocals accent these words of bukowski perfectly. “The walls just stand there and the doors don’t open.”

As a young man I was always afraid some composer would come along and try to perform the jazz beats of bukowski in a classical manner, simply because buk would mention the classics he was hearing on the los angeles radio station as he wrote. “There’s nothing even dying, it’s just more waiting.”

Kristin chose the correct approach = modern music for a modern thinker. I thank her so much for creating a work of beauty for a man of beauty. “Tomorrow’s never gonna come and when it does it’ll be the same damn thing.” Shoutout for My Garden “pain is flowers blooming all the time.” Kristin Asbjørnsen

Karrin Allyson - But I Was Cool

“You’ve got to have nerves of steel and never show folks how you really feel.” Continuing this slow day with a jazz poem sung by one of the best. The flavors include a flute, but the highlighted taste is Karrin’s voice. It travels over many landscapes, from a howling in the hills to a mournful wail spawled on an empty bed with the blues. And some very tasty scats. “He’s the only one I have to thank, and I found him and pointed my gun point blank. The shot whistled. . .” I won’t give away the ending, but the moral of the story is “be cool.” Shoutout for Everybody's Boppin'. Karrin Allyson

Madeleine Peyroux - I'm Alright

“I’m alright, I’ve been lonely before.” Perfect song to continue this blue grey flavor of a day. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but tears don’t leave any scars.” The organ player shines on this cut, along with some extremely delicious guitars. “I asked the boy for a few kind words – he gave me a novel instead.” Shoutout for Blue Alert. Madelaine Peyroux

Roberta Gambarini - No More Blues

Rounding out this slow day I have to ask Roberta to sing to me with every spice she’s capable of, and she responds with “when we settle down there’ll be no more blues.” Yummy. A romantic dreamer. No problem. The piano player takes care of life’s realities – the flavors emerging from the keyboard are more honest than the lyrics. The lyrics, of course, are ironic, because you know that a singer with a voice like this will never be content to settle down and never share her gifts with the world again. Shoutout for Centerpiece and Multi-Colored Blues. I expect to hear a lot more Roberta Gambarini. Roberta Gambarini

Chieli Minucci - Au Naturale

To prepare myself for a positive week, this last dish is a perfect dream dessert to deliver up this slow day. A solo acoustic guitar extravaganza with bass fills my ears with a wonderful traveling reverie. Succulent, tender, affectionate and warm. Shoutout for New Bop, with full band. Chielli Minucci

Bob Baker - Recent blog entry

A recent blog by Bob Baker is worth reading:

The Truth About Music Industry Upheaval

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ray Charles - Every Saturday Night

“Every Saturday night about sundown, bunch of people in wagons coming from miles around drinkin’ corn liquor from a mason fruit jar.” Slow, smooth, with a tasteful high. “Catfish and homemade brew.” I am in heaven right now. Powerful arrangement, and beautiful vocals. I am moving and moved. Nothing more tasty than some corn sweetbread crusted catfish. Delicious! “Do it!” Shoutout to Let The Good Times Roll. “Tell everybody Ray Charles’ in town!” Ray Charles

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Putumayo Presents - Gypsy Groove

Putumayo is a sampler label that scouts the world for great traditional dance music, often enhanced with a modern beat. Excellent Friday night party record. Putumayo is always pleasurable, and always fills my ears with fantastic flavors from around the world. This time out we’re entranced by the Roma spices that have been recreated world-wide because of the universal love of gypsy music. My grandfather always told me that we had gypsy blood, but I felt he used that to explain his restlessness. My father is the same way, and I guess I could be accused of that when I look back over this life. Why bring that up? Because this music is reaching into something primal in me. These dances are beyond dance. The entire album is eartastable, but three need to be highlighted with shoutouts --> Karen Gafaurdjanov from Usbekistan, Anselmo Crew from Hungary, and the Eastenders from Germany. Every music collector should have some Putumayo in their collection, and this is a good one to start with. Gypsy Groove

Franky Lee – Antifreeze

The guitars start this dance with joy. “Just had a meltdown.” No wonder! It’s fantastic how the amplifiers are able to hold the energy of these guys! And, how the heck they were able to get all these flavors onto a CD without blowing it up is way past my technical expertise – these guys are simply hot! My speakers are threatening a meltdown as I type. Perfect little warm cheese sandwich, this one. The shoutout attacks us from a different aural dimension, but keeps the dance flying higher than freedom usually allows, so a huge shoutout for Angles. Double power pop! Eat it with glee! Franky Lee

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Irving - Death In The Garden, Blood In The Flowers

My humpday party starts with a great thumping bass and percussion along with what I swear is a piece of wax paper placed against a comb. My father taught me this instrument when I was 4 so I would leave his harmonica alone. Great beat, and fun melody. “Turns out you are me, I am you and we are we.” The beats continue with exciting power with the shout-out tune Situation, “just trying to relax my imagination.” Irving

CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

The Wednesday humpday dance continues with a love song to music. “Music is my boyfriend, music is me girlfriend, music is my deadend, music is my imaginary friend.” The beat stays steady and perfect for the dance party. “Music is my beach house, music is my hometown.” Shoutout continues the dance groove with Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above. CSS

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taylor Hicks - The Runaround

“It’s a whole new education. I’m learning from you all the time.” The percussion starts the drive on this song, and it’s great, but once the voice cuts in all types of flavor break loose, and it’s a great dinner. I’m eating some stuffed poblanos tonight covered with fresh tomato and cilantro salsa, and Taylor Hicks is stuffing my ears with a dancing rhythm that’s keep a smile on my face all night. “I’m getting an ‘A’ in broken hearts, I’ve got my degree in crying!” The good news is he isn’t crying the slow heart on my sleeve blues, he’s rocking the house, complete with horns. Be ready to boogie to a perfect 3 minute pop rock earful of bliss.

Shoutout to Gonna Move, which has many hilarious truthful lines for budding thinkers and/or musicians. For example, when talking about high school, he sings “they told me they’d teach me to live by their rules so I wouldn’t be nobody’s fool. I found out, not too long, that their rules wouldn’t let me sing my song” Ah, this truth of education has been around forever. Truth seekers and freethinkers need not apply to American education. The quip about college is just as fun (after a rousing harmonica solo!): “There they said they’d teach me how to think. They gave me books to read and papers to write. They didn’t know about this boy’s common fight. I found out after awhile that reading those books was making me lose my smile. And I knew in order to not conceal, I had to play my music and express what I feel. I’m gonna move away from here – you can find me if you want to go there.” The bridge is fun acapella with percussion accompaniment. Thanks!

Taylor Hicks

Monday, April 16, 2007

Willy Mason – Riptide

“I need a new song. Shift it all around like the ocean when the riptide gets you down. Take some from the ones you love in the old town when the riptide gets you down.” The meaning may be a bit obscure on the page, but coupled with the music, this is emotion at it’s best. I know I’m in the middle of a story that’s going to hurt me somewhere along the line. “Stay. I can still breathe. I can still walk. I can still see music walking up the dark.” Alt Americana country symphony blues with a bit of rock. Dontcha love labels? No matter whatcha call it, this one will be on my turntable for many many times to come. “He came home from the city when they choked out all of his dreams. And I guess you can say that this is me. I guess you can these folks are the only ones I believe.” Huge shoutout for The End Of The Race. Willy Mason

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Steve Vaclavik - I've Lost All Faith

Someone will write me and ask me why I posted this song title on a Sunday. Stop sweating. “I hate to say it, I’ve lost all faith, in you and me, and the whole damn human race.” The character in this song has lost his faith in humanity. Any reasonable, honest person has felt that from time to time. “We’re waiting on some saviors, why don’t they show their face?” Steve is pulling this punk song off in a wonderfully folk way, with just his voice and an acoustic guitar.

“Kids are shooting kids and their parents aren’t around, but they want to cry and moan when their Johnny’s in the ground. And those elected to office have plans for you and me as they sit above the law and hope that we don’t see.” The truth in all of this is we are the ones who elected these guys, even if we voted for the other guys, because in the end everyone must be corrupted or there would be someone at the highest level speaking out against corruption. The reason no one is speaking out is obvious, they all have evidence against them, so no one can step forward or the fan will blow stuff back in their face. And what do we do about it? We’re all to blame.

“Now you probably don’t like what I’m saying, or the way that it’s been said, but my only goal has been to awaken some thoughts in your head.”

Shoutout for Dance Little Girl. “Dance little girl like a top! Momma won’t dance and daddy won’t stop!” The domestic scene is admirable, and Steve is wonderful at including the entire family. “Dance little girl like a top! Your brother’s at war and the shooting won’t stop.”

I seldom give away the ending of a story, but I break my own rules from time to time because Steve has my heart way up in my throat so it hurts and tears streaming down my face, so I need to share his powerful words. “Dance little girl like a top! Momma needs a smile and so does your pop. Dance little girl, please don’t stop. Your brother’s coming home with a flag on top. Dance little girl. Dance.”

Steve Vaclavik

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bowling For Soup - Everyday's A Saturday

“You know Monday was bad, Tuesday was worse. Gotta say Wednesday for the sake of this verse.” The music is straight out get up and dance pop, the vocals are perfect, and the lyrics will have you dance laughing all night long. Can’t go wrong at a party with these guys on the turntable. “I’m sleeping in, I’m taking the day off.” I’d love to quote the entire lyric here but, this is performance art, and I don’t want to spoil your chance to laugh the first time you hear it in context. My favorite little singer “trick” that won’t spoil the humor for anyone is the way he sings “Saturday for me” and makes it sound like “sadder day for me.” Bowling For Soup makes Eartaste dance happily! “It’s the weekend – come on! Everyone join in!” Tonight’s shoutout reminds me of Weird Al taking a BFS song and putting his own lyrics. These guys beat him to the punch on A Friendly Goodbye! Bowling For Soup

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Jets Under Fire - Stop – Go

“All these hours working late. All these moments making haste. All this rushing – always behind.” Is it cool to start a Friday dance party with these words? Why not? Remind us of the week we just left behind so we can get on with the weekend! “Let me stop, let me breathe, let me stare at the trees!” The music keeps me moving, and builds as the words build to the climax. Excellent appetizer to begin a night filled with music. Jets Under Fire

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pupas Window - Whipped Cream

“Do you know how you look when you sleep my love? Breathing rhythm into my heart when you sleep my love.” Love poetry to go with the soft guitars, percussion and voices. The chorus of whipped cream adds other musical flavors to keep this exciting pop record listenable over and over. "You're the sunrise in my best dream." Even as I bake my chimichangas con chile verde y queso, I know the main course is also my dessert tonight. "I whisper verses into your ear and I sing along."

The shoutout tune, My Shchedryk, is unpronounceable, but I love the entry line – “You can find out what I’m thinking when I’m drinking.” Pupas Window

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out Of Style Innocent - No Shoulds

I’m opening my hump day serenades with a fresh, scrumptious slice of spinach, mushroom and garlic pizza. “Not supposed to think about you. But I do.” Ah! Keyboards and echoed voice create a mood that makes all the voices yelling at me about the carbs I eat disappear. “I want to think about you, so I do.” The guitar playing is the flavor enhancer on this wonderful tune that plays over and over in my head when I’m miles away from a stereo. “Often picture your smile but it’s getting hard because it’s been a while.” Shoutout for Hindered – “I can’t seem to unwind” – the music complementing the words with unhindered flavoring. Out Of Style Innocent

Sound Of The Blue Heart - River Of Love

“We sink so slow into the current in this river of love.” The words are fine, but my ears are really enticed by the instrumentation here. The vocalist is another instrument and fits the mood in a mouth-watering way. Not unlike the second slice of pizza I’m eating tonight – pineapple with red jalapeño slices baked with a wonderful mix of cheeses. “All hopeless conversation leaves a bitter taste.” I’ve met people who say that about pepper, but just the right amount enhances flavor. “He’s a mercenary. He’s tangled up inside miles away from sanity.” The music travels wonderfully through these hungry ears. Shoutout for the cover tune, made over to sound original here – Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. Sound Of The Blue Heart

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kemp Harris - Mother Earth

The guitar slides in without warning for awhile and then the drummer enters banging steadily. Yes! A really great cover of an old tune worth eartasting over and over. “When mother earth is waiting for you there’s a debt you got to pay. I don’t care how rich you are, and I don't care what you earn. Cause when it all comes down, you've got to go back to Mother Earth.” The guitar solos are just as great as the voice in this tasty version of Mother Earth Blues. Shoutout for another cover, made completely over into a Kemp Harris flavored tune – Nightlife. Definitely the 3 o’clock in the morning version of this old Willie song. Kemp Harris

Monday, April 09, 2007

Little Barrie - Bailing Out

The music is king here. Guitar, bass and drums. The singer has a great instrument, but I’m not sure it’s worth a lot of time to decipher it. For some people, that may be important, but these guys are great players who make me get up and dance. My ears are full of many flavors – roast beef and potatoes, with stewed tomatoes and peppers on the side. I am in eartaste heaven. And, yes, some lyrics do come through. Here’s one I love: “jozanatrams.” Seriously. I have no idea what that means, but the psychedelic flavors keep my feet moving and my mind very happy. I’ve said the word over and over and decided it’s my favorite new word of the year. Jozanatrams. “Soon be over and we’ll all be gone.” And how about this: “I’ll pick the pockets of my friends and fight.” Is that really what he said? Doesn’t matter because soon after that he cheats his wife (bride?) and the guitar makes me smile. “I got my my bottle and I got my bag, hit that throttle so the road don’t drag.” Don’t let the details throw you. Dance. The shoutout is easier to understand in some parts, and great fun, with a driving base – Love You! Little Barrie

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rickie Lee Jones - Falling Up

“We could be like him – transfiguration.” Christ has risen, indeed! I am not going to try to second-guess exactly what spiritual truth Rickie Lee is singing about. If it’s the fact that Christ has risen, well, then it fits this day’s celebrations and I am listening intently and with wonder in my ears. The flavors are beautiful, special and perfect. If she is speaking of 40 days hence or the “falling up” of all followers, then I am still glad to taste this song on this day. Shoutout for Seventh Day, “You will fly. There is no tear that is stronger than the faith that’s in your eye.” Rickie Lee Jones

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Secret Show - Everyone's A Critic

Banjos and guitars start off this rock and roll extravaganza. “Don’t it feel like a dream?” Yes! These guys are using traditional instruments to get my feet up and rocking. “Shake it while you can- learn to feel alive!” Thanks! I’ll do just that. The countdown & final instrumental break sending out this song is superb! Shoutout for The One That I Love. The production on this makes it sound as if it’s a long-lost folk tune from the 1940’s. Very cool. Secret Show

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Fall Out Boy - Hum Hallelujah

“You are the dreamer, we are the dream.” Power pop for dancing this Good Friday night with joy. “One day we’ll get nostalgic for disaster.” I really love the drum/vocal chorus – moves me to a higher level of energy, and then the band returns and takes me even higher. Fantastic! Shoutout for This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race. Fall Out Boy

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hours - Narcissus Road

Hand claps & “oo’s”! The flavors open up my eartaste buds immediately. “She’s lost in the dark. She thinks she’s been enlightened from the schoolhouse in the park. Her house is full of mirrors. She can’t really seem to look at herself. She lives on Narcissus Road where the streets are paved with gold. Where everybody loves you.” And that’s just the first minute of this pop-romp. Love it! Hours

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lady Sovereign - Pretty Vacant

“We’re so pretty, you’re so pretty.” It takes guts to take on a classic song. Last time I remember this one being done was by Joan Jett, who actually managed to prettify it with a male chorus. It was strange, but eartaste friendly. Lady Sovereign did a much better job, however – she completely re-invents the song and gives it her own personal flavors without destroying the original. “You’ll always find us out to lunch!” Extremely tasty! Complete with Lady’s “oi oi oi yeah,” I applaud this effort and it will stay on the eartaste turntable for many months. “There’s no point in asking, you’ll get no reply.” Shoutout to My England! Lady Sovereign

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bloody Hollies - Sad And Lonely

The guitar catches me right away. I know I’ll be up and moving as long as this record is spinning. How do you describe a rock slide? That’s what this is: a rock slide song. Oh, sure, the singer gets in a few licks, and the fantastic bass and drums help keep the guitar player in check, and it all works together in unison flawlessly. I have to admit, tho, it’s the rock guitar sliding up and down the strings keeps me coming back for more tastes – I’m getting fat off this song. All the dancing ain’t wearing down the calories this sweet music is putting in me. “Hey Hey Hey! You know you make me sweat!!!” Gotta go oil my speakers and get this one spinning again. See ya later! Bloody Hollies

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just Jack - Writer's Block

“In my own head consumed, I sit back in my room. It’s like the tapestries of life are tangled in the loom.” So much for writer’s block, this guy has writing pouring out of him. And, because he’s set it to music, he’s being eartasted. Yep, good stuff. “I’m like a butterfly caught in a hurricane. My pulse is quickening as my heart plays a new refrain.” Poetry to dance to. What a great world this is. Not my usual Monday diet, which usually consists of blast me wide awake. After the blasted tornadoes last week, a steady dance beat is good to wake me up today, and Just Jack has provided a perfect dish. “Sometimes a writer thinks too much about life and love and music and such.” The humor also helps. And the bass playing. Shoutout for Disco Friends. Just Jack

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Red Soda – Intertwined

Bass and drums introduce two intertwined guitars. Cool concept to fit the title. The vocals are sneaky – sucked me close to the speaker and then I quite clearly heard “I had to cut myself in two to get me out of you.” Musta been some relationship. “I don’t know where my mind is. I don’t know who I am.” I really really love the instrumental bridge, which technically isn’t the bridge because it’s the ending of the song, but nice guitar work there. Very tasty & well thought out because it fits the theme of the song perfectly. Shoutout to Destiny's Daughter Says! Red Soda