Friday, February 28, 2014

Run River North - Fight To Keep b/w Lying Beast

"I'll stand my ground 'til I hear the Kingdom come." This sung while confessing "it's in the dark my deeds are done." As penance he promises to "fight to keep the fire burning in the night." Keep a light on those deeds, dude. Fun energy! Lying Beast starts quiet & builds slowly, bringing in the power fully half way through the tune. Probably a crowd-pleasing showcase when performed live, the tune builds into a really decent main course on the CD. Shoutout for Growing Up also starts quiet, and manages to stay that way to enhance the message. "Growing up child, is just a matter of time. Give it all you got, so won't you dance under the sun."

Run River North

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eric Church - The Outsiders b/w Broke Record

"They're the in-crowd, we're the other ones. It's a different kind of cloth that we're cut from. We let our colors show where the numbers ain't. We're the paint where there ain't supposed to be paint." Country music with a rebel attitude. Not a new concept, but always fun. Broke Record would be considered "alternative rock" if not for Eric's twang. I always wondered what the heck alternative rock was anyway. "It ain't a healthy thing - this obsession that I'm living." Shoutouts for That's Damn Rock and Roll ('it's about doing it for nothing because it's living in your soul") & Dark Side ("you can blame it on the words I try to keep here in my mind").

Eric Church - The Outsiders

Kandle - In Flames b/w Demon "And if I try to pray to someone, there's nothing I can say to sway what's been done." Melancholic guitar enhances the vocal search for the depths. "Now I've changed." A cello joins in to pull my heart deep into an abyss with the harmony singer. Fine performance by all involved. Demon is another highlight on the CD. The Demon vids below will be an appetizer - the first being a live acoustic performance, and the 2nd as it will be played in the clubs. Enjoy!

Kandle - In Flames

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dustin Welch - Sparrows b/w St. Lucy's Eyes

Dustin Welch - Sparrows: "For the life of me I beg to be reborn." Short valid prayer. "I've got to find somewhere to get out of the rain. This coat don't keep the cold out anymore. I find my heart don't beat the same as it did before." Interesting poem turns excellent with music. And so it should be.

St. Lucy's Eyes is slower and just as contempletive: "I've given everything I've got just to scare the demons off."

Shoutout for Tijuana Bible which rocks hard while sending the "whole damn thing up in flames just to be sure that nothing remains."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grace Petrie - Deliver Us From Evil b/w The Redundancy Hymn

Right after three beautiful hallelujahs Grace winks and proclaims "when the chips are down you can count on us to screw it up". Philosophy ripped from the truth of the human condition with a steady beat. Redundancy Hymn explores the employers practice of laying off workers so they will be freed to collect unemployment. Prophetic because just weeks after this song was recorded employers started giving their employees less working hours with the reasoning that the employees are freed to purchase their insurance from the government instead of being offered the substandard employer based insurance. It's always amazing to discover the oppressors continuously coming up with new ways of using their power to appear as the "good guys" as they line their pockets with more money and blood from the poor. Shoutouts for the humorous Protest Singer Blues ("there's no answer blowing in the wind") and thoughtful The Best Thing I Never Had ("I grieve what never was alive").
Grace Petrie - Love Is My Rebellion

Driftwood - Words Come True

"My words come true as sure as yours do. Sure as taxes bring sunshine." Can you make a symphony out of those words? Driftwood does, with relish. Great fun! Driftwood - Words Come True

Link to alternative video that can't be embedded

The Marshall McLean Band - Ohio

"my heart is buried in Ohio". a love song to a state. of mind. fine, honest dessert. the studio recording is simply a cherry on top. "they say that time will steal your mind just like a riverbed"
The Marshall McLean Band - Ohio

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Souljazz Orchestra - Celestial Blues b/w One Life to Live

Delicious dance music with big band soul. The charts have been thought through with artistic precision providing ecstatic pleasure of all the senses. Yep, I said all the senses. You will feel, smell, and taste sweat when you've finished your dance. Delicious. Shoutouts for One Life to Live and As the Crow Flies.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Celestial Blues

Benmont Tench - Veronica Said b/w Today I Took Your Picture Down

"We've got nothing but plenty of time on our hands, and so many ways we can waste it." Maybe. My time did not feel wasted listening to this gem. The lyrics fit well with the music & the music is what's important to this artist. If you know his name by heart, then you've already broken in this album. If his name is new to you, know that this is his first album with many very nice moments for the ears to savor. One can only hope this is the first course, and Benmont will continue to give us more platters to chew on in the years to come. Today I Took Your Picture Down is the first cut on the CD, and wrenches the soul with the poem "a keepsake keeps a love alive, but shrines are for the dead." Shoutouts for Hannah ("for such a little girl, you have big ideas") & Blonde Girl, Blue Dress ("thunder on a sunny day"). Benmont Tench - You Should Be So Lucky

Rachel Ries - Mercy

"There are prayers that I utter in waking and don't even know the words." Ouch. We've all been there by never had the exact words to describe it. That's why we need poets like Rachel. "My remorse is useless, I know. But here it is again." Make sure you do yourself a favor and watch both videos. Rachel Ries - Mercy

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road b/w The Forgotten Lake

"From the dusty May sun
Her looming shadow grows
Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote
She twines her spines up slowly
Towards the boiling sun
And when I touched her skin
My fingers ran with blood

In the hushing dusk under a swollen silver moon
I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom
And strange hands halted me, the looming shadows danced
I fell down to the thorny brush and felt the trembling hands

When the last light warms the rocks
And the rattlesnakes unfold
Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

And rise with me forever
Across the silent sand
And the stars will be your eyes
And the wind will be my hands"

A ten year old tune given new life by T-Bone Burnett this year by including it as the song under-girding the titles of the HBO drama "True Detective". The album also contains a slower tune that digs deep into my psyche - The Forgotten Lake. The forgotten lake has the power to help you "remember everything". Scary thought, with music to match. A search reveals the Handsome Family has 10 CDs floating around out there. Treasures hidden deep in the "waters that float us down."

Far From Any Road scars my mind with the same intensity as Matthew McConaughey on the show. Seldom do I hear a TV theme song that both enhances the story and lives on as a set piece on it's own. The reason may be simple - the piece wasn't written in response to a plot line, but appeared 10 years earlier in a world of it's own. Thanks to a wise decision by a TV series the tune is now a part of all of our worlds. Amen. The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road

b/w The Forgotten Lake

Sunday, February 16, 2014

R Soos & The Ranch Hands - Old Guitars And A Road To Ride

Copied from

"Along with their many singles and internet only releases, R Soos and the Ranch Hands are making the grandiose move into that otherworldly domain known as a CD. Something you can feel and touch. Shiver me timebars. Given their fondness for beer and bbq, one can honestly wonder how these folks get anything down on tape. Seemingly miraculous, the end result has a cohesiveness only folks who love playing together can achieve. In the modern realm of high-technique, the Ranch Hands have a distinct pride in their lo-fi roots. They are not shy about announcing from the first track that they have no ambition to fall into the '21st Century Trap' of marketing things people don't want or need.

“Back On My Feet Again” lovingly tells the working man's tale of managing to find work and making ends meet. And, when hard times come again, there is still the optimism that with song and style, all of the Ranch Hands will pick themselves back up on their feet again. 'Run Wild' is a love song where the croaking vocalist asks the one of his dreams to do exactly that: 'run wild with me'. Like it or not, we still live in a world where folks have no qualms playing games with hearts - and the ranch hands manage to make 'Outlaw Lovin'' feel natural and pure. 'Slow Night Blues' is exactly that, and delicately leads into the first single release, 'Rock and Roll Preacher'. The preacher in this story is 'worse than a gangster, but better than a teacher.' One gets the feeling the Ranch Hands did not love school.

Side two gets the party started with fiddles backing up the story of Sally, the girlfriend of our narrator who sneaks out on him with his own brother. 'High Lonesome Blues' speaks plaintively of 'my getting held days are over and done'. With the fiddles out, the music continues with twin fiddles on the tribute tune to 'Fiddle Players' everywhere ('when you're around I'll never be blue'). The slow dance follows. Picture holding your favorite person in your arm and dancing nice and slow, and singing aloud that they 'Feel Like Home'. Makes you almost want to cry tender tears.

The inevitable road song is here called 'Gypsy Drivers On The Road' which may sound like a complaint about how fast the road takes the band from town to town, but close listening makes you feel there is a deep love for the travels. The title tune ('Old Guitars') comes near the end and welcomes everyone to 'that good old southern breeze', full of what the cover picture displays as old-fashioned humidity.

The album ends with a confessional waltz entitled 'Deep In My Bones': 'Over the years I ain't got very far writing music and words that made me a star.' At times, 'Old Guitars And A Road to Ride' hints that the men would rather not do anything than play music in their little corner of the world. Another strongly evocative theme in the album is that the Ranch Hands will work at whatever occupation is available to help their loved ones live a life with food and shelter, and if folks like the music, then rave on. - Tony Richardson"

R Soos & The Ranch Hands

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Presidents of the United States of America - Good Morning Tycoon b/w Slow Slow Fly

"Never guilty, never wrong..." Could be a deep moral understanding of how material people condone their aberrant behaviours; but the music is fun & the lyrics continue on to be hilarious. These folks may be sharp critics of human behaviour, but like Mark Twain they wrap it in tones which make us all recognize ourselves and learn to laugh at our foibles: "now you're glued to the tube watching yourself watching the world stay tuned". Slow Slow Fly starts off with a drum bass intro which could go anywhere from funk to soul to where it ends up - rock and roll - all about, you guessed it, a fly. With some sweet lead guitar as the fly lands "at the end of your sunburned nose". The fly buzzes everywhere, until the weather cools, and he becomes the slow slow fly. Yep, you got it - fun stuff. Shoutout for She's A Nurse, who can "stitch up cuts" and perform "emergency surgery on my heart" with a comic book punk back-up band. The Presidents of the United States of America - Kudos!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's 35 Years Later

Nostalgia 77 - What Do You Know

Beat poets dreamt of a backing band that could carry emotion without effort. Nostalgia 77 performs the role perfectly for the beautiful voice saxing it's way deep into the soul of my ears swaying deeping "What do you know about your love..." Beats with brass and orchestra staying subtle behind the voice. The voice. Have I mentioned the voice. Carrying me away. Carrying us all away - "our love back together." Happy Valentine's y'all. No videos of this tune yet, but plenty of past presences are reality. Nostalgia 77 - What Do You Know

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gretchen Lohse - All Around the River b/w Cuckoo "I am not a willow though I wish that I could be. Solitary temple - violent and wise." Poetry with melodic harmonies and a voice which enhances the words and creates an atmosphere of desiring to hear the dream of each clear syllable. Shout out for the title tune, Primal Rumble, and Cuckoo, which features tasty guitar work with embelishment by a bird singing in flute voices. Gretchen Lohse - Primal Rumble

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jesse Harris - Borne Away

This guy's been around long enough to be a household name, and he is in some places. Time for you to make him part of your home if he's not there yet. Stand-out cuts are Borne Away, Stray Dog, Anything At All, Strangers, and Sleep. Each has their own flavor and tickle with special manners. Jesse Harris - Borne Away

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catherine Russell - Aged and Mellow

"I've got a strange philosophy - nothing young appeals to me." This old Little Esther tune tastes marvelous coming from the throat of Catherine Russell. No videos available (yet) of this tune, but lots of Catherine can be seen on YouTube - the first video is from her River Walk broadcast with the Jim Cullen Band, the second is her interpretation of Erma Franklin's Piece of My Heart. Deep blue scrumptious dessert. Catherine Russell - Aged and Mellow

Monday, February 10, 2014

From Another World - A Tribute to Bob Dylan

From Another World - A Tribute to Bob Dylan

Cover/tribute collections have been traditionally albums which have inferior artists trying their best to sound classic. Forget that noise. This CD has been put together by artists who retain their integrity. From what can be understood, the artists here took the words of Dylan, translated them into their native tongue and successfully struggled to arrange the lyrics in a manner which represent their roots.

Much as Dylan borrowed words and flavors from others and created his own unique voice, the thirteen artists on this CD do the same by borrowing from Dylan and creating their own perfect vision of the universe. Folk music at it's purest and most amazing. Every cut is special, and has me fighting to remember this is a Dylan tribute because I get lost in the power of the musicians to transform the words and tunes into a world which moves far beyond Dylan. It's easier to drop the pretense of Dylan in my mind and think Tribute. When I do that and recall that Dylan is always providing tribute to the past while breaking molds of the future, my mind grasps their purpose with happiness.

Taraf of Haidouks brings the old tune and words Dylan had borrowed with Corinna, Corinna and makes news that lifts the soul. The other twelve songs on the CD live up to this high praise also. Flavors of Cuba, Romania, India, Iran, Egypt, Australia and other world outposts. Highly recommended for those who love to taste the world with their ears. From Another World - A Tribute to Bob Dylan

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Bringin’ Sunday Mornin’ To Saturday Night - 52 Eartasty Tracks in one week!

As usual - click on the artist name to purchase & the song title to see a performance! Enjoy the Olympics & love new music!

The Farewell Drifters - Coming Home
Scott H. Biram - Gotta Get to Heaven
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Grenadiers
Whiskey Myers - Home
John Butler Trio - Spring To Come
David Grissom - Bringin’ Sunday Mornin’ To Saturday Night
Suzanne Vega - Crack In The Wall
Eddi Reader - Back the Dogs (Dancing Down Rock)
James Wallace and the Naked Light - Colored Lights
Neil Finn - Dizzy Heights
Frank Zappa - T’Mershi Duween
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Three Trials of Strength
Scott H. Biram - Alcohol Blues
The Ed Palermo Big Band - Chunga’s Revenge
Whiskey Myers - Hard Row to Hoe
Guided By Voices - Shine (Tomahawk Breath)
John Butler Trio - Livin' In The City
Suzanne Vega - Don't Uncork What You Can't Contain
Clay Cook - Compared to What
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - New Ammo
Pat Metheny Unity Group - We Go On
Joshua Bell - Greensleeves
David Grissom - Way Jose
The Farewell Drifters - Brother
AAN - Bubble Bath Bop
Whiskey Myers - Headstone
Scott H. Biram - Never Comin' Home
John Butler Trio - Devil Woman
Suzanne Vega - Jacob and the Angel
The Ed Palermo Big Band - Lumpy Gravy
Frank Zappa - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - The Duel
Scott H. Biram - Backdoor Man
Guided By Voices - Some Things Are Big (And Some Things Are Small)
Whiskey Myers - Where the Sun Don't Shine
John Butler Trio - Only One
Lonnie Holley - Keeping a Record of It
Suzanne Vega - Song Of the Stoic
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Seven Nation Army
Clay Cook - This Kind of War
Joshua Bell - Faure: Ave Maria
David Grissom - Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings (Live)
Scott H. Biram - I'm Troubled
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Apres Ski
Neil Finn - In My Blood
Band of Horses - Neighbor
The Farewell Drifters - To Feel Alive
The Ed Palermo Big Band - Why
Scott H. Biram - When I Die
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Everybody Knows That
Scott H. Biram - John the Revelator (Featuring Jesse Vain)
Joshua Bell - Amazing Grace

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Eartasteville January 2014

One person is reading this blog, and the nice letter told me they appreciated the list from 2013; except that it was "overwhelming". The letter asked if I could post monthly instead of yearly. I thought, why not? I could put links to the CD on amazon & youtube, and make the list more useful. Well, that turns out to be quite a chore - because this month out of the 100+ Cds that crossed my desk, a full 32 had some really great tunes. So, here is the list of 189 tunes that are playing over and over at eartasteville in January 2014. The artist link takes you to a place to purchase the song, and the song link will take you to a video. Obviously I didn't get to link the entire list; but I did get you started. Enjoy!

Rosanne Cash - A Feather’s Not a Bird
Emily Herring - Austin (Ain't Got No) City Limits
Tom Brosseau - Cradle Your Device
Ensemble Belcanto - Felix Anima
Jamestown Revival - Fur Coat Blues
Ray Benson - I Ain't Lookin for No Trouble
Lily & Madeleine - In the Middle
Angélique Kidjo - Kulumbu (ft. Dr. John)
Beck - Morning
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Retreat!
Los Lonely Boys - Rule the World
Bruce Springsteen - Nelson Mandela
The Gaslight Anthem - She Loves You
Treetop Flyers - She's Gotta Run
Elizabeth & the Catapult - Someday Soon
Aram Bajakian - Texas Cannonball
Amy Ray - The Gig That Matters
Reverend Horton Heat - Victory Lap
The Harmed Brothers - When You See Me
Nicole Atkins - Who Killed the Moonlight
The Farewell Drifters - Bring Em Back Around
Kristina Train - Don't Beg For Me
Jason Isbell - Flying Over Water
William Fitzsimmons - From You
Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Hey Delila
Ed Harcourt - In My Time of Dust
Slim Dunlap - Isn't It A Fact
Prince - Rock And Roll Love Affair
David Crosby - The Clearing
Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues - Crazy Mixed Up World
Paul Rodgers - Down Don't Bother Me
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers - Drive
Hospitality - Going Out
Beck  -  Heart Is a Drum
Robben Ford - Midnight Comes Too Soon
Tinsley Ellis  -  Mouth Turn Dry
Zara McFarlane  -  Open Heart
Bad Things  -  Saturday Night
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Scientia Dei Ad Animam Illam
Tommy Castro & the Painkillers  -  Second Mind
Los Lonely Boys  -  So Sensual
FM359  -  Some Folks
Amanda Pearcy  -  Bring You Home
Kristina Train  -  Don't Remember
Young The Giant  -  Teachers
Snowapple  -  Better When We're Older
Get the Blessing  -  Corniche
The New Mendicants  -  Cruel Annette
Blue Highway  -  Dogtown
Nina Persson  -  Dreaming of Houses
Angélique Kidjo  -  Eva (ft. Asa)
Nicole Atkins  -  Girl You Look Amazing
Los Lonely Boys  -  Give a Little More
Ray Benson  -  Give Me Some Peace
Elizabeth & the Catapult  -  More Than Enough
Beck  -  Say Goodbye
José González  -  Stay Alive
The Gaslight Anthem  -  The '59 Sound
Rosanne Cash  -  The Sunken Lands
Jamestown Revival  -  Wandering Man
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings  -  We Get Along
Big Head Todd & The Monsters  -  Everything About You
Kristina Train  -  I Can't But Help
The Farewell Drifters  -  Modern Age
Slim Dunlap  -  Take It On The Chin
William Fitzsimmons  -  Well Enough
Paul Rodgers  -  Any Ole Way
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers  -  Don't Thrill Me No More
The Grand Opening  -  Free
Bad Things  -  Haunting
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Humilitas
Aram Bajakian  -  Orbisonian
Treetop Flyers  -  Waiting On You
Zara McFarlane  -  You'll Get Me in Trouble
Amanda Pearcy  -  Come On Sugar
Kristina Train  -  Dream Of Me
Forest Sun  -  Change My Tune
David Crosby  -  Holding On To Nothing
Robben Ford  -  Ain't Drinkin' Beer No More
Nina Persson  -  Animal Heart
Get the Blessing  -  Antilope
Amy Ray  -  Anyhow
Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues  -  Back Alley Cat
Beck  -  Blue Moon
Angélique Kidjo  -  Bomba (ft. Rostam Batmaglij)
The Harmed Brothers  -  Carolina
Tommy Castro & the Painkillers  -  Center of Attention
Mode Moderne  -  Come Sunrise
Junip  -  Don't Let It Pass
Ray Benson  -  It Aint You (feat. Willie Nelson)
Los Lonely Boys  -  It's Just My Heart Talkin'
Tom Brosseau  -  Love High John the Conqueror Root
Rosanne Cash  -  Modern Blue
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings  -  Now I See
Jamestown Revival  -  Revival
Dum Dum Girls  -  Trouble Is My Name
The Gaslight Anthem  -  Tumbling Dice
Nicole Atkins  -  We Wait Too Long
FM359  -  When the People Check Out
Elizabeth & the Catapult  -  Wish I Didn't
Slim Dunlap  -  Ballad of the Opening Band
Kristina Train  -  Dark Black
Jason Isbell  -  Different Day
Big Head Todd & The Monsters  -  Seven State Lines
The Farewell Drifters  -  Tennessee Girl
William Fitzsimmons  -  Took
Ed Harcourt  -  Come Into My Dreamland
Bad Things  -  Fool
The New Mendicants  -  If Only You Knew Her
Paul Rodgers  -  It's Growing
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers  -  No Rest for the Wicked
Zara McFarlane  -  Plain Gold Ring
Tinsley Ellis  -  Surrender
Blue Highway  -  Talk Is Cheap
Barna Howard  -  Turns Around the Bottle
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Victoria
Emily Herring  -  Your Mistake
Kristina Train  -  Pins And Needles
Young The Giant  -  Waves
Angélique Kidjo  -  Ebile (ft. Kronos Quartet)
Jack Johnson  -  Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Get the Blessing  -  Hope (For the Moment)
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Humilitas Ad Victoriam
Ray Benson  -  JJ Cale
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings  -  Making Up and Breaking Up
Aram Bajakian  -  Rent Party
Elizabeth & the Catapult  -  Sugar Covered Poison
Los Lonely Boys  -  There's Always Tomorrow
Beck  -  Unforgiven
Nicole Atkins  -  What Do You Know
Big Head Todd & The Monsters  -  Black Beehive
Slim Dunlap  -  Hate This Town
The Farewell Drifters  -  Neighborhoods Apart
Kristina Train  -  No One's Gonna Love You
Jamestown Revival  -  Headhunters
Tommy Castro & the Painkillers  -  Medicine Woman
Treetop Flyers  -  Picture Show
Zara McFarlane  -  Police & Thieves
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers  -  River Song
FM359  -  Sons of Liberty No.1
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Victoria Ad Virtutes
Paul Rodgers  -  Walk in My Shadow
Kristina Train  -  Lonely Sinner
David Crosby  -  What's Broken
Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues  -  Baby Let Me Butter Your Corn
Los Lonely Boys  -  Blame It On Love
Nina Persson  -  Catch Me Cryin'
Beck  -  Don't Let It Go
Blue Highway  -  Funny Farm
Nicole Atkins  -  Gasoline Bride
Ray Benson  -  Heartache and Pain (feat. Rick & Mark del Castillo)
Robben Ford  -  Just Another Country Road
Angélique Kidjo  -  Orisha
Rosanne Cash  -  Tell Heaven
Rogue Valley  -  The Wolves & the Ravens
Tom Brosseau  -  We Were Meant to Be Together
Big Head Todd & The Monsters  -  Hubert's Dream
Jason Isbell  -  Live Oak
Kristina Train  -  Stick Together
Slim Dunlap  -  Times Like This
The Farewell Drifters  -  To Feel Alive
Red Horse ft. Eliza Gilkyson..  -  Wayfaring Stranger
Snowapple  -  Again
Lily & Madeleine  -  Back to the River
Hospitality  -  Call Me After
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Castitas
The Grand Opening  -  False Light
Amy Ray  -  Hunter's Prayer
Arcade Fire  -  Photograph
Kristina Train  -  Everloving Arms
Ray Benson  -  A Little Piece
Angélique Kidjo  -  Bana (ft. Yvonne Kidjo)
Nicole Atkins  -  Cool People
Los Lonely Boys  -  Dream Away
Jamestown Revival  -  Home
Beck  -  Turn Away
The Farewell Drifters  -  Brother
Slim Dunlap  -  Love Lost
David Crosby  -  Slice of Time
The Grand Opening  -  Blacker Than Blue
Angélique Kidjo  -  Cauri
Ensemble Belcanto & Dietburg Spohr  -  Epilog
Blue Highway  -  Hicks's Farewell
Ed Harcourt  -  Love Is a Minor Key
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers  -  No More My Love
Emily Herring  -  One Sip of Water
Get the Blessing  -  Quiet
Plants and Animals  -  The End of That
William Fitzsimmons  -  Lions
Jason Isbell  -  Traveling Alone