Saturday, June 30, 2007

Screaming MeeMees - Next Ex

“Wanna be my next ex-boyfriend walking out that door?” I loved this song when it came here in demo format, and I still love it now that it is remixed and remastered and appearing on a EP that is still not for sale anywhere I can find. Their publicist points to their myspace page for an announcement, so that’s where our link will take you to. If you have a fast connection you can visit the video for the song from their myspace page, so at least you can hear it, even if you can’t buy it yet. I promise to spread the news as soon as I hear.

I checked out the old review for the song here at eartaste, on December 27, 2006, and my enthusiasm for it hasn’t changed. So, click on the old review, then start the web searching for a release date. Definitely worth seeking out. Shoutout for La La Lee Lee - "He tries to make me smile when I say I've got a headache".

Screaming Meemees

1990s - Is There A Switch For That

Great pop rock kick-off for a song – bass, guitar and drums. We’re gonna rock and roll tonight! A good politically correct person would not recommend this song because basically the guy’s telling his girl to switch off the stuff coming outta her lips. But, heck, we’re dancing and the early stones atmosphere is in the air, so throw away your political correctness for awhile and enjoy the show. As the narrator says, “I’m feeling good about me, I’m feeling good about the people around me. I don’t care what they’ve done. Jump in the ocean or go lie in the sun.” A huge shoutout for Pollokshields. Fun! 1990’s

Stefy - Hey School Boy

“Come over here. Tell me your name, whisper in my ear.” Bouncing to the new wave beat, we are treated to some real fun devoesque retro music here, with a sneer from Stefy turning the old schoolgirl lines from the boys over to the girls. “Belong to me.” A definite lack of political correctness only makes this even more fun to dance and smile at. “After school lets out I’ll sneak you into the show.” Shoutout for Love You To Death. Stefy

***And The Winner Is....***

Paul S from Virginia has made claim to the DVD of the Les Claypool, made available to us here by On Target Media. Thanks Paul!!!

The answer is: Les Claypool was a member of the great rock group, Primus.

If you did not win, you can still purchase a copy of the DVD at Amazon.

Thanks again Paul! Your DVD will be posted soon. And thanks again to On Target Media for supplying the prize!

Crawdaddy digs into the vaults for a gem

I've corresponded with several bands struggling with these issues, and it's cool to read that the issues are not new. Here's two quick quotes, but I encourage you to read the whole article:

"Rock groups who take their work seriously are not always eager to cater to what they believe is the public taste—and of course their direct contact is not with the public but with the record companies and the radio stations, who have their own ideas as to what the public taste might be."

. . .
"I believe we are on the threshold of a whole new level of mass communication. I think that the dreams of both businessmen and artists can be realized, but only to the extent that they both recognize each other, only to the extent that we think of ourselves as all being people, working toward common human goals." - Paul Williams '68

***CONTEST*** Les Claypool DVD!!!

On Target Media has provided a copy of Les Claypool's DVD entitled "Fancy". I will give away a copy of the DVD to the first person that can do the research and contact me at eartaste @ gmail . com (you need to remove the spaces).

The rules are simple - answer the question below. It's perfectly okay to use a search engine to find the answer.

What major band did Les Claypool play bass for?

Good luck! May the quickest fingers win!

***And The Winner Is....***

John H from Wisconsin has made claim to the CD of the Landon, made available to us here by Luck Media. Thanks John!!!

The answer is: The lead singer, who happens to be named Landon, hails from Dallas, Texas.

If you did not win, you can still purchase a copy of the CD at CD Baby.

Thanks again John! Your CD will be posted soon. And thanks again to Luck Media for supplying the prize!

Black Motorcycle Club - Took Out A Loan

Friday night starts with an unquenchable slide guitar. “I took out a loan on my empty heart, babe. I took out a loan from my patient soul.” Snaking my body around the drumbeats, I feel bliss. This would be a great live show, but for now I’ll simply accept the recording, which supports a live enough feel. Turn it up! Shoutouts for Berlin and Killing The Light. Black Motorcycle Club

Drywall - Somewhere In The Dark

Travel to the Amazon in your mind and listen to a poet in Los Angeles searching searching. “Lights out in the canyon, I keep looking for your old meadowlark.” At first the combination scares me, but the artist does not let up and it melds together as beauty in my mind. “You hear the frogs croaking, can you hear the hound dog bark?” The album contains many flavors, from an outdoor cajun party, Goin' On Down To The BBQ to the steady rock-beat of Something's Gonna Blow. Along the way there’s some country flavorings, as well as folk and blues. A special mention for the thought-provoking untitled endpiece. Drywall

Friday, June 29, 2007

***CONTEST*** Landon!!!

Luck Media has provided a copy of the Landon's CD entitled Defying The Stereotypes. I will give away a copy of the CD to the first person that can do the research and contact me at eartaste @ gmail . com

The rules are simple - answer the question below. It's perfectly okay to use a search engine to find the answer.

What is the hometown of the lead singer (who happens to be named Landon)?

Good luck! May the quickest fingers win!

Check out and/or

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maria McKee - One Eye On The Sky (One On The Grave)

“Give me something I can chew.” The narrator is ready for a life of thought. Gratefully the music takes us soaring “inside and out of the universe” as she takes on the philosophical quest. The song travels on different rhythms and different sonic levels from forte to triple forte and back as it convinces me of its importance as my body roams through the space I have. “Time to rise and take your place!” A symphonic method of saying, fill the dance floor! “Tearing down the galaxy, putting up our own marquis.” Yep, we can feel big in our own eyes, can’t we? Nice composition. Shoutout for Too Many Heroes. Maria McKee

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

John Mayall - You Know That You Love Me

This hump-day bash is beer and bbq ready with an album all set for outdoor blues dancing to the great songs and tributes of Freddie King, performed by a band shaped by an old master of party. No surprises here, just good, solid craftsmanship. Shoutouts for Palace Of The King & Now I Got A Woman. Put on your dancing shoes and keep the party going with King Of The Kings and Cannonball Shuffle. John Mayall

Earth, Wind & Fire - Lovely People

These guys sure know how to keep an outdoor hump-day bbq going with pure soul stompin’ spirit. Of course, they’ve had a few years of practice – lol. “Lovely people, get up and party!” Shout-outs for Love's Dance and Elevated (with Floetry). Earth, Wind & Fire

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bishops - Menace About Town

Snap to it! Dance! Can’t help it – the beat starts right in with no warning, no sense of anything except Move! The percussion starts the party and the bass enters quick enough soon joined by a tambourine and an acoustic guitarist strumming his heart out. Definite summer beach party beat. “It’s gonna get me!” Shoutouts for Life In A Hole and Travelling Our Way Home. Bishops

***And The Winner Is....***

Jeff B from California has made claim to the EP of the Screaming Meemees, made available to us here by Luck Media. Thanks to Jeff for doing the work & the other guy who also did the work, but never sent in his answers. I appreciate the posts, tho.

The answers are 1) The lead singer for the Screaming Meemees is Evan Page. The second song on her demo was entitled "Ordinary Girl." See the postings for the last week of December, 2006 for more information; AND watch here next week for our first review of this exciting EP!

I'm still trying to track down where you can actually purchase a copy from. Like the demo, this information is elusive. But you can purchase tracks from their myspace site:

Not the same as holding a CD in hand, I know, so as soon as I find out - I'll let everyone know.

Thanks again Jeff! And thanks again to Luck Media! And don't be so shy next time you know who...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Youth Group - Under the Underpass

“I’ll meet you by the train.” Perfect for a Monday wake-up call. Do you know where your kids are? “Let’s stay awake all night.” Teenagers doing their teenage thing – freaking out their parents without shame because they know that all they have to look forward to is “stocking shelves.” Plus, they’re not especially happy with the house they live in. “I have no home, this is my home.” Been there, so I know what the narrator is going through. My gut tells me we’ve all been there. Youth Group puts into words what a lotta kids feel but don’t know how to say. How to get out from under the wings with your sanity intact? Shoutout for Daisychains and Sicily, “Babe, let’s move to Sicily. You and me and the Mediterranian Sea.” Special shoutout for Forever Young. Youth Group

***CONTEST*** The Screaming Meemees!!!

Luck Media has provided a copy of the Screaming Meemee's brand new EP entitled The Chronicles Part IV. I will give away a copy of the CD to the first person that can do the research and contact me at eartaste @ gmail . com

The rules are simple - answer the two questions below. It's perfectly okay to use a search engine to find the answer.

In the last week of 2006 I received a demo called Next-Ex, which has been re-recorded and is available on the new CD. The demo was hand-written and said it was performed by the lead singer of the group that is now called the Screaming Mee-Mees.

1. Who is that lead singer?

2. What was the 2nd song included on the demo?

Good luck! May the quickest fingers win!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Loney Dear - And I Won't Cause Anything At All

“I climb a tree, the high kind. There’s my house and the city. There’s my car that will break down tomorrow.” Nothing’s cool, no shade here.” A sparse, innocent song of an innocent time, filled with tremendous optimism and youthful joy. “I love you, so don’t fall from here.” Shoutout for I Am John. Loney Dear

Golden Smog - Magician

A smooth instrumental for a warm, rain-threatening afternoon in the hills. Tastes like mangoes with a slight squeeze of lime. Shoutouts for Insecuremorse Code and Scotch On Ice. Golden Smog

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chris Cornell - Your Soul Today

Rock and roll with a vengeance for a Saturday, “howling at the moon at midnight.” Chris is honest with his friend here, “You don’t want a soul mate, I’m your soul today.” The guitar doesn’t stop, and keeps finding new spices throughout the song so that it is sprinkling excellent flavors all over my ears. “Don’t burden your heart, don’t worry your head.” Shoutout for the completely different meal, Roads We Choose. “It ain’t easy, but these are the roads that we choose.” Chris Cornell

Joy Denalane - Caught Up

“Stolen kisses are the sweetest ones.” Soulful blues to continue this Saturday night dream. “What kind of love is this. How did I get caught up? Just can’t get enough.” What causes these mixed up emotions? The narrator knows the answer. “Because I’m lonely.” Loneliness can bring out the worst in us, enough to bring us into the arms of someone we know we shouldn’t be with. Life happens. “In the end it’s just captivity, cause I know you’ll never live with me. This ain’t livin’. . .See, I’m caught up with nothing but a prayer.” Joy Denalane

R Kelly - Tryin' To Get A Number

“Gotta lotta cash on me, I’m the number one stud.” Friday at the club, with a fun club song. Get up and dance. “They’re climbing on the tables and they standing on their chairs.” The shoutout keeps this happy chauvinist Friday night bouncing - Freaky In The Club (Girl, let me see your pot of gold). A special mention for “Rise Up”, a beautiful new anthem to help people through hard times. This was written for the tragedy at Virginia Tech, but would double as a powerful inspiration at any tragedy the world faces together. “We will cry together, we will fight this together, we will be strong together, stand together, pray together. Rise up when you feel you can’t go on.” R Kelly

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Only One

Keeping the Friday night dance club atmosphere alive is no problem for Sophie, and she is not shy about it either. “I may be the only one in the world who understands you.” Fun guitar solo adds spice to the bass player’s firm thumping. A lotta fun. Sophie Ellis Bextor

Thursday, June 21, 2007

G. Love - Ride

“How does it feel when you’re going nowhere?” How does it feel? When you’re all alone? With no direction home? Like A complete unknown? Sorry, got carried away. This song has an infectious beat, and the story keeps me enthralled. “I wanna know what’s inside.” Very nice, with a full depth harmonica accenting the movement. Shoutouts for Let the Music Play and Rainbow. And a special devotion for the final song, Love. G. Love

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop

Hump day for old folks! Old dancing folks. Get out those dancing shoes, jump into the mosh pit, and as Ozzie proclaims, “All my life I’ve been over the top. I don’t know what I’m doing, all I know is I don’t wanna stop!” Ozzy may pretend to be old, but his music is up-to-date. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say the moderns have finally caught up to where Ozzy has been. Shoutout for the equally rock & rollin’ Trap Door. Ozzy Osbourne

Gary Moore - Hard Times

The next old guy is Gary Moore, who has been playing music long enough to know what a hard time truly is. And his guitar sure knows how to emphasize the long road it’s been. A hump-day party band is keeping things steady and real. A huge shoutout for the tasty Nowhere Fast. Gary Moore

Ian Hunter - Words (Big Mouth)

“Well it’s me, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Too late, I’m up and dancing already, and I thank you for keeping the party going strong. “I’ll change, I promise you I’m gonna change. I’m gonna turn a new leaf. This will be the last time I ever put my foot in it.” Yeah, right. Believe that and I can sell you the rights to purchase the London Bridge from Arizona. Huge shoutouts for the variety of flavors in Brainwashed, Soul of America, and I Am What I Hated. Ian Hunter

Richard Thompson - Needle And Thread

“I see young girls with old faces, I see good girls in bad places.” Yep, the narrator of this ditty is a dirty old man oogling girls all over the place. He’s begging for a needle and thread “sew his soul back together again.” I’m just kidding, making fun of all the old men here. The actual story is about his woman leaving him and he’s pining for her, and none of the girls are the woman he really wants, but he’s hoping to sew his soul back together. Shoutout for “I’ll Never Give It Up.” Richard Thompson

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Claire Martin - Forget Me The melody meanders in the same way a conversation does. “Forget me, he’s always saying forget me. And as his kisses upset me, he whispered you must forget me.” Pleasant jazz flavored bass and piano.
Claire Martin

Radiohead - I Am A Wicked Child

“I broke your heart.” Continuing the lyrical theme, and the music takes me there with no problem. I love the way the music explores the emotion being expressed by the words. Radiohead

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sonya Kitchell - I'd Love You

“I hate the way that you can make me do anything.” Is this love? Let’s listen in on this conversation. “I’m tired of playing your little game, and I might get up, tell me, would you notice anyway?” Phew. Despite the wonderful music, there is some deep feelings running through this song. Is this love? “Well, I love you. I guess I know.” Well, maybe. I guess. Besides, the piano is really tasty. “Reasons are reasons, emotions are so funny that way. Reasons are reasons, some things cannot be explained.” Shoutouts for Train and Simple Melody. Sonya Kitchell

Feist - So Sorry

“We don’t need to fight and cry, we don’t need to say goodbye, we could hold each other tight tonight.” The lyrics are a story of any love affair, and the music carries it off so I become engrossed in the story. Shoutouts for 1-2-3-4 and Brandy Alexander. Feist

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Colin Hay - I Wish I Was Still Drinking

They say there’s no such thing as an ex-alcoholic, that as long as the urge is there, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all. I’m not going to condone alcoholism, but I can say that people who share a beer seem more relaxed and friendly than those who don’t.

Well, now that I’ve lost most of my politically correct friends, let’s move on to this cool song. “I wish I was still drinking whiskey, wine, and beer. The sound of glasses clinking, so sweet to my ear. I wouldn't have to listen to the time that's running out, I'd use it much more wisely, I'd drink and fall about.” Hear the irony? I hope so. Colin isn’t really condoning too much drinking either – who in the world really, in their heart, want to “fall about.” Okay, that’s out of the way (again). Notice my defensiveness, LOL! “I wish I was still drinking, then I’d have no fear. I’d tell you how to fix the world, then have another beer.”

And, we have a small gospel section to make this a perfect Sunday song. “I wish i was still drinking, when nothing is too clear. Like the tv evangelist fueling peoples fear - taking all their hard earned cash in the name of the holy one.” And, like any great folk song we have to listen to a bit of current events. “I wish i was still drinking, I was a lot more fun. Life of the endless party, friends with anyone. I wouldnt have to answer for the promises I broke. Like the president today, oh when he drank and snorted coke.”

Here’s my warning – if you tell anyone I said its okay to get yourself stinking drunk, I will make sure to let Bush know you have WMD in your basement, because that’s not what I said. Have fun, and do it in moderation. Shoutout for the rock & rollin This Time I Got You. Colin Hay

Clare Teal - Light Flight

The stars are out in force, it’s beautiful to watch the night sky turning on this cool summer evening after a fully laid out bbq dinner with chicken and corn and potato. The voices of this song reach out through the breezes and create a rhythm that matches the leaves blowing softly in the trees. The flavors are jazzy, and the words speak of “lying in the sunshine”, but that’s the dream. The music definitely belongs to a dance-filled evening of joyous understandings about life and meaning. “Never ind the meaning.” Clare Teal

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Candie Payne - Turn Back Now

The slow dance evening continues with a beautiful movement that takes in the entire space of the yard. “Feels like I am falling, it’s too late for that now. Devil is at the door now, I’m thinking we’ve been here before. Knocking at the window, how can I say now.” The instruments are simple – a steady bass, a harp, some synthesized organ sounds to fill the night air with a dream. Shoutouts for I Wish I Could Have Loved You More and All I Need To Hear. Candie Payne

Joy Denalane - Stranger in This Land

Some deep felt soul to complete this superb evening of star searching dance after a perfect bbq. “My mother used to cook and clean for the rich folk on the hill. Made sure I got an education, I could hardly pay the bill.” The narrator made it to school, and like all poets “started questioning the contradictions in this land.” The power of education is important, but depressing for a thinker. The education does not erase your past, your knowledge of how the rich treat the poor, nor the knowledge that what you learn will not turn others into better people. Beautiful song. Shoutouts for Start Over and Sometimes Love. Joy Denalaine

Friday, June 15, 2007

Threshold - Sum Blues

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This slow blues covers every inch of me with literal goosebumps – in a good way – in a dancing way – I can’t help but move to the feelings. “Another fallen soldier keeps me safe and free. Now I can drive my big car while they sanitize history.” She sings beautifully with her tongue deep in her cheek. “We choose to ignore the past. The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Shivers down my spine and out my feet. “Look what we bought. It is worth what we lost when a mother cries?” We have war and dead soldiers to protect not our country, but our economy. And the guitar playing outlines the powerful messages with fluid understanding and deep understatement. “Ain’t that the truth!” Shoutout to Here Before for keeping this Friday night party funky! Threshold

Landon – Hush

“Did it feel good? You know what I’m talking about. Did it feel good? Another notch in your belt. Was it worth it? It was for you. Maybe I should see what it’s like, too.” Starting my Friday night dance the same way I started this week with some high-powered rock and roll dancing through my skin. A perfect rock voice fronting a great rock band, life just doesn’t get any better. And the story is the story of all our lives. The good news is the music does feel good, and for that I’m gratified. “If I show some skin – it’s way too much. If I leave the house – you’re quick to judge. If I speak my mind – you say shut-up. If I stay with you I’ll just get crushed. So hush.” I really love the psychedelic break in this song – I can travel to other planets while dancing. Shoutouts for two other tunes that deliver completely different flavors to my ears while allowing the party to continue in a high-powered manner: Wind-Up Monkey and First To Come In Last. Landon

Thursday, June 14, 2007

John Batdorf - Home Again

The guitars whirl my head into a fine, wonderful, wine-like frenzy for close to a minute before the voice comes in and welcomes the morning with a happiness usual reserved for very rare moments with a friend. “Opened up – the daylight found me sitting underneath an oak tree, clearing up what once was cloudy.” Each time I hear this tune I smile inside while dancing outside. Batdorf has an uncanny vocal method of simply sounding lovingly optomistic while acoustic guitars play in a technique one usually reserves for rock and roll. “All my life I’ve been waiting for this day! I am home again!” Shoutout for several compositions deliciously served up with different spices, Can’t Be Trusted and Something Is Slipping Away. John Batdorf

Ocean Street – Cold

Piano intro. “Everybody said that Maryann cried on the day that Jerry Garcia died, I wonder if she cried when her old man passed away.” I love this on several levels. The most immediate of course is dealing with the folks in my own generation who have closer ties to their perceived rock heros than to their own families. I know many many people like this, and have to wonder how much like this I am. I’d like to think I’m immune, but I imagine that in reality I’m not. The music I listened to growing up deeply affected me and the way I think. I know it. It’s not really brainwashing as much as clear and immediate identification with the feelings of others – a spiritual empathy with the people who can write what we feel but cannot put into words ourselves. Add to that the ability to put these hard-driving lyrics into a musical format that hits our emotional depths deeper than even our own friendships can. It’s scary when I contemplate this, but obviously the composers of this tune (Andy & Mark of Ocean Street) have thought deeply on this subject. But the story doesn’t stop there, it goes even deeper. “Everybody knows that everybody goes away from this place when you know better, but nobody seems to know better anyway.” We stay glued to our past, to our traditions, trusting those we know we shouldn’t. And there’s more. The shoutout tune picks up the beat and manages to keep us thinking while we dance aound and around: Die Another Day. Ocean Street

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Threshold - It Ain't Me

“Am I the fuel for your fire?” I know for sure one thing – the music here fuels my fire. Slow, purposeful & soulful. “You act like I’m here for your own means, like lions to the faithful. On fear you feed, but who are you supposed to be?” Wrapping my brain around this takes me in several directions. Look at myself and the way I treat others. Look at my country and the way it treats others. Whew. “I can represent myself, don’t stick me with this line of thought cause I don’t need no help.” I love this. As I start to analyze the train of thought of the writer I’m being told not to, or at least not to share my conclusions with others – because my conclusions are probably wrong. “Can’t you see, ain’t no bag to wrap around me. Try to gold up my reflection, but it ain’t me.” Just as I start to realize this one is going to take many meditations to chew on I’m hit with something even deeper to dig into. “We go get the evil. You think that’s what they see. Now I am the enemy.” How quickly a patriot becomes an insurgent. “I look at the flag outside my window. Can’t remember pride. Some people, we read between the lines.” Shoutout for three other distinctly different, but wonderful flavors: Need To Know, Good Day, and Depending On You. Threshold

Duane Andrews - Improvisations on the First Movement of Mozart's String Quintet in G Minor

Hot Jazz! Truly. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking Duane is playing a buncha violins. This is, in fact two acoustic guitars, a trumpet and a bass, arranged by Duane in a style very reminiscent of Django, without the violin. This album, in fact includes a composition by Django, as well as a revival of a piece played by Django. I keep saying his name, but remember I also used the word reminiscent. Duane obviously adds much of himself in these virtuosic performances. Shoutouts include a traditional medley of reels, MacBain’s/The Sailor’s Sonnet; and two compositions written by Duane, Isaac’s Blues and Terrasse. Excellence abounds. You will be thrilled to include this 21st century version of Hot Jazz to your collection of fine music. Duane Andrews

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Proper Authorities - Whodunit

“It wasn’t me, I’m telling you, it wasn’t me!” Well, that’s fine. It was probably me. But, then again, it wasn’t. I assure you. “Guess you got the idea behind the whole thing – light bulb burning like an obscene diamond ring.” Okay, sounds kinda obscure, but the story evolves over the period of this 3 minute wonder, and it’s both interesting and fun. “I’m re-thinking what it means to feel clean.” Besides the intriguing lyrics, the main reason these guys are here is the music. Fun, poppy, and ready for a summer blast of fresh air. The dance won’t cool me down, but I didn’t expect it to. Great fun with the shoutouts also – Hypnotized and Make A Choice For Me, both of which have completely different, yet fully satisfying flavors from the lead choice here, making a journey through this album a fully satisfying eartaste meal. A special mention for the short instrumental intro because it really took me to an interesting space in my inner recesses - The Supermachine Looks Much Bigger On TV. The Proper Authorities

Vanessa Van Spall - Hopeful

“An hour past the sunrise in a San Francisco morning mist driving down Van Ness toward the shoreline.” Sounds like a novel, or an on-the spot reporter. Notice the lack of traditional rhyme. No prob, add a voice and some background music and we move far beyond anything we want to consider “traditional”. In all reality I feel like I’m floating above the mist looking down on the scene as she sings. The narration tells us this is the first time driving this street, but doesn’t tell us what causes the despair that’s being felt. Turns out to be okay because the song looks forward, not back. “And I sure feel hopeful. Hopeful that today will be beautiful and chase despair away.” As I float ever higher, I can admit this song has accomplished that for me. The morning fog images of San Francisco brings back many good memories, however the song transcends place and works just as well 2000 miles away. Vanessa Van Spall

Monday, June 11, 2007

Landon - Only 20

“Late to work again!” Perfect Monday rock and roll blast-off. “Come on, unwind!” Well, that doesn’t work in writing. Seriously. Landon intones unwind in 7 syllables – very cool. “I wanna make a mess and never clean it up. I wanna go off and not apologize.” The ‘only 20’ is talking about the age of the narrator, and is done here to perfection. “Too many times my inner life is underestimated.” Isn’t everybody’s? But only a 20 year old has the time to contemplate that fact. What’s even better is the narrator here is a sly one, she realizes people around here are not taking her for a real person and decides “I’ll have to use it to my advantage.” Some fun lines help make this wake-up rocker a lotta fun and worth listening to many times over. “Not old enough to drink, not old enough to die.” The production on this entire album is superb. “Just looking for some fun!” Shoutout to Angry. Landon

Landon - Dirty Virgin

“Oh, hi. I don’t usually do this, call to converse woman to woman. I’ve been hearing things I’ve tried not to believe but your name keeps coming up. . .is it only the first time you’ve slept with someone’s man?” The seemingly conversational tone of the narrative is masterfully presented in the form of a pop song. When an artist makes it look this easy there is obviously a lot of difficult work put into the final product. The song starts deceptively, a casio-type drum opening, so I expected something very amateurish. But this deception is much like the deception exposed by the lyrics – something is going on beneath the surface worth investigating. I love the way she starts off level-headed, then works into the reality of her feelings. Scary. Outstanding. With a shoutout to Red Lipstick. Landon

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rosie Thomas - If This City Never Sleeps

Sunday finger guitar with whispering voice in my ear while enjoying a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. “If love were indeed all the things I believe then I guess I’ll never feel alone.” The mood is surreal for me tonight; the softness of this song feels like the stars are out begging for answers. “If the city never sleeps, does that mean that no one dreams? If that’s so, then I guess I’m going home.” Shoutout for two songs: Paper Doll (“I just can’t be sure I’ll ever change”) and the pensive cover of One I Love. Rosie Thomas

The Teaching Company - Bach and the High Baroque

This is a series of 32 lectures about Bach available on CD and DVD, as well as a download version. I’ve been listening for 3 weeks, and I’m including this review with eartaste because, well, the music is extremely tasty. I have long been a fan of Bach’s instrumental music and have well over 100 hours of his music handy in my collection. I have not been a huge fan of Baroque singing. My ears have simply never resonated that way.

The power of this series of lectures by Robert Greenberg is the fact that he has taught me to at least appreciate the singing, and even more deeply appreciate the instrumental music of Bach. I enjoyed Greenberg’s humor throughout, and learned much about Bach’s life that I had never taken the time to learn before. I can’t imagine a man with 10 growing children could accomplish much more than sweat to feed the kids. I sorta had a picture in my head of a man locked away in a monastery with a harpsichord, organ and violin. Greenberg managed to smash that false picture and turned Bach into a human who had to deal with changing clothes, washing dishes, etc.

My favorite part of the lectures was the explanation of where Bach came from musically. He’s always seemed to just “be there” for me, and I never thought much about his predecessors – what was it that made it possible for Bach to turn out all that beautiful music? Greenberg takes us back to medieval music and explores how Bach didn’t simply appear, but was a master synthesizer of many styles of music that were current; adding, of course, his own particular genius and mastery.

The courses are well-planned. They start with a general history, then move into in-depth analysis of several works. The last two sections are 4 lectures on St Matthew’s Passion, and 4 lectures on the Goldberg Variations. This gives Professor Greenberg plenty of time to teach me in detail a deeper enjoyment of the art of Bach than I ever had before.

If you visit the page and the course is not on sale, wait a month or two. All the teaching company courses come on sale several times a year. I personally do not know anyone who has ever paid “full price” for a course.

Bach and the High Baroque

Dinosaur Jr. - We're Not Alone

Solo electric guitar warms us up till the drummer kicks us into gear. The vocalist is looking for some companionship – “keep an eye on every move I make.” But it’s not all me, me, me, because he also asks the hearer to “keep me guessing.” Fun composition, explores different tones and rhythms, keeping the dance full and fancy-free. Intriguing 60’s solo guitar for a satisfying psychedelic wrap-up to this Saturday dance. Dinosaur Jr.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Holy Ghost Revival - Christmas Everyday

Okay, you’re asking, Christmas in June? Everyday is Christmas in the summer! Everyday is Saturday! The percussion begins this composition on a very happy note? Happy percussion? You have to hear it – it is truly happy. About ½ way through, like all good compositions, the feelings change to give our ears some flavors needed to make a full and satisfying meal. The feelings move back and forth and excite every dancing bone in this body. The vocalist is definitely exploring his own territories, with a healthy vengeance. Thanks! Shoutout for Ignight Ignight Goodnight. Holy Ghost Revival

Meteors - We Wanna Wreck Here

“Big Man I am a psycho cat and I need to talk to you!” Rockabilly psycho cats, for sure. I am on my feet as soon as he first beat hits me ears – these guys are sailing through the universe with full-on-board nuclear fission. “The devil, he taught us how to rock, and then he turned us loose.” Well, it’s all in the ears. This music is the music of the heavens, if you ask me. The band is simply looking for a gig in this song, and is trying to impress the bar owner. Seems many people are impressed by the devil, so it goes. “I got me a mean little band, I can show you what we do – we could really set this place alight! If you’ve got the sense or balls to put us on your stage, you will see the wildest thing you’ve ever seen!” Salesmanship. It isn’t all braggadocio either – these guys rock! Perfect for a Friday night bash. Shoutout for the instrumental The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps. Meteors

Wildhearts - The New Flesh

Begins right away rocking to philosophical meanderings in a manner similar to Johnny in the basement. Talk talk talk about politicians, homelessness, suicide, but with powerful beats that keeps me pogoing all around the floor with a huge smile on my face. With my brain shaking so much it’s difficult to follow the lyrics, but the guitars are great fun! My heart agrees – this is wild! The almost orchestral whoesque break is masterful. Shoutout for The Revolution Will Be Televised. Bouncy, energetic, and satisfying! Wildhearts

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rufus Wainwright - Going To A Town

“I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down. I’m going to a place that has already been disgraced. I’m gonna see some folks that have already been let down. I’m so tired of America. I’m going to make it up for all of the Sunday Times. I’m going to make it up for all of the nursery rhymes. They never really seem to want to tell the truth. I’m so tired of you, America.” The lyrics, brilliant, are underscored by the music, even more brilliant in its tired chord changes and melody emphasizing the meaning behind the words. A direct hit at the Christian Culture in America that preaches hatred from the pulpits and the White House. “Tell me, do you really think you go to hell for having love?” A smart bomb to the heart of our culture. “After soaking the body of Jesus Christ in blood, I’m so tired of you America.” Shoutout for Between My Legs. Rufus Wainwright

Dolores O'Riordan - Human Spirit

Spices abounding – start with a classical piano feel, join in an old tin penny whistle and marching drum section, soon enough a guitar enters to fill a dream world of wordsmithing seeking to understand the heart in one’s hand not turning out as planned in a world where one holds a hand over a heart to pledge truths. The same piano spices enhance the flavors of the tone poems Black Widow and Accept Things. Dolores O'Riordan

1990s - You Made Me Like It

“I'm glad we had the party at your place.” Party being the operative word here. This is wonderful welcome to my party music, so welcome! “I tried living in a movie - seemed like bad TV. And then you walked on - barely said a line. You got an Oscar and you gave it to me, well how about that?! I'm glad we made the movie at my place!” The 1990’s are asking us in the nicest voice to come along for a fun ride, and I’m jumping in! Shoutout to Cult Status & Risque Pictures. 1990’s

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Death Proof Soundtrack

The overall feel of this soundtrack, but four cuts are of great interest. Pacific Gas & Electric had one huge hit 45, making this version of Staggolee obscure enough to almost sound brand new. The album isn’t even available at this moment. Dave Dee’s biggest hit, Hold Tight, is lovingly remembered here with its psychedelic underpinnings perfect for a hump-day soundtrack. April March is kind of a surprise, sort of a combination April Stevens and Peggy March. Chick Habit sounds right out of a well-meaning 1965 – actually the year the singer was born. 1967 is represented by a Mike Curb composition from an obscure movie, Thunder Alley. This tasty guitar oddio is performed by Eddie Beram - Riot In Thunder Alley. I don’t watch a lotta movies, but this soundtrack is definite fun, and the film title is especially intriguing for this music, which is, as we know, death-proof. Death Proof Soundtrack

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Groove Armada - Soundboy Rock

Skalicious spices. “Hear me when I say I’ll move ya with soundboy rock.” Well, he’s not lying. It’s difficult to type as my body moves, but I’ve been perfecting this over the months. My only surprise is I don’t make many more types than I do! Shoutout for the completely different spices used to compose Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control), which is total in its dance seriousness. The narrator (Mutya Buena ) pulls up to a red light to see her friend sitting with a new girl and experiencing “dramatic panic”. As she sings, “a sure-fire way to ruin my day”, but instead of letting that happen she pulls out a drum and bass line that will help us all to keep looking ahead while shaking our booties all around town. Fun! Groove Armada

Free Lap Dances Vol 3: Hot Tails In The City

I know it takes a certain amount of healthy arrogance to do something like Eartaste every day. My arrogance, of course, went so far as to think I was the only one out here in the virtual world putting out samplers that reflected the many tastes and spices of music available today. Time to eat some humble pie. My friends, Larry & Cat Levi, of the Histrioniks, sent along a CD sampler that blows my socks off. It’s just like an eartaste sampler in composition, and I love it. A bit of blues, a bit of jazz, a taste of classical, good old fashioned rock and folk. If you love the eartaste samplers, you’re going to love this one also. Some of the bands you’ll hear on Lap Dances Vol 3 are The Histrioniks, whom Eartaste fans have already enjoyed, along with lots of new names: Noctoluca, The Newbess, Buckra, Phil Ayoub, The Proper Authorities, Duane Andrews, Threshold, Natalia Medvedovskaya, and much more. I’m betting you’ll be hearing more about many of these artists here on eartaste in the months to come, but in the meantime you can start tasting them by ordering this sampler from Lap Dances for less than $10. Yep, like eartaste, they keep their prices low so you can sample new music and not bust your wallet. Thanks, Larry! And a big shoutout to Jacob & Monique for putting this series together. Free Lap Dances Compilation

Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs

“This one’s for the freaks, for you’re so beautiful. For all the devotion written in your soul.” Okay, so no one knows exactly what’s in someone else’s head, but I like to think this energy is going out to the fans who stick with bands through thick and thin. “May you stay like freaks.” The drum roll chorus makes this a great beach song, as well as a walking down the boulevard swaying your hips song. Should also be really exciting live. Shoutout for Your Love Alone Is Not Enough and Imperial Bodybags. A nod to the sneak-in of a fast, but tasty version of Working Class Hero. Manic Street Preachers

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wiredaisies - Roll Over

The drummer supplies a steady pounding Monday intro. “Yeah! You wanna see something? You wanna piece of this?!?!” The bass stays as steady as the drums twirl me round and round in a fantastic phantasm dance up down around with arms flailing wildly. The vocalist is excited, I am excited, I am 2 feet off the ground with gravity released. “Walking back from yours today I was waiting for a voice left waiting for some peace of mind.” Enthusiasm reigns – perfect for my Monday wake-up call. Fun guitar solo rounds out this passionate composition. “Yeah!” Shoutout for other delicious flavors from Wiredaisies – Move Over & Rocket Girl “on a mission”. Wiredaisies

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Joe Cocker - Just Pass It On / One Word (Peace)

“You don’t owe me a solitary thing.” I am dancing deeply through many layers of this performance of Just Pass It On. “I’ll be praying that the best will come your way.” I love the philosophy here – we do not loan things out for benefit of ourselves, but to benefit others. The reference is both personal, and national, which of course makes this a political discussion. The second song that makes my ear dance while drinking in some deeper thoughts is One Word (Peace). “A man stands on the corner holding a sign. People yell at him as they drive by. I wondered what it said that made them so upset. I looked at the sign and all it said was one word – Peace.” Ironic – the man of peace gets yelled at. I personally thought we would over with the hatred of peace when we reached the new century. Shows how na├»ve I am and I admit it. Our economy does not run well at peace. Supposedly. At least that’s what people are taught to believe. But the importance of peace is not found in our wallets. “A man in a foreign land kneels to pray, and wonders where the bombs will fall today.” Unfortunately, we all know who is dropping those bombs. It’s all of us who pay taxes and vote for lovers of money. Shoutouts for Ring Them Bells and Long As I Can See The Light. Joe Cocker

Pink Martini - Tempo Perdido

A joyful afternoon dance under the shade of the trees along the riverwalk. Sensual voice, carefree jazz back-up and we are dancing on the waters of love. The trumpets bring in the perfect spices for this delicious summer meal that tastes slightly of impanema papaya. The music fits perfect with the Pink Martini name of these pleasant performers. Shoutouts for Ojala and Cante E Dance. Pink Martini

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Koopa - No Trend

School’s out! Summer is here!! I know, I said that yesterday, but Koopa is playing the part of the angered school boy who is truly upset that his friend is taking off for the summer. The same love/hate relationship that the end of school brings to us all. And these guys are exploring every single nasty detail of these feelings. “So, take yourself and go, ’cause I don’t even care if I don‘t see your face again. This is not a trend, I know I can‘t depend on you, I know this is the end.” Wow, bitter, eh? I really love the hilarious biting ending to this cool blast flavored dance: “I hope your cause of death is this song.” I’ve heard bitter words before, usually live and in person, but seldom so honestly presented in art. Shoutout for Inbred. Koopa

Young Playthings - Kimberly Renee

School’s out! Summer is here!! I know, This is the fourth time I said that, but listen! “I miss you already, Kimberly!” Complete with summer guitars and summer baroque vocal arrangements, I’m in summer music heaven! “I swear I’ll be the same boyfriend you’ve always known.” These guys play and sing with a summer passion fruit flavor! Shoutout for Hot Sex With A Girl I Love. Young Playthings

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Red Button - Can't Stop Thinking About Her

School’s out! Summer is here!! And it’s time to reflect on that person who all of a sudden you start inexplicably missing. “This isn’t the way I thought it would be. I didn’t think this kind of thing could happen to me. She’s stuck in my head like a beautiful song, I tried to fight it, now I’m singing along: I can’t stop thinking about her and every little thing she’d say.” With the brilliant beach music feel, this song is the perfect summer song for a romantic. “I think about her more and more and more every day. I tried to deny it, but I can‘t pretend, I know I’ve got to find a way to see her again.” Shoutout for I Could Get Used To You - another summer excitement, complete with Harrisonesque guitar flavorings and psychedelic vocal spices - “ten thousand sunny skies appear“. The Red Button

Bel's Boys - Today's The Day

School’s out! Summer is here!! I know, I said that, but Bel’s Boys are here to emphasize the thought! Complete with harpsichords and steady Ringoesque drums, we are definitely going to have a fun music-filled beach season! “Today’s the day for sitting back and losing track.” Fun sing-along. “And now you’re smiling, don’t ever let the feeling go!” Bubblegum with lots of Strawberry Clouds flavor. “Get busy doing nothing all day long!“ Shoutout for Hold Me Close and Can't Go There Again. Bel's Boys