Saturday, March 31, 2007

Irving – She’s Not Shy

The rhythm guitar welcomes the lead guitar, which in turn welcomes the bass and drums. Great sound. “She’s watching from her eyelids in the back room.” Well, maybe he didn’t say eyelids, but that’s what it sounds like when I’m dancing. “She’s talking with an accent that sounds good.” Just like this new cream cheese I found to put on my bagels – it’s a swirl of plain cream cheese with raspberry. Dunno why they keep packaging things weird like that. I counted 17 flavors of cream cheese. Weird, but they got me to buy one, so I guess that’s why. “I don’t really love you again, I was just being lonely by myself.” Very nice swirling synthesizer pops in about ½ way through, keeping my ear tasting new flavors as the story continues. “It was nothing – just a kiss on the lips.” Shoutout to I Want To Love You In My Room Irving

Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Hedrons - Stop, Look & Listen

“You seem to thing I’m stronger, you seem to think I know.” With the self-assurance in your voice, I believe everyone who meets you feels this way. Wonderful thunderstorm song on this humid, windy, pouring rain with hail Friday night! Fine, self-assured guitars and drums add to the power of this anthem! “You got to find the answers – you’re a little bit out of touch – so stop, look & listen to me!” Well, I’ll look and listen, but it’s really hard to stop with the beat you’ve developed for these happy feet of mine. Dynamic ending! Shoutout for What Am I To Do? Hedrons

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eisenhower Field Day - Driving To China

I love surprises. When I hear a 3-piece (bass, drums guitar) group has made an instrumental, I expect surf. Well, how about some good, danceable rock and roll, with some excellent picking and hard driving bass & drums? That’s what Eisenhower Field Day has pulled off – fully complementing the home-made shrimp stir fry I mixed up tonight, with a touch of pineapple for seasoning. You’ll have to ask the group what China has to do with anything. As long as I’m shaking my booty, I could care less. Eisenhower Field Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jamie T - Brand New Bass Guitar

“I’m gonna buy myself a handgun. Whatd’ya think? I’m gonna shoot down everyone.” Don’t let the guy scare you. Well, maybe yes. Who knows? He’s in England, as far as I know, so we’re safe for a week or two. When I first heard the intro to this hump day party song I giggled and thought, no way. This is not going to be written about by the eartaster. But, lo and behold here we are. Why? What changed? The humor helps, but the song is actually infectious, and I want to hear it every day. I’ve been saving it for awhile, unsure of myself, unsure of the attitude of Jamie-T, but the more I listen the more I’m convinced – this guy makes me dance and smile, so let’s talk.

Here’s the good news, instead of the handgun, the narrator spends all his money on a bass guitar. In two minutes I hear him buying and learning the bass guitar and recruiting a crowd of background singers to make my smile crack my ears. The scat near the end is a fine introduction to a most interesting artist. Shoutout to Salvador. Jamie T

Bowling For Soup - Val Kilmer

Hump day continues with rolling on the floor laughing while dancing, if you can imagine that. And you can. I have the video of myself doing just that, and I’m selling it for my first screenplay “because the big screen's calling - final casting call! It’s my big shot baby, I’m the next big star in another stupid movie.” If that’s not enough laughter, then “in the sequel honey, I'm the guy who gets the girl.” And that’s just a tiny taste – the really funny stuff I’m saving for you to taste when you get your copy of the album – you have to hear the crack about Batman. Add to that the absolutely hilarious dance shoutout I’m Gay – “I think rock and roll is really funny when it’s serious. Don't hate us 'cause we're happy!” Bowling For Soup

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Red Button - Gonna Make You Mine

Drumstick opening in honor of Micky and his cohorts Davy, Peter & Mike. “You came my way like a misplaced ray of sunshine.” Yep, I love it. I have been transported. “You keep trying to run from me, but you’re just wasting your time. Can’t you see I’m your destiny and you’re mine!” And, the instrumental break – I can see all four of them monkees chasing girls around the trees in a park outside of a hotel in some city some where. Stopping to kiss a duck and dance with a swan. Wearing red or orange pants - all four of 'em. Wonderful, lively, and happy Tuesday music. Thanks! Shoutout to It's No Secret. “It’s no point in trying to hide it” – these guys can sure sing some beautiful harmonies together. Red Button

Monday, March 26, 2007

Love Kills Theory - 44

“We’re all bored and we’re going crazy, and we all want someone to shoot.” A bullet shoots out of a gun waking me from my “endless dream”. Guitars shout right in. The singer is not far behind. The background singers are visitors from the garage recordings we all love. Lyrically, well, let’s say the narrator represents some real things that have happened in this strange and crazy world. I’ve heard men on their way to Iraq talking like this, but also the kids at Columbine.

This song does not give answers. But, I love the questions and the energy. Regular readers already know my viewpoint – if more people would dance in their hearts we wouldn’t have to talk about the evil in this world. But since many people refuse to dance and love, the subjects will always come up. And, since I do need to think about these subjects from time to time to stay up with the inhumanity committed by humans, I’d much rather do it dancing along with Love Kills Theory than pulling my hair out in disgust of my fellow man. Shoutout to King Of Cream – “the earth just spins at breakneck speed”. Love Kills Theory

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kemp Harris - Sweet Weepin' Jesus

“O my God, our ship has no captain.” The blues groove moves the soul into prayer. “Politicians speak in tongues – no one understands what they say.” The bass and drums move together in hypnotic understanding of the truth. “There are thieves in the temple. O my God, the pillars are falling!” The mouth harp sneaks in to run circles around the pain in my heart as I deal with the world I live in by dancing a gospel blues with tears in my brain. “Looking at the world today, war is just a game we play, someone will win, and someone lose. Look at all the lives we lost. Won the war, but at what cost? Wonder next time what will we choose?” Shoutout to Didn't It Rain, an a Capella tour de force bringing my spirit back in line with myself as I force myself to recall that “when I get to heaven I will sing and shout cause nobody there gonna turn me out!” This messed up world led by greed and corruption is only temporary. Kemp Harris

Saturday, March 24, 2007

High Llamas - The Old Spring Town

“How many times have you been to Mexico?” Spring started 3 days ago and it’s showing all over my yard. The fig trees have what looks like 1000 little buds, and the peach, pear and plum trees are jam packed with 10000 little blooms. Bees and butterflies everywhere & the hummingbirds have returned. Saw a few bats fluttering under the bridge this morning. Watching the cardinals chase each other around the fig trees as they collect twigs off the ground near the mesquite trees is pure bliss. So all is well, and this song has power in that it feels like today as I listen with my ears dripping in the honey the High Llamas are pouring into my cup of raspberry leaved tea. “The frost is on the ground and the fairies far away!” High Llamas

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mar 23 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Out Of Style Innocent - Don't Worry

“It seems there is some doubt about the way I feel/a question or two in your mind that makes you ask if I've been healed.” Huh? It’s Friday night, dude and your music is grooving me to my feet – I’m all ready for the party your tune is firing up. This dance is definitely a great after-dinner apertif – my ear is drooling with all the flavors the band pouring into them. Especially the guitars – party guitars that make the icing on the cake melt. “Hey - don't you worry - I'll be just fine.” Thanks for the good news! So will I, FYI. Thanks for keeping my feet alive and swirling around the room! What? “Another question is born and grown to take its place/you don't have to say a word.” Okay, I’m not sure what the new question is, but I’ll accept that you’re trying to keep my brain actively engaged in your thought processes. “Shallow people say... only pain 'til it goes away/other people say... hardened pain never goes away.” Guess I’ve been hardened by this life, cause I agree more with the latter statement; but then, I’m too busy listening to the guitar to think this through deeply right now. Thanks for starting out my weekend with some deep thoughts & powerful beats! Shoutout goes to “Ghosts Of San Francisco.” Out Of Style Innocent

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fighting Chance - Something More

“You’re drowning in your week day war.” Skalicious to my ears. What I take from the lyrics is – hey, be cool, don’t stress out, find something you like to do, or you’ll drown yourself in stress. Simple enough. Plus, I may have it all wrong, who knows? As I bounce myself around the room, I simply don’t care because the stress of this day is leaving my body far behind thanks to the skaliciousness of this cut owed to the dancability and the time changes that keep the tune musically exciting. Shoutout to Falling In. Fighting Chance

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Evil Twin Humpday

Get your hump day margaritas shaken and prepared for a pair of humpday songs that wandered in this week with the same title – but completely different feels and lyrics.

Scanners - Evil Twin

“Weaving out and weaving in.” We are acoustically prepared for this party with a guitar strumming into a whispered voice “breathing out and breathing in.” Changes are flavored with world spices – a bit of Turkey, a slice of Persia, a pinch of India. “I lost my meaning, so tell me a story. That’s my price now tell me yours.” Easy to move to while I visit “the other side.” Shoutout for the bass driven Bombs. Scanners

Stalking Horses - Evil Twin

This tune begins with a drum introducing my feet to a shufflin’ blues flavor. I’m ready to meet myself on the floor face to face, and am fully satisfied by the time the four minutes are over. “I love my evil twin. As the years go by we’re looking more alike. I know things won’t always be this black and white. But until then at least I think I know what’s right.” Feet move in three directions while shoulders move in four. It’s easier than it sounds with the powerful rhythms flowing throughout. Very cool guitar work near the end – comes very close to the edge of being rude, but manages to salvage it’s twinness beautifully. Shoutout to Everything Bounces (“I am not bound by your rules!”) Stalking Horses

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Willy Mason - Gotta Keep Walking

“Had a dream late last night/Someone stole my boots in broad daylight/…put up no fight/…they were out of sight/…I still felt alright.” And that’s just the way this cheese enchilada makes me feel. Alright. Just a touch of pepperjack to warm the tastebuds a bit. “So I walked on/barefoot, strong.” There are days like this when I need songs like this to re-invigorate myself while kicking back and enjoying the company in my living room. Shoutout for We Can Be Strong – a beautiful visit from the spirit of TVZ. Willy Mason

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation

“I kissed the kids at noon.” The narration of this song is about a father facing his family and admitting his weakness (alcohol). “Things could be much worse – we still have our health.”

The father obviously works his day-in-day-out job in pain and turns to drink for escape. And who doesn’t know someone like that? Great theme, well thought out, and besides making me think, allows me to move while thinking.

I don’t have a point system here, because every day is a new ten pointer, but Cold War Kids deserve a special note for tackling tough subjects in a rock and roll setting. “Two weeks paid vacation won’t heal the damage done – I need another one.” Another week, or another drink? It’s up to the listener to decide. I like the openness – as a listener I’m allowed to come to some conclusions on my own. “It sounds so soothing – to mix a gin and sink into oblivion.”

Shoutout to Passing The Hat: “Look up from the hymnal, look up at the faces of families closing their eyes. Taking communion and passing the hat around at the same time.” The narrator sneaks the cash out and leaves a note that says “if there was a worthy cause for to give to, may I be so bold as to say: the givers not knowing where their money is going is as sinful as throwing it away.” There’s more to this with excellent allusions – very much worth tasting. Cold War Kids

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rickie Lee Jones - Elvis Cadillac

“Everybody tries so hard to sing a song no one can hear.” Ouch. The truth hurts. But with a delicious juevos rancheros of a tune, it’s really easy to listen to this song too few will hear. “Janis Joplin’s got a job on the corner in a bar, so I guess we’re doing alright.” The salsa is homemade, the tang perfectly squeezed from fresh lime. “Yes, my heart was opened, but no, I don’t look back, cause I’m riding around in heaven in Elvis’ Cadillac.” Shoutout goes to the brilliantly executed Nobody Knows My Name. Rickie Lee Jones

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Swampdawamp - Tastes Like Chicken To Me

“Swamp fog Bobby try to make reservations at the soup kitchen table for three.” Yep, the flavors are built into this train headed up a 12 percent grade pulling 86 cars behind. Slow, but steady, warming up the tracks with the weight. “Crawdad Debbie serving alligator tail said ‘it tastes like chicken to me’” as the train rolls on and the organist meets the slide guitarist in a beautiful world. The scene turns to suicide Sally and landmine Lenny where the “sand storm rage against machine”. The flavors don’t stay away long, though. “Canteen Carter serving salamander salmon said ‘it tastes like chicken to me.’” Suddenly we reach the peak of the grade and the engine goes over the hump with the shout of “Rise to the top!” The drummer joins in and the lead guitar helps the players start rolling over the tracks much more easily. “Here come the poor and huddled masses, welcome to the land of open sores. Thanks to the sweat shops Sammy selling. America for sale, Americans at war.” Leaves me thirsty for more Swampadawamp – be sure to see them if they tour near you this year. As good as this record is, I’m betting they really kick into overdrive when they play live. Swampdawamp

Goodstock - July 2007

Just received a press release about this and I have no problem passing on the information. -Rich


GOODSTOCK 2007 will bring together the most amazing 60's and 70's
bands from coast to coast for a 3-day festival. Iron Butterfly,
Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mercy and dozens of
others, including the Electric Prunes, will reunite for this musical
extravaganza. Experience the music, rock culture, peace and
brotherhood of that era! Bands and fans - from Boston to Berkeley -
will finally experience the musical event that they have waited
decades for since Woodstock!

"I have watched the attempts to copy Woodstock by others," comments
Artie Kornfeld, Goodstock 2007 promoter and co-creator of Woodstock
1969. "To me, these were over-commercialized attempts to take a great
event and use it to rip-off rock and peace lovers. I consider
Goodstock 2007 to be the first real attempt to have another 3 days of
peace and music."

Goodstock 2007 is produced and promoted by Larry McClurg, of 60's band
Mind Garage, and Artie Kornfeld, famed music industry song writer,
manager, producer, and most notable as co-creator of the 1969
WOODSTOCK MUSIC AND ART FAIR - rock history's greatest 'happening' -
on Yasgur's farm in upstate New York.

With nearly 50 bands booked to date, Goodstock 2007 will be held July
19 - 21, 2007 on 1000 rolling acres at the Good Evening Ranch in
Summersville, West Virginia. Like Woodstock 1969, Goodstock 2007 is a
3-day music and camping event. The ranch will be transformed into
Goodstock Village, as a festival of the sixties offering memorabilia,
clothing and band attire, a 60?s museum style exhibit, bands
performing continually, as well as a San Francisco style light show.

Camp in the Village or stay in nearby hotels. The Village will
accommodate bands and music festival fans from nearly every state in
the USA, as well as countries worldwide. Unlike Woodstock's for-profit
imitators of recent years, Goodstock admission prices - that include
camping - start at $28.00 for one day and go up to $75.00 for all 3
days. Goodstock 2007 is all about peace and music instead of
generating profit.

According to Larry McClurg, Goodstock promoter, "Imagine the
excitement of seeing the stars and legends of rock who played the
Fillmore East, West and Woodstock, with the bands who opened for them,
and the fans who were there, all in one place again. That's what
Goodstock 2007 is. This is not an attempt to go back, re-create or
re-visit. It is a new 'happening' and an opportunity for the whole
family to experience a re-awakening of the ideals of peace and
togetherness through music."

More information on the event, band line-up, and purchase of tickets
is available by visiting the Goodstock website at:

GOODSTOCK is produced and promoted by
Larry McClurg, Artie Kornfeld and Goodstock LLC.

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Little Man Tate - House Party At Boothy's

“Bring a crate and some wine, oh, and you'll be fine.” What better way to start a party than with a dance record about parties? “Has anyone seen the phone books? I’m ordering pizza!” Lots of details and humor, and as usual much more fun if you discover them while listening than reading the blurbs here. “There's bottles and cans all over the place - nowhere to sleep, there is no space. I had a right good night in any case! Same again next time!” With a shoutout to Sexy In Latin. Little Man Tate

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - When Your Mind's Made Up

The slow swirl of this song sneaks up on me. I’m listening to the piano, contemplating the words when the song builds, then moves back to the swirling mood. Then the piano starts in again, the voices start in with a point that approaches anger “when your mind’s made up there’s no point to try to fight it.” Then the strings enter and we are in full-fledged taste treat territory with flavors being tossed in all directions for a powerful twirling motion through forever. When the song ends my heart still beats quickly for several minutes. The shoutout tune manages to bring me back down to an even keel – Drown Out. “Drown out the voice that breaks the silence and talks the joy out of everything.” Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mika - Grace Kelly

“So I attract you, do I repulse you with my queasy smile?” It’s hump day, so let’s keep it light, fluffy and fun tonight. “I’m a little bit shy. Why don’t you like me?” Lots off margaritas all around. There’s no philosophy here, but plenty of dance beats with a huge sense of humor. “I tried to be like Grace Kelly but all her looks were too sad.” Keeps a smile on my face! Bring on the nachos! Shoutouts to Lollipop (wild) and Big Girls (even wilder – in a fun way). Mika, thanks for the party! Mika

Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me

“The biggest midget in the game.” Continuing this party of the weird, Lady Sovereign brings in something a bit stronger than margaritas. “If you love me, thank you. If you hate me. . .” well, let’s say the jalapeƱos are not the mild flavored ones. “I’m English, try to deport me!” Classy all the way. “Whoops, I might burp in your face. It might be unlady like, but what can I say?” It’s great fun, so keep saying it. “Had a hamster, it died cuz i ignored it.” Shoutout to Public Warning – “It's evident, there's evidence, that I am bloody excellent!” Great party songs, Lady! Lady Sovereign

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alkaline Trio - My Standard Break From Life

“I don't know what I said to you/And now you're pissed at you know who/And I guess I deserve it.” Self reflection. With a beat. Life doesn’t get any better for music listeners than this. “Now that I'm awake I'd rather take a drink and walk down to the lake and beg the sky for lightning bolts. I can't waste my time without wasting all your time.” Stream of consciousness for moderns. Shoutout to the cool cover of Rooftops – “Hey world! Are you listening? Listen to me!” Alkaline Trio

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Jack - Glory Days

“Step outcha house and be prepared to be amazed!” I love having optimism wake me up on Monday, and this is actually an optimistic dance with a somewhat hip-hop flavor. Give me some raisin bran, and time to make a tuna sandwich with an apple and a banana for later and I’m out the door humming loudly “it’s just another one of them glory days!” The narrator has fun with teaching us how he fell upon this buoyant, confident attitude, “just when I was getting used to the humdrum, I realized in the depths of my depression that I really wanted to be someone.” Well, I’m glad Just Jack had this enlighted moment because by becoming someone they have this cool song to share. Thanks! Shoutout to the extremely weird and happy tune Post Ironic. “Come on, let’s dance!” Time like this I wish I had a TV cause I’d love to see the cast of SNL perform this one! I won’t give away all the humor – have fun discovering the fun, but remember this – you can use this song as “a documentary of what’s coolest”. Just Jack

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Taylor Hicks - Heaven Knows

“How you say goodbye so easily?” Takes a lotta guts to sneak a Ray Charles lick into the intro of a song. But Taylor has no problem getting down on his knees and crying for forgiveness. “Won’t you cut me some slack?” Sure I will, cause this song is fun to listen to, and he manages to make the theft work. If you’re going to steal, steal from the best, right? And as much as he churchifies this song, the song is really about getting his baby to take him back. “Heaven knows I tried”. Lots of horn flavors and just good time funky dancing makes this plea sound perfect for a soulful Sunday afternoon picnic in the sun. Shoutout for the slow dance The Right Place - “Heaven knows I can’t read your mind”. Taylor Hicks

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Swampdawamp - Miss Becky

Slick slide intro to acoustic guitar boogie power makes this Saturday open up real southern tastin’ home cookin’. “Little Mis Becky she’s a friend of mine. She’s got a kick in her step, she’s got a beautiful smile.” Doesn’t take long for the gravely voice to let me know what’s putting the kick in Miss Becky’s step. “Little Miss Becky and a bottle of rum. Harvey Wallbangers, she’s baking up fun.” Yep, and fun is a real part of the action in this dance. “I’m smelling something and it hit that good spot on my brain The dance starts with this song and will continue all night long. “She must have been baking it all day!” Fine full-body groove piano break fills out this scrumptious meal. The dessert shout-out goes to Backporch. Swampdawamp

Friday, March 09, 2007

March 9 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Seldon Plan - Holding Patterns Are Slow

“We all seem to fade away.” This scrumptious little salad really whets my appetite – it feels like it’s stretching my muscles in just the right places. I feel prepared for an entire night of music washing through me and filling me with tons of emotions while piles of sweat pour off my body. “You into me/me into you/you into me/and it’s all better.”
Seldon Plan

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

“I am trying to be heroic in an age of modernity.” The soup, meat, vegetables, potatoes and dessert all fall into place as this Friday meal enters a symphony of flavors. The first minute is an introduction into the psyche of the singer, then the drummer takes me through some spherical motions as the singer streams a vision through my mind and then the guitar player grabs my spirit and flings it to the other side of the universe as the drummer continues the pounding through the orbs I’m swaying beyond. “East London is a vampire/it sucks the joy right out of me/How we look for comradeship in these golden years.” The buildup continues and teaches me to disappear into myself. Sensational. Good work. Bloc Party

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Earlies - The Enemy Chorus

Multi colored swirled jello psychedelic dreams beg “stay with me for awhile.” The record starts out with a faux heartbeat asking “wait for me/I’m falling/caught inside my mind.” A slow pounding dance dragging me around like tommy james after Woodstock removed all the hanky panky crimson and clover and left me with a cellophane symphony. Many flavors travel trough my ears – up down left right pushed pulled “I might need to be high up for awhile.” These flavors are really a plea to save the forests from capitalists. The shoutout goes to The Ground We Walk On. The Earlies

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rickie Lee Jones – Gethsemane

“The men were standing all around/other men are lying on the ground/and I am standing by myself.” This stunning song is apparently written from the first person point of view of Jesus in the Garden after the dinner he had with his friends. They, of course fell asleep while he prayed, and were no real help when he was betrayed. “You know you wake up one morning and you’re someone else. You’re on your own. There is no miracle to take you home.” He was faced with a mock trial and the agony of the cross. The beauty that Ricky Lee adds to this is a melody that portrays human viewpoint with honest movement and power. “Why are you sleeping, oh my friends?” Shoutout for Tried To Be A Man. “They make her look so pretty/She won’t be pretty long/She’ll be rising out of the sea of planet Babylon.” Rickie Lee Jones

Louise Setara – Sylvie

Acapella chorus with a slight taste of down home southern church sweetness. “Bring me little water now.” These flavors could fill my ears for hours, and for a reason only known by the muses, complement perfectly the dinner of Gethsemane served up by Ricky Lee. Shoutout for the beautiful version of Circle. Louise Setara

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Little Man Tate - This Must Be Love

“I didn’t like you much/Can’t remember how we ended up getting back in touch.” Not gushy enough for the radio, but I love the honesty. And the guitar work – takes me all around the room with my arms stretched wide in circles taking in every single movement on the frets. Ah, fills me up! “You just carry on/You tell all your mates that you were right and I was always wrong.” As he says, “this must be love.” Yep, young love, I both miss it, and am glad its over at the same time. “You kiss me right on the lips then kick me right in the shin.” Ha! This still happens after 25 years of marriage, so, yes, “this must be love!” Shoutout to Man I Hate Your Band. Little Man Tate

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bowling For Soup - Friends Like You

“You left the window open and now the cat is gone.” Loud, angry, and perfect to wake me up on Monday morning. “I warned you that that incense burner would set my house on fire!” Yep, it’s contemplation time. While pogoing around the living room, of course. Should I have cheerios or oatmeal? “I’m not going to beat you up or drag you through the mud/I just want all my cds back in their cases with the artwork still intact.” Not much to ask for. I’m thinking an egg omelet with the leftover chile relleno cut up inside. Yes! Shoutout to Why Don't I Miss You. Really fun cd, guys! Bowling For Soup

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gerina di Marco - Juegos Del Amor

“juegos del amor, juegos de temor que matan/solo un corazon buscando el amor se amarra/siempre uno de dos sale con la boca amarga/mi alma me jugue sin miedo a perder en este/juego del amor.” Acoustic guitars shine in this electric song written for a tasty Sunday afternoon with chile rellenos con queso with homemade tortillas and fresh beans on the side. Percussion is extremely tasty on this cut, with a feet-moving bass line. The abrupt ending is an invitation to replay the cut over, and it is worth it. Nice work! Gerina di Marco

Natalie Cole - The More You Do It

“Now this is for the old school.” Natalie starts off with that warning, but this is not 1978 rappers delight old school, no way. “You keep on kissing me with your kiss/touching me with your touch.” This is 1967 Aretha you make me feel old school. I got out bowls of pretzels and potato chips, with bowls of dip around the room. With Tang for the youngsters and vodka mixers for the elders. “Oh, there’s no better feeling than when your body’s next to mine moving and grooving.” And, it’s perfect. Recalls everyone, yet stands well on it’s own. “I just want to tell the world how I feel about you baby!” Could have appeared in 1967 or 2007, doesn’t really matter – it’s simply a timeless arrangement complete with horns that deserves to start off my Saturday night party. “The more you do it, the more I like it – Having so much fun, baby!” A super shoutout for Don't Say Goodnight, which will be my last dance this evening, and probably many parties to come – it’s exceptionally exquisite. “I had a lot of fun tonight.” Natalie - thanks for keeping me moving with beauty. Natalie Cole

Friday, March 02, 2007

Gruff Rhys - Cycle Of Violence

What a beautiful song – music flowing into many flavors of pop, Mediterranean, rock, and little bits of feta cheese hanging from it’s beard of sha-la-las. “Dirty bombs and clean ones look the same if you look closely.” That really says it all. The American press uses these terms as if the clean bombs are morally superior. It’s hell living in a country where people are not allowed to think out loud. I really love the interlude: "Piece together/one another," which can also be heard as "Peace together/one another." But the music. Yes! Tasty! We can get away with the truth in music. Thank God. Musicians are here to entertain, and be ignored. The good news is that those who have ears will hear. Truth is always true. And the best truth of all here is that I can dance to this record. Shoutout goes to Painting People Blue. Gruff Rhys

LynnMarie & The Boxhounds - Party Dress

Ah, we can’t let a little politics get in the way of a good time party, so let’s swing out another record! This one tastes very fresh, with just the right spices of cajun polka gumbo to make the dance sweat sweet. Grab a partner and get your booty out there on the floor – we’re setting up a happy party tonight!

Every working girl knows just what it’s like
Sitting on the edge of a Friday night
Tapping in time to the second hand creeping along
But at 5:01 just the thing I’ll need
Is home up on a hanger just a-waiting for me
And I know when I get it on. . .

Heads are gonna turn, hearts are gonna break
Heaven’s gonna move and the earth is gonna shake
I’ll be all dolled up and ready to play tonight
One of a kind fitting like a glove
Satin on skin showin’ just enough
Tell ‘em what’ll happen when a good girl slips. . .
Into her pretty little party dress

Country? Rock? Polka? Cajun? Ha! I love it because this song is all that and fun to boot! Shoutouts to two more party hearty tunes Squeeze Box (yes, that one!), and Polka Till The Cows Come Home. And, if you’re real lucky and you don’t pass out too early, I’ll let you taste a really pretty version of The Tennessee Waltz before you go home tonight. LynnMarie & The Boxhounds

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tom Chapin - Not On The Test

“The School Board is faced with no child left behind
With rules but no funding, they're caught in a bind.
So music and art and the things you love best
Are not in your school 'cause they're not on the test.”

I love this new ode Tom has allegedly written to a third grader. Methinks he really meant for all of us to hear it. Yep, we’re facing the big test month in America. Schools everywhere this month will have several weeks set aside for the NCLB testing. Everyone hates it, however none but a very few school boards and states are standing up against it. We all know that taking time out to test means taking time out from instruction. Approximately 38% of the school year is set aside for testing now. Not that they instruct less, really. They just no longer do all the things they used to do to make school meaningful. End result? More drop-outs.

But here’s the real kicker. Have you ever wondered why, oh why does the government need to know the test score and social security number of every child in every school in the United States from Kindergarten to 12th grade? Ah, here’s the dirty little secret you’ll need to research yourself because you know the press and the government are not going to tell you. Buried way deep down inside the tome known as NCLB is permission for Military recruiters to have access to the SS#’s & test scores. True. And notice how deeply into the documents this little tidbit is hidden. Yep, only your friendly eartasting friends have the patience to do what no congresspeople have the time and/or will to do - read the entire documant. (NCLB, Section 9528(a)(1)--ARMED FORCES RECRUITER ACCESS TO STUDENTS requires each LEA receiving funding under NCLB to provide military recruiters access to secondary school students names, addresses, and telephone listings).

“Debate is a skill that is useful to know,
Unless you're in Congress or talk radio,
Where shouting and spouting and spewing are blessed
'Cause rational discourse was not on the test.”

Oh, and then there’s the open secret that a very few people in private industry are getting extremely rich selling tests that the government requires. And, of course, those those individuals who profit are selected by elected officials who even with a $60,000 a year income somehow manage to come out of congress with a bank account that measures in the millions. Should be laws against these things, but of course, there aren’t because look at who is responsible for writing the laws. Profit motive for the NCLB is possibly even more important than scientifically choosing the next generation of military personnel. Only the next war will tell us for sure.

“Thinking's important. It's good to know how.
And someday you'll learn to, but someday's not now.
Go on to sleep, now. You need your rest.
Don't think about thinking. It's not on the test.”

Ouch, got stuck on the political. Let’s face another truth. This song is simply written, which only makes it’s deeper message and irony all that more important. I love this song and hope every citizen listens to it closely and thinks about it before encouraging their local politicians to renew the NCLB. Oh, you haven’t heard? Congress could throw the whole thing into the garbage this year if they wanted. But, then, who would they turn to next time they needed to raise funds to run again? Ah, the vicious cycles they allow their corrupt selves to get into.

Thanks Tom, you did good! Your song manages to make me feel good and be angry at the same time - fantastic! Tom Chapin