Friday, March 23, 2007

Out Of Style Innocent - Don't Worry

“It seems there is some doubt about the way I feel/a question or two in your mind that makes you ask if I've been healed.” Huh? It’s Friday night, dude and your music is grooving me to my feet – I’m all ready for the party your tune is firing up. This dance is definitely a great after-dinner apertif – my ear is drooling with all the flavors the band pouring into them. Especially the guitars – party guitars that make the icing on the cake melt. “Hey - don't you worry - I'll be just fine.” Thanks for the good news! So will I, FYI. Thanks for keeping my feet alive and swirling around the room! What? “Another question is born and grown to take its place/you don't have to say a word.” Okay, I’m not sure what the new question is, but I’ll accept that you’re trying to keep my brain actively engaged in your thought processes. “Shallow people say... only pain 'til it goes away/other people say... hardened pain never goes away.” Guess I’ve been hardened by this life, cause I agree more with the latter statement; but then, I’m too busy listening to the guitar to think this through deeply right now. Thanks for starting out my weekend with some deep thoughts & powerful beats! Shoutout goes to “Ghosts Of San Francisco.” Out Of Style Innocent