Saturday, March 10, 2007

Swampdawamp - Miss Becky

Slick slide intro to acoustic guitar boogie power makes this Saturday open up real southern tastin’ home cookin’. “Little Mis Becky she’s a friend of mine. She’s got a kick in her step, she’s got a beautiful smile.” Doesn’t take long for the gravely voice to let me know what’s putting the kick in Miss Becky’s step. “Little Miss Becky and a bottle of rum. Harvey Wallbangers, she’s baking up fun.” Yep, and fun is a real part of the action in this dance. “I’m smelling something and it hit that good spot on my brain The dance starts with this song and will continue all night long. “She must have been baking it all day!” Fine full-body groove piano break fills out this scrumptious meal. The dessert shout-out goes to Backporch. Swampdawamp