Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Jack - Glory Days

“Step outcha house and be prepared to be amazed!” I love having optimism wake me up on Monday, and this is actually an optimistic dance with a somewhat hip-hop flavor. Give me some raisin bran, and time to make a tuna sandwich with an apple and a banana for later and I’m out the door humming loudly “it’s just another one of them glory days!” The narrator has fun with teaching us how he fell upon this buoyant, confident attitude, “just when I was getting used to the humdrum, I realized in the depths of my depression that I really wanted to be someone.” Well, I’m glad Just Jack had this enlighted moment because by becoming someone they have this cool song to share. Thanks! Shoutout to the extremely weird and happy tune Post Ironic. “Come on, let’s dance!” Time like this I wish I had a TV cause I’d love to see the cast of SNL perform this one! I won’t give away all the humor – have fun discovering the fun, but remember this – you can use this song as “a documentary of what’s coolest”. Just Jack