Saturday, March 17, 2007

Swampdawamp - Tastes Like Chicken To Me

“Swamp fog Bobby try to make reservations at the soup kitchen table for three.” Yep, the flavors are built into this train headed up a 12 percent grade pulling 86 cars behind. Slow, but steady, warming up the tracks with the weight. “Crawdad Debbie serving alligator tail said ‘it tastes like chicken to me’” as the train rolls on and the organist meets the slide guitarist in a beautiful world. The scene turns to suicide Sally and landmine Lenny where the “sand storm rage against machine”. The flavors don’t stay away long, though. “Canteen Carter serving salamander salmon said ‘it tastes like chicken to me.’” Suddenly we reach the peak of the grade and the engine goes over the hump with the shout of “Rise to the top!” The drummer joins in and the lead guitar helps the players start rolling over the tracks much more easily. “Here come the poor and huddled masses, welcome to the land of open sores. Thanks to the sweat shops Sammy selling. America for sale, Americans at war.” Leaves me thirsty for more Swampadawamp – be sure to see them if they tour near you this year. As good as this record is, I’m betting they really kick into overdrive when they play live. Swampdawamp