Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kemp Harris - Sweet Weepin' Jesus

“O my God, our ship has no captain.” The blues groove moves the soul into prayer. “Politicians speak in tongues – no one understands what they say.” The bass and drums move together in hypnotic understanding of the truth. “There are thieves in the temple. O my God, the pillars are falling!” The mouth harp sneaks in to run circles around the pain in my heart as I deal with the world I live in by dancing a gospel blues with tears in my brain. “Looking at the world today, war is just a game we play, someone will win, and someone lose. Look at all the lives we lost. Won the war, but at what cost? Wonder next time what will we choose?” Shoutout to Didn't It Rain, an a Capella tour de force bringing my spirit back in line with myself as I force myself to recall that “when I get to heaven I will sing and shout cause nobody there gonna turn me out!” This messed up world led by greed and corruption is only temporary. Kemp Harris