Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Little Man Tate - This Must Be Love

“I didn’t like you much/Can’t remember how we ended up getting back in touch.” Not gushy enough for the radio, but I love the honesty. And the guitar work – takes me all around the room with my arms stretched wide in circles taking in every single movement on the frets. Ah, fills me up! “You just carry on/You tell all your mates that you were right and I was always wrong.” As he says, “this must be love.” Yep, young love, I both miss it, and am glad its over at the same time. “You kiss me right on the lips then kick me right in the shin.” Ha! This still happens after 25 years of marriage, so, yes, “this must be love!” Shoutout to Man I Hate Your Band. Little Man Tate