Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arrested Development - Down & Dirty

“I said clap your hands and stomp your feet/Get down and dirty to this AD beat.” Perfect start for my hump day party! I can’t help but get up and move to this tasty number. Plus, I like this little modern flavored tease: “If you want it now download the file.” This table is laid out with every sort of appetizer imaginable – I especially like the little cheese puffy things. “Come on and just skip to the beat/Everybody just move your feet/Get on down to the funky beat.” The very good news is the shoutout for another cut, How Far Is Heaven, which keeps the dance groove by AD going just a little longer with deeper sensations lyrically. “I’m a M.C. battling with melody envy/Cuz melodies the only thing that seems to sooth me.” These two will always be played together on my radio. Arrested Development

Plain White Ts - Figure It Out

Keep the party at a high level today with this one. Philosophy all the way! “She says, I don't take her seriously/And I don't, so I guess I'd have to agree” Well, honesty is fun. “I didn't mean that/I really mean that”. Typical male commitment. Time for a big juicy Texan Bacon Burger. The dancing is great, and this line is a perfect pop poetry line speaking of figuring out women: “I'll figure it out soon as I figure it out.” Maybe a few beers later. Maybe not. This line is from shoutout cut, Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk : “But I think you're impossible/I hope you prove me wrong.” Love is grand on hump-day! “You only call me after you've had a few/You only want to hang out when you've got nothing to do.” Plain White Ts

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)

“People need the cover of another perfect wonder where it’s all white as snow.” This pretty tune sounds a bit warm for a cold wintry snow, but all the better to keep me warm. Sitting here wrapped up with some mexican mint tea this warm tune makes a perfect evening. I’ve listened to the lyrics many times, and I finally decided I don’t need to know what the heck the story is about – “Come to decide that the things that I tried were in my life just to get high on/When I sit alone, come get a little known.” The voice is an instrument here that plays a melody worth savoring. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Monday, January 29, 2007

Matt Willis – Luxury

“All I need is some luxury/yes, she looks a lot like you.” Good old fashioned pop-rock with na-na-na’s all over the place. Good feeling melody, with teen-angst bitter chocolate to add flavor. “I’m angry/They tell me.” Obviously the narrator isn’t convinced, heck he’s having a great time, but he’s aware that others feel he’s “gotta social disease.” Great fun, lotsa noise & energy. Shoutout goes to “From Myself Baby”, which is the exact opposite flavor – guitar, tambourine type percussion & voice with a touch of violin synth softness – light creamy caramel wrapped with a thin layer of semi-sweet chocolate. Matt Willis

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dionne Warwick & Celia Cruz - Do You Know The Way To San Jose / El Camino A San Jose

Antojitas empañadas muy picante! Okay, this flavorful entry is an old tune, however it is included on the brand new album called My Friends & Me, so I feel great aural pleasures in revisiting this tune. This one can play over and over and keep my feet moving on the dance floor. Imagine some good guacamole with just a slight taste of habeñero. Yummy flavors. If you’re working on an eartaste budget, I’d suggest skipping the new album & picking up the CD by Celia Cruz. Heck, pick up a dozen cds by Celia if you like to dance! Dionne Warwick or Celia Cruz

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cass Fox - Save Me

“As I sat all alone Saturday night/how I loved when I said I was out/I was sitting at home doing nothing/I don’t know why.” This is one of those take the Vanilla Bean Dryers out of the freezer and eat the whole box songs. With such a beautiful melody, it allows my body to sway as I eat spoonful after spoonful. “So I thought to myself what can I do?/Have a smoke, take a walk, think of you?/Read a book, watch an old movie or two?/But it’s no fun without you.” Amazing flavors. Cass Fox

Keith Kehrer - Sweety Cakes

Instrumental visit into other worlds eating foods and desserts from other planets which are called, aptly, sweety cakes. Midi percussion, with some cool keyboard flavors. Sweet dance with sweety kiss icing on top. No deep adventure here, simply a nice trip around some local orbs. Keith Kehrer

Friday, January 26, 2007

Jan 26 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Phantasm – Disasteroid

The guitar sneaks in slowly swirling kinda making me wonder if the sauce will enhance the flavor of the noodles or overwhelm it. Good news! The enhancement wins on this Linguini Aglio. As the drums come in the guitar takes off into virgin olive oil heaven with the strums leading the singer to “Rise Up!” The rhythms do not stay in one place, which makes for a lot of ear flavors – some red peppers with the garlic. “Money talks, but you won’t hear it talking to me.” And as soon as we hear “let it talk” we enter a new palate thrill. Massive shoutout for Two Left Feet – “Come dance with me tonight!” & “Hey Star” – a fun, fun slice of life that doubles as danceable humor. Tasty! Phantasm

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Julie Feeney - You Bring Me Down

“I don’t know who I want and I don’t know what I need/I’m in a situation you know I can’t read”. The percussion is driving us to this point and is causing just the right amount of tension to make this wonderful Polenta Pasticciato flavored mostly by voice thoroughly danceable. “I know I’m listening but I’m nothing I hear. . .I’m engaging in your raging but I’m keeping my cool.” Huge shoutout to Autopilot with it’s many indescribable flavors to treat my palate. Julie Feeney

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lee Hazlewood – Sacrifice

“She rolls like a river/she bathes in the sand/she’s ice for a woman/she’s fire for a man.” Could very well be talking about bagels laced with jalapenos and cream cheese. Cool rolling guitar to accent these fun lyrics. “She’ll beat you at poker/she’ll cheat you at dice/she’s got an ace up her sleeve/and she’ll make you believe/when she’s in love she’ll sacrifice.” The rest of the lyrics continue on with the sly smirk keeping the melody bouncing with tasty rhythm, but I can’t help by type these out also – “You’ll think she’s an altar/you’ll get down on your knees.” Been there, and will probably be there again – nice work! Big shoutout for the accordion player, and another cool song called “Nothing”. Lee Hazlewood

Lil Chris - Get Delirious

“Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up!” Gladly. How else to celebrate humpday? Take a bunch of old songs and steal the musical themes from theme, mix ‘em up and you get a full fledged taste of several decades of memories coming together and sounding new enough to want to happily dance to with while Little Chris shout out “Welcome to our generation!” Yes, welcome! And thanks for including and transforming the music of other generations in this welcome! Lil Chris

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cass Fox - Daddy Dear

“I laid the table/I made the tea/for my brothers, my father and me.” Well, anyone who prepares a meal in song has to be mentioned by eartaste. Not really, but this is some tasty music, with some really personal lyrics. A minute into the song father says, “You’re a disgrace to yourself and your family.” I’m not sticking up for the guy, but I was also a lousy father. I didn’t use those exact words, but I was unkind to my children in many ways as they were attempting to outgrow the nest. “It’s the devil who leads you/Guides and deceives you.” Boy, does that type of abusive language hit home. There’s just no real instruction book in child rearing, but hopefully the kind of honesty that Cass has will allow more fathers to look at themselves and bring more love to the table. I can’t change my past of being unkind, but I can be honest with my children now, especially my son, and let them know and remember the harshness doesn’t work short term, and hurts long term. Nice job on both the lyric and the music, Cass. Keep it up! Cass Fox

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cord - Sea Of Trouble

Acoustic guitar welcomes me into this deep dark sea. “We’re in an awful mess with money, honey.” The main problem here is “I can’t buy all of the things you want from me.” There’s an easy answer to that problem (dump her), but who knows what pain lies deep in the heart of man? So, I’ll deal with the next best thing and dance to this wonderful music while adding more honey to my white-leafed Darjeeling tea. “Everyday something else goes wrong, and things couldn’t be more stressful.” It’s not great news, but honestly there are many people with this problem. At least the singer, while admitting the trouble, is asking to “see the storm through.” Cord

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jim Noir - I Me You I'm Your

“I’m confused/I’ve got words I’d like to use/but they’ve all been used before/so I’m going to use them all.” Go ahead. You use your words while I swirl around my living room to your very cool tune and beach surf flavor of cotton candy at the boardwalk. I’m there with you, Jim. Thanks for the flavors! Jim Noir

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rodney Parker - Someplace Else

“The music started late tonight and the songs about you again.” Ah, wonderful chili rellenos for the ear. “No, I’m not feeling bad for you darling, that’s why I wear this grin!” Poblanos con carne y queso y salsa picante! “You can cry someplace else tonight cause I don’t want to hear your sad old songs!” A tequila sunrise shoutout for Just The Sounds. Just a slight twist of mango in that sunrise, please. Rodney Parker

Keith Urban - Your Company

The bass introduces us to white soul supreme dairy queen delite. “If I could be anywhere with anyone, you know exactly where I’d be.” No surprises lyrically, but the soul flavors make this a slice of fresh homemade pecan pie I want to hear over and over. “Under the covers waiting for the sun to rise/Your head on the pillow next to me.” Hot players allowed to stretch make this warm pie go down smooth. Yum! Keith Urban

Friday, January 19, 2007

Opeth – Atonement

This is pure ear dance music. Round and round I weave. There are vocals, but they are not important – and the composer seems to realize that because the voice has been distorted to become another instrument in this fine composition. “Rising moon and my skin is peeling…” This long, flowing dance will keep my mind occupied for many long glimpses at the night sky. “Suddenly I can justify what I’ve become…” Opeth

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 19 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Simon Webbe - That's The Way It Goes

“Some days I don’t know how I got here/It’s been a journey through the dark.” The ice around here is ½” thick and they have closed the schools east of here and all the roads west of here. The post office is open, but there’s no mail because of the closed roads. At least here we have electricity and most of the day I’ve been able to access the web. “I’ve lived to fight another day.” Tea. Warm tea, all day. I’ve been drinking an orange/tangerine peel blend. And this beautiful song feels like all of that put together, so it’s perfect for today. “It’s like a book without an ending/It’s like a story never told/It’s like a night when you’re on fire/Why does the morning feel so cold?” A slow dance – just enough to keep warm. “Play on, play on. . .” Simon Webbe

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boy Kill Boy – Suzie

“This is not a movie/Things just ain't the same as your favorite video.” Some people need to be told this truth as the guitars clash out a rhythm to keep the dance floor bouncing. Good jalapeño popper song – swallow it down with some good old fashioned Tecate. And in case you’re wondering about the band name, they throw in this line: “There's an evil lurking round every door.” Yes, and spin me around and around! Boy Kill Boy

7K - Suburban Desperado

Slow build to a power rock chord progression. “Sold the dream for safety/Couldn’t quench the fire.” The character apparently took a job and settled in suburbia instead of following his dreams. Cool guitar echoing “The Good The Bad And The Ugly” theme. “Five in the cylinder/one in the barrel/about to spatter all the knick knacks and apparel.” Violent you say? About as violent as those jalapeño poppers with melted jack cheese mixed with Tecate in my stomach right now. My bet is the character, Jimmy, couldn’t live his fantasies as a young man, so chances are pretty high he can’t do it as a middle-aged guy either. He’ll apologize to his wife for digging the gun out of the closet & be back at work tomorrow. Oh, I know once in awhile there’s a guy like Jimmy goes through with it. But most of them don’t, because – I believe the writer is implying that we’re all Jimmy’s at heart. Good beat! 7K

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freelovebabies - Down The Road

“Nothing looks as good as my love walking back to me.” I’m really no different than anyone else and I really want to hate bands that have cutesy names. I tried my best to hate these guys, but they caught me in their joyous blast of fresh air. Complete with tasty tambourine man beats. Hidden in the message is a bit of anger about the war taking the ones we love away for awhile. “Let them send you back a hero/medals on your box. . .I’d love to see my love just walking down the road”. Shoutout to Sky Blue Feeling! Freelovebabies

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mumm-Ra - Out Of The Question

A quick run, then WHAM!!! BIG CHORD intro to pop heaven with “Light out of the Darkness.” I defy my lazy Monday desire to stay in bed and jump up hopping around the room in pure glee!!! “If you believe me, look in my eyes!” Definite sugar trance created even before I pour the instant maple oatmeal into the bowl. “I’ll try to explain!” I may not even need coffee today. “This is the only thing I know” Mumm-Ra

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Magic Numbers - This Is A Song

“I don’t want to tell her/I’m lost in the dark.” The strawberry jello fell out of the bowl, bounced off the floor and landed right back in my dish! Luckily I hadn’t put on my whipped cream yet, and the bridge started just in time for the half strawberry I’m putting on the dark on top. When I focus on the words this has got to be the saddest song of the year so far, but – hey the music bypasses all that. This is fun!!! “She knows why!” Loud shoutout for Take Me Or Leave Me – I’ve always been a sucker for a great singer taking on a Burt Bacharach casserole. “I’ve been such a fool.” Okay, look, I think this is an original tune that simply sounds like a Bacharach tune, but it’s still a great flavor that I will be here to remind you what it's all about cause this guy’s in love with the singers voice. Magic Numbers

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not a lone voice singing. . .

For a long long time I've been moaning about the state of radio in America. Turns out there's a whole buncha people feeling the same way, and are also vocal about it. Stumbled across this tonight: - one of the newest reports is about the state of radio. Of course, there's many of us that feel that perhaps radio is just simply dead now and the internet is going to save people who love to hear new and different sounds - but it's hard to say. I'd sure love there to be good radio again. I can live without it, obviously, but can't we have our cake and eat it to? Guess not, according to the government. Some comments would be welcome!

Steve Vaclavik - Wet Dog (Someone To Care)

A guy and his guitar with someone's neglected dog standing in the rain. What better to taste on a wet and windy Texas Saturday? “I come to the dog and I let him off his chain/it licks my hand and dances in the rain/it turns, it twirls, it jumps in the air/he doesn’t mind the rain now that someone seems to care.” Pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs with cheese on top. Side of melon and warm buttered toast. That’s how Steve makes me feel, and what a pleasant experience it is. Shoutouts for Nothin’ Like & The Moon Must Be Empty. Steve Vaclavik

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jan 12 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Five Star Crush - California Blues

“Shut the door and drive!” Rock on! We are on our way somewhere, and I can tell you it’s up on your feet to dance all night. The recording sounds live enough – I can imagine this is a great live group. For now I’ll just munch on the music – fine, thin tortilla chips with some of the best homemade salsa around. Hot! “I’ve got to make something beautiful out of tragedy.” Shakespeare couldn't have said it any better. Shout-out: Silver-Yellow Girl Five Star Crush

Bob Burger - Catchin' On Fire

This rocker has great fun music & a rock beat that will has my body moving along just great as I crunch down on the hottest salsa this side of San Antonio. The story is super-hilarious! Apparently, the narrator dies and Saint Peter mistakes him for his twin brother, Jesse, who was a trouble-maker. Somehow Jesse made it to heaven in disguise as his brother, and the narrator has to pay for it. Theologically, this is just plain silly, but for a rock song, this is fantabulous fun! I’m sure there’s more going on here (“between the incompetence of heaven/and the honesty of hell”) than plain fun, but I don’t want to think that hard on a party night. Besides the harmonica swirling in the background has me on my feet now! Shout-out: Opposite Reaction Bob Burger

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mossback - Cold Wind

The acoustic guitar welcomes the drums in and the singer slides in with “Watching the time pass slowly”. A nice, slow Thursday song built to go along with a winter evening and some hot Salmon loaf with a side of baked potato. After dinner I’ll play it again and enjoy a slow dance. “Where is she tonight?/No valid explanation/something just ain’t right.” I’m always amazed at how a sad lyric like this with a singer pouring their broken heart out in my cup of hot chai tea can make me want to dance. Slow, sensual & scrumptious. “If I described our early love/I would say sublime.” Mossback

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Curtains - Green Water

“Don’t try to follow me now/Green waters swallow me up.” Just the right touch of psychedelic aura to wake these hungry ears up for a Wednesday party. The guitar is excitingly garage style. The voices are just pure enough to keep me chewing on the broccoli being offered in innocence. Perfect for sipping margaritas with. A huge shoutout for Invisible String – the bass groove that opens the song and keeps the song moving through my core is a solid method of keeping these ears tasting this band over and over. Curtains

Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis

“You can do anything you want, as long as it makes sense.” A distinctive song, definitely gets me up from my margarita and onto the dance floor. Great with nachos & extra jalapenos! Positive guitars & super drums with fun group vocals. “When the cat befriended the mouse, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” A definite ear-opener and foot mover. Hump day dance spectacular with chewy cheese enchiladas! Mystery Jets

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long Blondes - Heaven Help The New Girl

“No more nights in the flat/in the flat above the pet shop/hiding every picture of her boyfriend”. Intriguing way to start a story – just enough mystery there to make me want to listen on as the guitar strums slowly. I guess the title gives away the mystery, the dude is fooling around on her. No spaghetti for him tonight. She’s moving on, but knows the jerk will continue to be a jerk, so let’s pray as another guitar joins in, “Heaven help the new girl if she has to go through what I went through, too.” A minute in some tasty bass joins in. The swirling of my body starts twisting like a dairy queen cone and 40 seconds later the drums turn that slow movement of my body into a living dance. And the anger starts: “So go! Just go!” A slyly crafted pop song – sneaks up on me and catches my ears perfectly. Near the end an angel joins in. Beautiful & dance-worthy. Shoutout: Only Lovers Left Alive The Long Blondes

Monday, January 08, 2007

Liz Phair - Baby Got Going

This tasty chunky chocolate brownie is being given new life by appearing on the Charmed - The Final Chapter soundtrack. The harmonica and drum push the action in this song. “Baby got going on a southern train.” And I can feel the train from the bass driving over the steady 8’ section of track, with the guitar given off the whistle as only a guitar can do. Definitely a tune that’s going to make my first week back at work this year a happy one. It may take me a few weeks to figure out exactly what the silky underwear are doing in the lyric, but it’s going to be worth the effort because the eartastes are wonderfully delicious. Liz Phair

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jan 7 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Talia Segal – Anna Joy

This excites me. Yesterday we heard Talia turn pain into joy with her powerful voice. Blues to gospel, not unheard of, but nice when well done. So, what do you get when you have a joyful song with such a potent voice? Double joy!!! This song is so so happy! And so so catchy! Yep, we’re talking about teen love here, so that’s how it should be! Double banana split with all the toppings. It is eartasty catching. I love it, and I love the twist in the story. The cherries on top, if you will. I won’t give it away, but you want to hear it – it’s fun! Shoutout: Boy WonderTalia Segal

The Jennifers – Mrs. Gray

Pop! Pure pop! Great, fun story – a cross between Harper Valley and Mrs Robinson, with guitars jangling happily along. Mrs Gray, “you want to look 16, I saw your son in law checking out your curves!” We don’t know exactly how old Mrs Gray is, but her husband is apparently a plastic surgeon & is keeping his trophy wife. But thanks to the son in law, and then she “started having complications and your complications started having complications which had complications.” Fun presentation! Shoutout: Oh Caroline, “Is this all there is - fist shaped heart and a heart shaped fist? Is this how it ends? We learn how to smile and divide up our friends. And we can pack all our records up again.” Double Shoutout: Fell In A Hole, “Sing your heart out throw it in a hole. Call the hit makers. Cross your favorite fingers, because the hits they make are such a shame.” The Jennifers

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Talia Segal – Pretty Little Lies

“Pretty little lies, pretty little dirt/Pretty big surprise, you said it wouldn’t hurt/I’m a pretty little girl, I’m a pretty little dirt/In a pretty little world, you said it wouldn’t hurt. . .” Whew! We’re all set up for a Sylvia Plath ending, but Talia takes it to a completely different level and adds beautiful music to the poetry, making a delicious 8-course meal. This is my chance to think & sing along at the same time. Wonderful eartaste power – don’t miss this one. The record is still not available at any of the normal internet places, but it should be soon. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep in touch with Talia’s website. Shoutout: Been There – another great song, this one can be heard riding at the top of the charts at Talia Segal

The Jennifers – Saturday

“What part of your brain controls your smile?/What part of your smile controls my brain?” Okay, so we’re back in ‘life sucks’ land lyrically, but the music here makes my feet happy. And this part is pure poetry to me – picture two people sorta almost together kinda upset talking a stroll on Saturday: “We’re two matching silhouettes on somebody’s headstone.” Shoutout: Lion In WinterThe Jennifers

Friday, January 05, 2007

Jan 5 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

The Hazy Davys – Rock And Roll Preacher

“If you’re feeling down and out and you don’t know what to do. . .” Well, I’ll tell you – join the eartaste Friday party, which starts off tonight with a slow dance in the company of a Rock and Roll Preacher. “You’re a stranger in your hometown/you’re a prisoner abroad”. The singer is talking to someone obviously down & out on his luck a bit, so the advice he gives is exactly what I would say: “So learn to do the twist/and learn to boogaloo/do the funky chicken in the middle of a zoo/trade all your troubles for the rhythm of this band/and let the rockin’ angels come and take you by the hand.” Uh-huh! Shoutout: Insecurities: “never been one to play by the rules/I will have to knock you flat/if you keep talking behind my back.” The Hazy Davys

Killjoy – Tell Me Now

“Tell me that I’m your comfort/Tell me your promises/Tell me you talk about me now – like you care.” This bowl of oatmeal has the guy shouting “Tell me!” while his guitar is going 85 miles per beautiful hour while I’m pogoing my socks off. Not a lot I can tell him with all this fantastic noise in my bowl, but I’m loving it – could care less if he’s in angst! “Tell me cause I’ll believe you/Tell me cause I’m in awe.” If he ever slows down long enough for me to actually tell him something, I’ll tell him this is great fun. Thanks! Killjoy

KU - Something 4 The Weekend

“Notoriety calls!” Probably true. Great eartaste song for a great weekend party! Piano leads in to a great drum intro & guitars blast right in! Yes! “My head it keeps on spinning/I’ve got to get it while I can.” My body keeps on spinning with my “makeshift reality.” Full-flavored. KU

Suicide Bid – Demonized

This party is in full-bore now with horns blasting and the singer recalling the “cold wind of December” still blowing outside in early January. The girl singers come in and warm everything up – we are dancing harder than anyone felt was ever possible. Love the organ solo!!! Horns accenting the chorus – this is a powerfully fun song! Play it again! shoutout: Wind Ya Batty Suicide Bid

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Alex Arrowsmith - The Bevel Collector

Yes, I know, some of you are quick and you’re thinking this guy is my brother-in-law by now. Nope. Never heard of him before this week. Sad about that too, because he’s had other albums out that, if they are this good, well, I missed out on a lot. Anyway, here Alex is again - the third time this week. And – the Bevel Collector is one you want for your collection. It’s jumpy, it’s tasty, and it’s funny. It’s actually about collecting bevels. “I have one that looks like Netanyahu” – it’s funny, trust me. Look it up. Netanyahu even loves coedogs! shoutouts: Corndog Shaped Like California & All I Have To Do Is Hurt You Alex Arrowsmith

Gwen Stefani - Yummy

Gwen knows my penchant for food and music, so she made this one just for me. No, really! Well, she would have if she knew about eartaste. So what? You don’t have to get all huffy about this – it’s just a blog. And the song is, well, what can I say? Yummy! And, oh yes, funny! “I’m feeling yummy head to toe/ain’t got much patience, so let’s go”. The music is largely percussion, “this sounds like disco tetris!” Gwen Stefani

Akon - Mama Africa

“So much love to share.” So much beauty. I find the flavors irresistible – the harmonies will keep your ears wishing for more when the song is over. Dare I use the word one more time? Beautiful. Sorry, it’s true. Dancing with my eyes closed and the world has disappeared – I am here with only the music. “So much love to share”. Thanks, Akon! Akon

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jan 3 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

noise626 - Scarborough Fair

A familiar tune recreated in the personal style of noise 626. I chose this one to represent noise 626 because it was so difficult to separate the songs from each other. I mean this in a good way – the entire album holds together as a whole. Each piece complements the other. The title cut runs for 16 minutes, and if you’ve read much of this blog you’ll know it’s hard to keep me in one place for 16 minutes. I’ve listened to the music twice a day for 3 days now, and plan to do the same tomorrow. This is a full-meal eartaste, very much worth seeking out the entire album. Shoutout: The Laughter Never Stops noise626

Ollo - Wakey Moth

It sounds like Ollo was able to attach a microphone to a moth – very interesting. Maybe they did. But I’ll assume they have the creative ability to re-create moth sounds on instruments. Whichever it is, this is a fascinating track to hear over and over. Ollo did manage to add a dance track so the moth sounds would not overwhelm my feet as I danced around the living room. See this one out. Vocals sounded human, but only just barely. Shoutout: Everywhere Nowhere Ollo

Project One - Happy To Be Here Now

The melody, as to be expected, is a very happy one – but it’s the instrumentation that creates the real mood in this song. The vocal comes to eartaste after taking a few orbits around the moon. The saxophone is beautiful, and then we are greeted by the organ that has visited the asteroid belt. Definite fun-based eartaste. Great guitar work. Super shoutouts for two other cuts from this album returned from a long trip through space: Visitor #2 & Visitor #3. Dunno what happened to Visitor #1. Project One

Alex Arrowsmith - I Hope You're Crushed By Something Heavy

“More and more I see you stain your soul/Godless life, cartoons, and rock and roll!” Woo! I don’t really know how to spell woo, but, I love the way Alex says it. Wait a minute, wasn’t I talking about Alex yesterday? Yeah, well, deal with it. This guy both cracks me up and makes me want to listen to his wit and wisdom over and over, so I wanted you to suffer through, oops, I mean, hear more of his take on life. “Satan waits for you under my Chevy/so I hope you’re never crushed by something heavy!” Alex Arrowsmith

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sherby - Honey

The bass guitar keeps the rhythm in this cool tune moving smoothly as the saxophone voice of Sherby comes in over the drums and says “I love watching the surfers take off their clothes.” Smooth tastes, “Something like honey.” The story keeps on with a girl at a Texaco and a boy from Wisconsin. Grandma joins in the party “While the sun’s out/you might as well smile.” A well populated song with even a bit of a tease – “If you ever come down this way I’ll invite you in.” Very nice – green tea and zen. With a big shoutout for Superhero.Sherby

Alex Arrowsmith - Update Your Blog

Alex is perfect for eartaste – he may have even invented the concept himself if we waited a few more weeks. His messages include – “Are you ready to start a revolution? Alex Arrowsmith will bring the musical dipping sauce” &“Alex Arrowsmith slurps musical coffee.” So, right away we know we’re in for fun. The song? “You never update your website! How can we be friends when you neglect to write! So, don’t neglect your blog! Don’t ignore your blog!” Great tune, great fun & pure up-to-date pop! Thanks, Alex! Shoutouts to Hills Of The Mind & Elysium. Alex Arrowsmith

Roy Davis - Mystery Winds

“I’m out of my mind” is how this beautiful tune starts. It’s a heart-wrenching blues tune if you listen to the words – “I’m tired of waking up in a world of broken dreams and mystery winds” – but the tune is simply exquisite. Good, whole meal that fills a soul with self-knowledge. Tasty album. Shoutouts: We'll Always Do & In The End Roy Davis

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Roc (see December 23, 2006) has something really cool going on. I got this message from them: “A very Happy New Year to you, and just to show we mean it ROC is offering you a free album of unreleased music which you can download.” Go check it out at Roc They are uploading up a few tracks every 3 or 4 days for 3 weeks so you can slowly download the whole album. Fun! The first one I heard was King Of Scotland – largely noise, which reading the notes sounds like it was written for a movie soundtrack. The other is very interesting – like almost a swaying prayerful love song dance – “God Willing”. Roc

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Was Just A Promise

There was lots of great music released in 2006! Most of it went unheard by people who listen to the radio. But noises are being made, so let's make 2007 a return of music from everybody being played for everybody! Stop genre-based radio! Return to integration! Let's have a great eartaste year way way beyond this blog! Bring radio back to the intelligence of the people who listen to it!

January 1 Eartaste Podcast Ready For Download

Take That - Beautiful Morning

“Sunlight’s breaking through my eyes/I’m still sleeping/dreaming for the band to play!” Normally after a party like last night, morning is not all that inviting. But with music like this, it’s great! “A beautiful morning/a beautiful place for us to start!” The swaying sound is perfect for me to pull out the vacuum and suck up the chips from the carpet as oatmeal cooks slowly on the stovetop. It certainly is “a day to take it easy.” Beautiful – great song, great day up here in the hills. A special shoutout for Patience. Take That

McFly – Little Joanna

“Only the music is bleeding when crickets replace the band.” Don’t ask what that means. “My heart turned into jellybeans!” Eartaste left and right! “Little Joanna’s like a laser beam sky/and glutious maximus like firefly.” The cool thing is the lyrics start to make sense when I found out that Joanna “will always be my sun kissed trampoline/jumps up and down in my dreams.” Hopefully you can tell that all this insightful lemonade nonsense is great fun to listen to! McFly

Jamiroquai – Radio

“Something just came over me.” The story in the song is about this guy’s sexual fantasies. “Let’s get it on the radio/making love in stereo.” John & Yoko tried it in the 60’s. Donna Summer did a great job of it in the 70’s. I’m sure others have tried and succeeded. Whatever you think of this guy’s story line – the music is exciting and keeps coming up with surprises. And, unless he buried it deep deep in the mix, he doesn’t try to re-create the stereo sounds he’s singing about in the song – so yes – let’s get this song “on the radio”. Shouldn’t hurt too many people’s sensibilities. The sensitive would probably also be bothered by “sun kissed trampoline”, so what else can we say but enjoy the adventure! Jamiroquai

All Saints - Rock Steady

“I got my bags packed baby and I’m ready to go.” Heck of a note on New Years Day, but it keeps me dancing while I continue to clean up last night’s mess. Very pop. Love it. Can smell the Turkey cooking in the oven, and the cranberry sauce is starting to boil. Lots of very good, traditional eartaste flavors being mixed into this Rock Steady morning. The good news is by the end of the song the singer is ready to “get back together forever.” Shoutout for One Me And U. All Saints

U2 & Greenday – The Saints Are Coming

I’m sure this song is close to being overplayed, but we need to remember some lessons we’ve learned so it’s good that this one gets played again and again. Besides, it’s got great eartaste flavors – no way you can keep your head from bopping if you’re in the anti-dance crowd. Good swirling dance song for the rest of us. The drummer is especially exciting! Long live New Orleans & all of it’s houses! U2 & Greenday

Hit The Lights - Speakers Blown

“I can’t hear you/you sound like static.” Simple. It’s because you blew out the speakers listening to the last song. This great hopping song is too much fun – “If the record skips a beat my heart will too!” I’m telling you – all I have left to do is set the eartaste table, but it’s really really hard with this song keeping me bouncing around. I’m afraid I’ll drop the dishes! These flavors are definitely worth blowing up speakers with – turn it up and dance!!! Shoutout: Sincerely Yours Hit The Lights

Coral - In The Morning

Well, I finally set the table, got the vacuuming done, everything on the stove and oven has got it’s own timing for another hour, so it’s nap time as this song helps the flavors dance through my ears and my feet wander over to the window and I “shut the bedroom window in the morning.” The music, though, is just too happy for me to get the nap I desire. “Thought I was sleeping – it was just a dream”. Love those kind of lines. Wake me when you figure it out. Fun record! Coral