Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lee Hazlewood – Sacrifice

“She rolls like a river/she bathes in the sand/she’s ice for a woman/she’s fire for a man.” Could very well be talking about bagels laced with jalapenos and cream cheese. Cool rolling guitar to accent these fun lyrics. “She’ll beat you at poker/she’ll cheat you at dice/she’s got an ace up her sleeve/and she’ll make you believe/when she’s in love she’ll sacrifice.” The rest of the lyrics continue on with the sly smirk keeping the melody bouncing with tasty rhythm, but I can’t help by type these out also – “You’ll think she’s an altar/you’ll get down on your knees.” Been there, and will probably be there again – nice work! Big shoutout for the accordion player, and another cool song called “Nothing”. Lee Hazlewood