Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Plain White Ts - Figure It Out

Keep the party at a high level today with this one. Philosophy all the way! “She says, I don't take her seriously/And I don't, so I guess I'd have to agree” Well, honesty is fun. “I didn't mean that/I really mean that”. Typical male commitment. Time for a big juicy Texan Bacon Burger. The dancing is great, and this line is a perfect pop poetry line speaking of figuring out women: “I'll figure it out soon as I figure it out.” Maybe a few beers later. Maybe not. This line is from shoutout cut, Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk : “But I think you're impossible/I hope you prove me wrong.” Love is grand on hump-day! “You only call me after you've had a few/You only want to hang out when you've got nothing to do.” Plain White Ts