Thursday, January 18, 2007

Simon Webbe - That's The Way It Goes

“Some days I don’t know how I got here/It’s been a journey through the dark.” The ice around here is ½” thick and they have closed the schools east of here and all the roads west of here. The post office is open, but there’s no mail because of the closed roads. At least here we have electricity and most of the day I’ve been able to access the web. “I’ve lived to fight another day.” Tea. Warm tea, all day. I’ve been drinking an orange/tangerine peel blend. And this beautiful song feels like all of that put together, so it’s perfect for today. “It’s like a book without an ending/It’s like a story never told/It’s like a night when you’re on fire/Why does the morning feel so cold?” A slow dance – just enough to keep warm. “Play on, play on. . .” Simon Webbe