Friday, January 12, 2007

Bob Burger - Catchin' On Fire

This rocker has great fun music & a rock beat that will has my body moving along just great as I crunch down on the hottest salsa this side of San Antonio. The story is super-hilarious! Apparently, the narrator dies and Saint Peter mistakes him for his twin brother, Jesse, who was a trouble-maker. Somehow Jesse made it to heaven in disguise as his brother, and the narrator has to pay for it. Theologically, this is just plain silly, but for a rock song, this is fantabulous fun! I’m sure there’s more going on here (“between the incompetence of heaven/and the honesty of hell”) than plain fun, but I don’t want to think that hard on a party night. Besides the harmonica swirling in the background has me on my feet now! Shout-out: Opposite Reaction Bob Burger