Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7K - Suburban Desperado

Slow build to a power rock chord progression. “Sold the dream for safety/Couldn’t quench the fire.” The character apparently took a job and settled in suburbia instead of following his dreams. Cool guitar echoing “The Good The Bad And The Ugly” theme. “Five in the cylinder/one in the barrel/about to spatter all the knick knacks and apparel.” Violent you say? About as violent as those jalapeño poppers with melted jack cheese mixed with Tecate in my stomach right now. My bet is the character, Jimmy, couldn’t live his fantasies as a young man, so chances are pretty high he can’t do it as a middle-aged guy either. He’ll apologize to his wife for digging the gun out of the closet & be back at work tomorrow. Oh, I know once in awhile there’s a guy like Jimmy goes through with it. But most of them don’t, because – I believe the writer is implying that we’re all Jimmy’s at heart. Good beat! 7K