Monday, January 01, 2007

Jamiroquai – Radio

“Something just came over me.” The story in the song is about this guy’s sexual fantasies. “Let’s get it on the radio/making love in stereo.” John & Yoko tried it in the 60’s. Donna Summer did a great job of it in the 70’s. I’m sure others have tried and succeeded. Whatever you think of this guy’s story line – the music is exciting and keeps coming up with surprises. And, unless he buried it deep deep in the mix, he doesn’t try to re-create the stereo sounds he’s singing about in the song – so yes – let’s get this song “on the radio”. Shouldn’t hurt too many people’s sensibilities. The sensitive would probably also be bothered by “sun kissed trampoline”, so what else can we say but enjoy the adventure! Jamiroquai