Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long Blondes - Heaven Help The New Girl

“No more nights in the flat/in the flat above the pet shop/hiding every picture of her boyfriend”. Intriguing way to start a story – just enough mystery there to make me want to listen on as the guitar strums slowly. I guess the title gives away the mystery, the dude is fooling around on her. No spaghetti for him tonight. She’s moving on, but knows the jerk will continue to be a jerk, so let’s pray as another guitar joins in, “Heaven help the new girl if she has to go through what I went through, too.” A minute in some tasty bass joins in. The swirling of my body starts twisting like a dairy queen cone and 40 seconds later the drums turn that slow movement of my body into a living dance. And the anger starts: “So go! Just go!” A slyly crafted pop song – sneaks up on me and catches my ears perfectly. Near the end an angel joins in. Beautiful & dance-worthy. Shoutout: Only Lovers Left Alive The Long Blondes