Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arrested Development - Down & Dirty

“I said clap your hands and stomp your feet/Get down and dirty to this AD beat.” Perfect start for my hump day party! I can’t help but get up and move to this tasty number. Plus, I like this little modern flavored tease: “If you want it now download the file.” This table is laid out with every sort of appetizer imaginable – I especially like the little cheese puffy things. “Come on and just skip to the beat/Everybody just move your feet/Get on down to the funky beat.” The very good news is the shoutout for another cut, How Far Is Heaven, which keeps the dance groove by AD going just a little longer with deeper sensations lyrically. “I’m a M.C. battling with melody envy/Cuz melodies the only thing that seems to sooth me.” These two will always be played together on my radio. Arrested Development