Thursday, February 01, 2007

Razorlight - Teenage Logic

“I’ll be falling from this – what are you falling from?” Had Digiorno’s Garlic Bread Supreme tonight. Not bad at all for a frozen dinner. Fit the feel of this song – the very beginning is ripped from a record everyone wishes never happened, and loved anyway. The tune in question was covered in the 90’s by pepperstomp. Never fear, tho, the arrangers did some work to make this become original, and one has to admire the fact they were willing to knack a bit off from an oldie but goodie. Good & bouncy, the pepperoni and sausage are mere toppings. “Falling in love seems like such a waste of time”. Ha! Five seconds later he’s asking her to “stay all night", then “stay another night". One thing I promise is the garlic breath will stay all night, so I’ll be dancing alone with My Sharona & Razorlight tonite. “No teenage logic here!” Razorlight