Saturday, February 17, 2007

Koopa - Pop Rock Factory

“I got this song from a pop rock factory.” Yep, I remember pop rocks fondly. Fizzed on your tongue & turned it purple. Moms just knew they caused cancer. Just like this music. Spreads through my ears like a cancer. Just won’t stop bouncing around in my skull. This is a good cancer. You know, the kind that lives in the stars. Don’t get upset about my flippancy – there are lots of meanings for the word.

Anyway, good times are being built here by Koopa, kick back and enjoy them. It’s definitely a fun song, with lines like “It’s gonna be a #1” and “It’s time for harmony.” My favorite part about this group is that there doesn’t seem to be a huge ego running the show here – two singers are sharing the lead vocals! That’s not a common occurrence. “This song will be in your head!”

A massive shout-out for another pure fun song with lyrics to keep me rolling on the floor laughing all day, Mini Skirts. “She wants guys to stare so she can act like they’re not there.” Thanks for getting me up and dancing, guys! Koopa