Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spottiswoode & McMahon - Ukranian Girl

“Such a pretty girl in a leather dress”. Starting off this showcase with subway sounds, this a perfect humpday song. Get out the appetizers and your favorite drink and get ready for severe macho weirdness. The instrumentation here is what attracts me first. It’s a simplistic complexity that keeps the ears very pleased. Almost like toy casios played alongside toy beat boxes and bongos. The melody that the singer smiles with is also pleasing. The words. Hmm. Well, chauvinistic fits the bill. But we need to be reminded of our basic instincts from time to time. We are, after all, only human. “She’s a champagne bottle on a subway seat. Such a lovely face, such a lovely girl. In such an ugly world.” And the ending of the song slowly gets more and more exciting in a james bond bacharach sorta way. Thanks! Spottiswoode & McMahon