Thursday, February 22, 2007

Starcode - Another Day

Perfect song to wake up to! The guitars wake me up, then the singer says, “Brace Yourself!” I’ve braced myself up with a great cup of Sumatra and some thick, warm oatmeal. As I play it again I’m ready now to move, move, move. Love the rhythm guitarist holding his fist against the strings as he beats out the rhythm. Then the really cool lead guitar interplay with the synth – marvelous flavors. “I hope that I can play the part!” It’s time to greet another day! Feels great! And, as the song fades out, there’s a promise by the end of the day there will be “peace of mind”. Super shoutout for Go Away, another great wake-up and dance around the room before going to work song! “We’re all watching!” Starcode