Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah – Catholic Boys

The choir boys are busy singing their praises when someone kinda giggle/growls, then opens up with “I want to put the fear of God in your heart and make you read the Bible from the very start and you’d better be sure your hair is nice and clean.” Okay, so maybe I can’t hear right. I’m eating my chili, wiggling the bottom ½ of my body and taking a bite out of my chicken filet burger while listening to this for the umpteenth time. Not because I have to, you understand. I want to. This is great fun to listen to, and because of that I kinda wanta know what he’s truly saying. Doesn’t really matter a whole lot, this is great tasting music. “I want to tell you that you can’t do this, you can’t do that/oh you can’t touch this, you can’t touch that/you got to go and see the priest for a little chat/ tell him what you’ve done.” The greatest fun is the tempo changes. They’ve actually made it sound as if they were speeding up at the spur of the moment without giving the drummer warning – it’s a perfect live feeling that’s really difficult to do. And it’s fantastic that the drummer plays along so well – with a smile, you can hear it in his sticks. Thanks guys, & a shout-out for Young Pretender, another stand-out cut. Dustin's Bar Mitzvah