Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jukebox The Ghost - Spiraling

A 2 track homemade CD popped into my mailbox and presented me with flavors I was not prepared for. Having just eaten something new called “Steak Fingers” at Dairy Queen (it’s really a fingernail amount of hamburger wrapped in some sorta breading & deep fat fried into a glob), I was prepared for unwrapping a buncha bad tasting music. Bad food kinda puts me in a blah mood, even on hump day. Boy, I am happy the food didn’t keep me from opening up envelopes!

This is a sneaky song, the kind I like tasting over and over. “She leaves with a smile borrowed from a movie reel”. The lyric invites me to listen, even as I feel the need to get up and move in a spiral. “He trips on sidewalk cracks and he never looks back.” You know I’m moving fast when we hear “And I spun around/I spun around/because it was beautiful!” The instrumental break is an exquisite interplay between piano and guitar that I can’t recall ever being done before on a pop record, tho it feels so natural here. I feel like I’m hearing something completely new and different with a hope for the future of pop music to expand it’s horizons, yet the band does not go out of it’s way to shock or be weird. It’s all absolutely instinctive rock/pop in a new and exciting way. Special shoutout to “Hey Maude”. These guys have not released their CD yet, however are graciously allowing free downloads at Jukebox The Ghost.