Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Aggrolites - Mr. Misery

“Do you see that? Do you hear that? Woah, there goes Mr. Misery!” Well, this “misery” is certainly the type I like to hear. Good, funky, feet-moving beat! I had rice and beans for dinner and they have a special way of making me feel. I want to think about Mr. Misery, but the instruments keep me thinking about how cool, funky & pleasing the music is. There’s a clue toward the end when we hear, “She’s gone now, so play the music and let’s party.” Guess he was miserable until he suddenly realized the freedom her leaving brought him. It’s cool with me, because this is definitely one of those tunes I would play at any party! And, the shoutout would also be played to get the party into a dancing mood: A.G.G.R.O – very much fun! The Aggrolites