Monday, February 19, 2007

Pellucid Error - Sore (Emblem)

There are days that simply call for relaxing. The ear needs to relax, but this is much more than simple relaxation music. Last year I started making a list of songs that would appear on my personal remake of 2001 a Space Odyssey. Well, this is a new one to add. Starts off with a slightly classical feel on modern synthesizers, but quickly adds flavor upon flavor till the desire to add piles of crushed basil becomes overwhelming. Instrumental pesto dreams. And this dream entails me on a space walk outside the ship with a full view of earth. So, if you can imagine what I mean – relaxing while walking in space – then you can imagine this beautiful tune. It may help the imagination if you knew the title of this album is soul evolution, an apt title. A shout-out for Burning Water. Pellucid Error