Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rickie Lee Jones - Where I Like It Best

Where I Like It Best

I wanted to pray
I wanted to let you go on your way
I wanted to know why they laid there
dying in the streets
next to the restaurant
where people were eating and yes
I wanted to pray

How do you pray in a world like this?
You know, I see the people on tv and they
close their eyes and they
bow their heads and they say
"Let Us Pray"
and it feels so cold and meaningless
and I wanted to pray
and I said
tell me father
tell me mother,
heavenly mother
and they said

when you pray
pray alone by yourself
in the secret room of your heart

you are the prayer
your eyes are the prayer
your hand on your cheek
you are the prayer
those words you want to speak
they are the prayer
that dance you make
when you're by yourself

Rickie Lee Jones