Sunday, February 04, 2007

Arrested Development - It's Time

“With every black that gets the dough to start moving up you see the whites packing up to move away from us/And now the suburbs are the ghettos and the inner cities is renovated with lofts and looking nice and pretty/Because our ghetto is really all inside our minds.”

Wow. This truth hurts in a world where America is proclaiming to be the beast that will introduce democracy around the world. This truth shows what we are truly exporting – the hatred that lives within and plans to oppress everyone who does not belong to the “elite”.

Picture the slumlords that would do nothing when the inner cities were full of minorities. Today, of course, they’ll build-to-suit to anyone with money, and that happens to be mostly white folks. I love the way that Arrested Development put it; the ghetto is really inside our minds.

Let’s face it, the rich are planning to stay far away from the poor, no matter what we call the place – and in America, the rich are mostly white, and the poor are mostly “minorities”. I use quotes for minorities because even that is in the mind – it’s perpetuated by the capitalist democracy we live in, because obviously you can’t have rich people without poor people making them rich.

“There’s no way I’m gonna give up right now/We gotta push thru some way & some how/I wanna live for good in every way”. The best part of this story is the music is grooving. I made stuffed peppers and rice tonight, and it tastes good with this song tapping my feet and encouraging me up to move.

“Out in the streets It’s like were rollin’ the dice/It seems our heroes are dying away.” Well, perhaps, but I’m seeing Arrested Development and like minded people to be the heroes that are going to keep the big issues alive in the public psyche. Arrested Development