Monday, February 26, 2007

Fresh Fabrik - On 'n' On

“You turn me on and on and on.” It’s Monday, and most of you know me by now. I need a blasting wake up song to get me going, and this one fits the bill perfectly! Starts off with great harmony voices, but kicks in quickly with loud guitars and drums to get me up on my fee, bouncing around the kitchen waiting for the coffee to drip through the filter. Hit replay four times because this one just isn’t long enough to wait for the frozen waffles to cook. And that lead guitar! Fantastic – at one point the guitar and the voice meld as one. Scrumptious! Shoutout to Life Is Passing By. The title alone makes me want to get out there and start the new day fresh and alive, and the music helps get my butt into action. Fresh Fabrik