Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bone-Box - Toasting The God Of Graceless Living

Yes! I’m ready for a down-home Saturday night with the piano tinkling an intro to a drummer and a coupla violins as I warm up to “I’d rather live from a suitcase full of bricks, give up our home.” Life is no better than this, really. Philosophical musings while I dance wildly. “I’d rather live with errant thoughts.” Yep, the Pharisees won’t like this, but heck with them – they forget Christ was never mad at anyone except the religious folks. “I’d rather take my chances that I’ll not be heaven blessed. I’ll take my chances and be damned like all the rest.” Not really. These folks know Christ is not that way. “I’ll be upright in no time! Another toast to the God of graceless living!” Yep, imagine, just imagine if you would. Christ ate and drank with sinners. Made wine at weddings. Chewed out religious folks. Said “the kingdom of God is within.” Easy to love that man. And I love this music. “Let’s sit and stew awhile and recover.” Fun sneaky-pete style steel guitars add sweet sweet flavors to this dance. Thanks, Jay and Lone Lady for brightening up my Saturday with smiles. Shoutout to Talking Christ Down From The Cross. Bone-Box