Friday, February 09, 2007

Plain White Ts - Come Back to Me

“I will always see your face/When I'm awake and when I'm dreaming/Cause I believe there's a place for you and me in this crazy world.” Had some of that good mushroom spinach pizza tonight, with some green olives added to spice it up. Laid off the wine. This romantic rocker is all the wine one needs for a Friday night of love. These guys are rockin’ my socks off, too. “I love the way we stay up late/The way you laugh at your mistakes/I love everything about you.” This guy is nuts in love, and I love that. Of course, he’s not perfect, obviously, because the one he is singing about so passionately is no longer there. “If you come running back to me I'll be here waiting.” I can only wonder if he had been that passionate about her when she was there? So, yes, the song is full of whine, but with a fantastic melody and guitars! Good, loud, dancing guitars! Turn it up! With shoutouts to the “hidden” song, a beautiful acoustic version of “Hey Delilah!” Plain White Ts