Saturday, February 03, 2007

#1 Complete Motown Singles 1958-1966

Diamonds and pearls are, of course, #1, and if you’re thinking of giving a $600 piece of jewelry this year, you might consider this collection. The jewelry only comes out on special occasions, but this collection, you’ll find, will take up many many moments of pure, unabashed dancing and swooning. These sets were released late in 2006, and are the best thing you could buy anyone who collects music. I’m calling it the number 1 Valentine’s Day gift because these are all limited editions, and may not be available at Christmas time (though I certainly hope several more sets from 1967 on will be).

This collection far surpasses the excellent Motown Top Hits Box Set, which is still a perfect gift for the budget-minded. That set includes every hit, and is a great listen, but the complete singles set is exactly that – all the A sides, and all the B sides, including many rare songs that have never before appeared on CD – some had never even appeared on albums, as there were singles that failed to make a mark on the world even if they taste good to my ears.

A few years back the world received a beautiful gift called The Complete Stax-Volt Singles collection, which rocked my world along with many of my friends. The sets have long stayed on my play list, and will continue to remain because the folks at Stax-Volt knew how to make ears hungry. Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3. When those came out, I had discussions with several friends about how cool it would be if Motown did the same thing. We decided Motown had just too many releases, and such a project would be too much for anyone to undertake. Thankfully, we were wrong.

As with any fine jewelry, there are some extremely minor flaws. Motown tried from time to time to enter the field of Country & Western. Since this is a compete collection, those are included. I am thankful that they only tried from time to time =:-) Beauty, however, is only beauty because of the flaws. And because this is 98% pure Hitsville soul, you cannot go wrong by making a gift out of any one of these collections. If you are ready to purchase the entire necklace, you will make the love of your life extremely happy this year!

Motown Complete Singles Vol 1
Motown Complete Singles Vol 2
Motown Complete Singles Vol 3
Motown Complete Singles Vol 4
Motown Complete Singles Vol 5
Motown Complete Singles Vol 6