Saturday, February 03, 2007

Valentines Day Gift Suggestions

Something new and different here at eartaste – talking about albums. I’m sure you don’t want your romantic valentine gift to last 3 minutes, like most of the songs I dig up here =:-) I have a box of 40 different new “Various Artist” type albums, most of which I’ll not talk about for the simple reason they have a lotta flaws. I present my top ten list of good taste and excellence, especially since the CD you choose may replace the box of chocolates this year. On a personal note, I was very surprised at the cost of a box of good chocolate – which lasts about 10 minutes in my house. You can actually purchase 3 or 4 albums for the price of a box of chocolates, and the memories will last forever. Do I sound like a time-life commercial yet? Yeah, I know, let’s move on . . .
We’ll start with #2 on my list and save #1 for later.