Sunday, January 14, 2007

Magic Numbers - This Is A Song

“I don’t want to tell her/I’m lost in the dark.” The strawberry jello fell out of the bowl, bounced off the floor and landed right back in my dish! Luckily I hadn’t put on my whipped cream yet, and the bridge started just in time for the half strawberry I’m putting on the dark on top. When I focus on the words this has got to be the saddest song of the year so far, but – hey the music bypasses all that. This is fun!!! “She knows why!” Loud shoutout for Take Me Or Leave Me – I’ve always been a sucker for a great singer taking on a Burt Bacharach casserole. “I’ve been such a fool.” Okay, look, I think this is an original tune that simply sounds like a Bacharach tune, but it’s still a great flavor that I will be here to remind you what it's all about cause this guy’s in love with the singers voice. Magic Numbers