Monday, March 19, 2007

Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation

“I kissed the kids at noon.” The narration of this song is about a father facing his family and admitting his weakness (alcohol). “Things could be much worse – we still have our health.”

The father obviously works his day-in-day-out job in pain and turns to drink for escape. And who doesn’t know someone like that? Great theme, well thought out, and besides making me think, allows me to move while thinking.

I don’t have a point system here, because every day is a new ten pointer, but Cold War Kids deserve a special note for tackling tough subjects in a rock and roll setting. “Two weeks paid vacation won’t heal the damage done – I need another one.” Another week, or another drink? It’s up to the listener to decide. I like the openness – as a listener I’m allowed to come to some conclusions on my own. “It sounds so soothing – to mix a gin and sink into oblivion.”

Shoutout to Passing The Hat: “Look up from the hymnal, look up at the faces of families closing their eyes. Taking communion and passing the hat around at the same time.” The narrator sneaks the cash out and leaves a note that says “if there was a worthy cause for to give to, may I be so bold as to say: the givers not knowing where their money is going is as sinful as throwing it away.” There’s more to this with excellent allusions – very much worth tasting. Cold War Kids